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AEW Dynamite Results – February 17th 2021

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 73rd episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida with two weeks to go till Revolution!

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The results from this week’s show where as follows:

  • Matt Hardy & Hangman Page defeated The Hybrid2 via Pinfall (7:00)
  • Riho defeated Serena Deeb via Pinfall to advance in the Women’s Eliminator (14:50)
  • Orange Cassidy defeated Luther via Pinfall (1:50)
  • The Young Bucks defeated Proud N’ Powerful via Pinfall to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships (13:10)
  • FTR defeated Matt & Mike Sydal via Pinfall (9:00)
  • Jon Moxley, Lance Archer & Rey Fenix defeated Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade via Pinfall (12:00)

Matt Hardy & Hangman Pagevs The Hybrid2, Page’s Contract Details Revealed

  • Hybrid2 start off aggressive, throwing Hardy out the ring and attempting to focus on Page but Page overpowers both of them before tagging in Hardy. Hardy works over Evans for a bit before tagging Page back in, who hits a standing shooting star press for a near-fall.
  • Hardy tags back in and hits a powerbomb but Angelico gets a blind tag and gains control over Hardy with a series of stiff kicks. Hybrid 2 tag in and out, working over Hardy until Big Money Matt eventually creates an opening with the Side Effect.
  • Matt tags in Page as Evans tags in Angelico – Page cleans house, taking down Evans on apron before hitting a suplex on Angelico for a 2-count. Page follows up with a powerbomb on Angelico before catching Evans into a second one onto Evans.
  • Page sets up for the Buckshot Lariat but Matt tags himself back in and attempts the Twist of Fate, but Evans fights out. Evans misses an assisted standing 450 before he and Angelico both get hit by a Buckshot Lariat. Matt hits a Twist of Fate on Angelico to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Matt gets on the mic and says Page looked like a million bucks and because he gets 30% of Page’s money, he’ll be making money now. Page tells Matt he should have read the contract more closely before bringing out Jacksonville Jaguar’s mascot to bring out a copy of it.
  • Matt reads the contract, realising it’s for a match between himself and Page at Revolution where if Matt loses, Page gets 100% of 2021 Q1 earnings. Matt says to make it fair and if Page loses, he gets 100% of Page’s earnings to which Page agrees.
  • The mascot unmasks to reveal himself as Isiah Kassidy and Matt tells Hybrid2 he’ll give them $3,700 if they beat up Page. The Dark Order make the save and clear the ring as -1 gives orders from the stage. Hangman almost hits a Buckshot Lariat but Matt dodges before leaving.

Winners: Matt Hardy & Hangman Page via Pinfall in 7:00

Ortiz Addresses World Tag Team Championship Match, Jericho Declares Sammy Guevara ‘Dead To Him’

  • Ortiz says AEW and the rest of the tag division fear them which is why it’s their first tag title opportuntiy.
  • MJF calls out Sammy and says Guevara accused him with no evidence. Jericho says MJF kept pushing Sammy but the majority of this is Sammy’s fault. Jericho says Sammy is dead to him. He ends by saying Proud N’ Powerful will win gold and bring success back to Inner Circle.

Serena Deeb vs Riho – Women’s Eliminator First Round Match

  • Both women start off with a collar-and-elbow tie-up which Deeb gets the better of before Riho follows up with a dropkick. Deeb attempts a clothesline but Riho dodges with a cartwheel before following up with a tiger fient kick attempt. Deeb catches her and hits a catapult into the bottom rope.
  • Deeb hurts her left knee during the exchange and Doc Samson checks it out but Deeb goes to throw Riho in the ring and gets a 2-count from the ensuing pinfall attempt. Deeb hits several uppercuts before hitting a short-arm lariat for a near-fall.
  • Deeb locks in a Gory Special before transitioning into a Gory roll-up which Riho escapes three times. Riho fights out and hits a snap dragon suplex to create an opening.Riho hits several forearm strikes before Deeb retaliates with the same move in kind.
  • Riho hits a headscissors takedown before following up with a forearm strike into the corner for a near-fall. Deeb tries for a brainbuster but her knee gives out on her, allowing Rigo to head to the top and hit a diving crossbody but Deeb rolls through.
  • Deeb hits several elbow drops and Riho’s left leg before taking Riho into the corner and delivering a dragon screw leg whip. Deeb hits a swinging neckbreaker for a 2-count. Deeb tries for a Tequilla Sunrise but Riho catches her before whipping her into the middle rope.
  • Riho hits a tiger fient kick before following up with a double foot stomp to Deeb’s back. Riho heads to the top again and hits the diving crossbody for another near-fall, rolling to the outside after. Riho follows her and Deeb catches her with a second dragon screw leg whip.
  • Deeb hits a powerbomb before locking in the stretch muffler on Riho’s injured leg. Riho counters into a roll-up before following up with a northern lights suplex for a 2-count. Riho hits a double foot stomp into Deeb’s chest for another near-fall.
  • Deeb tries for the detox but Riho counters into a European Clutch. The two exchange roll-ups until Riho eventually keeps Deeb down for the 3-count.

