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AEW Dynamite Results – February 10th 2021

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 72nd episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida with three weeks to go till Revolution!

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The results from this week’s Dynamite were as follows:

  • Darby Allin defeated Joey Janela via Pinfall to retain the AEW TNT Championship (9:48)
  • The Nightmare Family defeated Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi via Pinfall (8:10)
  • PAC defeated Ryan Nemeth via Submission (4:08)
  • The Inner Circle defeated The Acclaimed via Pinfall (9:04)
  • Thunder Rosa defeated Leyla Hirsch via Pinfall to advance in the Women’s Eliminator (9:02)
  • Kenny Omega & KENTA defeated Jon Moxley & Lance Archer via Pinfall (18:33)

Darby Allin defeats Joey Janela via Pinfall to retain the AEW TNT Championship in 9:48

  • The two start off with some chain wrestling where neither man gets the better of the other, all the while Janela taunts Darby. Janela manages to stun the champion with an elbow strike but Darby responds with a springboard arm drag.
  • Janela regains control by dropping Allin onto the apron arm first before hitting an elbow suicida for a near-fall. Janela continues working on Darby’s left arm with a body-scissors before going to the top, which Darby yanks him off of onto the rope arm first.
  • Darby eventually takes control with his missile tope suicida before getting a near-fall and locking in the Fujiwara armbar which Janela escapes via rope break. Darby attempts a springboard Coffin Drop but Janela counters into a mid-air german suplex into a superkick for a very close 2-count.
  • The two get into a slugfest which Janela gets the better of with a clothesline before Darby counters into the stunner. The two exchange roll-ups before Janela hits a snap piledriver for a near-fall.
  • Janela takes Darby to the top rope before Darby counters into an avalanche code red for a near-fall. The TNT Champion follows up by sweeping Janela’s feet from under him before hitting the Coffin Drop to retain the title.

Analysis: A surprisingly great opener that was non-stop from the get-go. The best way I can describe this is that it was almost like a PWG match: Hot start that maintained throughout and kept building and building and building. Janela got a pretty good near-fall after a piledriver but ultimately we all knew Darby was retaining so it wasn’t worth biting over. Great showing for Janela, though I still don’t agree that he should gotten the title shot in the first place.

Sammy Guevara and MJF Confront Each Other Backstage

  • Sammy enters a room with MJF and the rest of the Inner Circle, getting everyone except MJF to leave. Sammy accuses MJF of trying to take over the Inner Circle but MJF retorts that Sammy feels overshadowed by Jericho and, in fact, wants to take over the group himself.
  • MJF goads Sammy into saying he does want to