Winner: Riho via Pinfall, advancing in the Women’s Eliminator in 14:50

Luther vs Orange Cassidy

  • Luther pushes Chuck Taylor off the apron whilst Cassidy is taking off his jacket. Serpentico follows up with a tope suicida before driving Chuck into the ringside wall. Luther hits a powerbomb on Cassidy for a near-fall.
  • Luther tries to follow up with a piledriver on the apron but Cassidy slips out and hits a powerbomb on from the apron onto ringside. Whilst the ref is checking on Luther, Serpentico gets in the ring but Chuck hits him with the Awful Waffle.
  • Both Luther and Cassidy get back in the ring before Cassidy hits the Orange Punch to pick up the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy via Pinfall in 1:50

Team Taz Call Out Sting

  • Taz comes out with Brian Cage and their trainee and says they’re down a few men due to bad weather before calling out Sting. Sting makes his grandiose entrance.
  • Taz says that without the bat, Sting is nothing and Sting drops the bat in response. Sting hits a few punches on Brian but Cage retaliates in kind, hitting a powerbomb to take down The Icon before Team Taz leave.

Kenny Omega Reads A Book, Children Beat Up Michael Nakazawa

  • Marvez tries to interview Omega but Omega scolds him for following him again. Omega is reading out the Young Bucks’ book in front of a class of children. He reads out an excerpt about how Omega & Okada picked up business after their match before saying he has no more time.
  • As they go to leave, a PR person says Omega is really hitting the nine-year-old demographic. The kids ask if Kenny can play but Don offers Nakazawa but the kids hate him and assault him.

The Young Bucks (c) vs Proud N’ Powerful – AEW World Tag Team Championships Match

  • The Young Bucks’ parents are watching on from ringside.
  • The Bucks and Proud N’ Powerful start off pretty even, countering each others’ offence with arm drags and athletic escapes. MJF tries to hit Nick Jackson in the corner and bans the Inner Circle from ringside. We see Kenny Omega, Don Callis & Good Brothers watching on from backstage.
  • Proud N’ Powerful work over Nick, hitting various combination moves to work over Nick’s neck and back. The two hit a double back suplex for a near-fall. Ortiz locks in a Gory Special before tagging in Santana, who locks in an abdominal stretch. Ortiz tags back in
  • Nick eventually sweeps Santana’s legs out from underneath him before hitting a superkick on Ortiz and tagging in Matt. Matt starts building a comeback and Santana gets tagged in, culminating in a twisting top rope cutter on Santana for a near-fall.
  • Nick tags back in and hits an arm drag/powerbomb combination for a 2-count before attempting More Bang For Your Buck, but Proud N’ Powerful break it up. Santana hits a top rope Falcon Arrow on Nck for a near-fall.
  • Ortiz locks in a cross face which is eventually broken up by an elbow drop from Matt. Proud N’ Powerful try for a double superplex but Nick pushes Ortiz out the ring before hitting an avalanche Doomsday Device on Santana.
  • The two hit the enziguri buckle bomb combination before following up with a double superkick but Ortiz breaks up the ensuing pinfall attempt. The Bucks try for the BTE Trigger but Santana dodges.
  • Ortiz tags in and hits a double cutter before hitting the Street Sweeper on Nick, but Matt just BARELY breaks up the pinfall attempt. Proud N’ Powerful powerbomb Matt into the crowd but Nick rolls up Ortiz as he’s getting back in the ring to pick up the win.
  • The Inner Circle swarm the Bucks and Kenny hesitates to help them before Don suggests the Good Brothers make the save. Brandon Cutler attempts to make the save himself but gets taken down by Hager. The Good Brothers eventually make their way to the ring, albeit at a leisurely pace, and clear the ring.
  • Jericho gets in the face of the Young Bucks’ dad, who pushes Jericho. The Inner Circle say he’s going to regret that before leaving.

Winners: The Young Bucks via Pinfall, retaining the AEW World Tag Team Championships in 13:10

Brandi Reveals The Gender Of Her Baby, FTR vs Matt & Mike Sydal

  • Brandi reveal that she’s having a baby girl with confetti and a titantron graphic. She leaves as Cody joins commentary for this match and points out that Tully isn’t accompanying FTR tonight due to the bad weather in the south which is also why most of Team Taz was missing.
  • Dory Funk Jr is shown at ringside as the match starts. FTR start off aggressive, beating down Mike and isolating him from his older brother. Cash hits a middle rope german suplex but Mike rolls to the outside before he can follows up.
  • Dax tags in and works over Mike’s back, hitting a fireman’s carry backbreaker for a near-fall before locking in a Million Dollar Dream which Mike eventually escapes. He almost gets to Matt in his corner but Dax tags in and locks in another headlock.
  • Mike eventually pushes Dax far enough into his corner to tag in Matt, who cleans house. Matt hits a lightning spiral on Dax before hitting a double swinging boot before MIke follows up with a top rope suplex. Matt throws Dax back into the ring and gets a 2-count.
  • Matt goes for another cover but Dax throws him off into the ropes, right into an uppercut from Cash. FTR hit a forearm strike/dragon suplex combination but Mike breaks up the ensuing pinfall.
  • Cash throws to the outside before Matt tags him, hitting a double meteora before Mike follows up with a nasty splash for a near-fall. Matt gets taken off the top rope. Dax gets a blind tag and Mike goes under both their legs, setting himself up perfectly for The Big Rig to pick up the win.
  • After the match, FTR grab Doc Samson’s bag and try to cut Mike’s hair with scissors before the arena goes black. We see Luchasaurus as a silhouette without his mask on on the titantron before Jurassic Express appear in the ring. They clear FTR from the ring.

Winners: FTR via Pinfall in 9:00

Jon Moxley, Lance Archer & Rey Fenix vs Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade

  • Fenix comes out with a new, more eccentric mask for his entrance. A brawl breaks out immediately which Kingston, Butcher & Blade get the better of before Blade and Moxley start off the match. The two exchange back and forth blows before Moxley tags in Archer.
  • Archer easily overpowers Blade before eventually tagging in Rey Fenix. Fenix hits a series of quick strikes and sets up for a suplex before tagging in Archer. Archer completes the suplex before taunting the opposing team.
  • Moxley tags in and hits an elbow on Blade for a 2-count, but it’s broken up by Kingston and the two exchange middle fingers. Archer tags back in and Kingston manages to bring him down throat-first on the top rope, allowing Butcher and Blade to regain control.
  • Butcher tags in and strikes Archer in the corner whilst Kingston has Archer’s foot held. The ref doesn’t spot him as he’s busy dealing with Moxley. Blade tags in and bites Archer’s head before Butcher and Kingston tag in and out.
  • Archer eventually catches both Butcher & Kingston by the throat before Moxley takes Blade to the outside. Archer takes both meant down with a standing double splash before tagging in Fenix.
  • Fenix clears house before hitting a springboard rolling cutter on Butcher. He follows up with a frog splash for a near-fall ask Kingston throws Moxley into the barricade on the outside before entering the ring.
  • Kingston hits Fenix, Archer takes down Kingston, Butcher takes down Archer, Moxley takes down Butcher, Blade takes down Moxley before Fenix takes down Blade. Everyone’s down but eventually Moxley and Kingston both tag in and get into a slugfest.
  • Fenix delivers a spinning kick to Moxley, allowing Moxley to lock in the Bulldog Choke which is eventually broken up by all the opposing team. Archer throws them to the outside before chokeslamming Fenix into
  • Kingston hits Moxley with the spinning backfist but Moxley manages to stay on his feet and hit the Paradigm Shift to pick up the win.
  • The Good Brothers beat up Moxley after the match before Omega comes out. Omega says there’s a rematch clause in his contract, which Kenny will oblige but he must make the stipulation. The AEW World Champion chooses an EXPLODING BARBED WIRE DEATHMATCH before beating Moxley down to close the show.

Winners: Jon Moxley, Lance Archer & Rey Fenix via Pinfall in 12:00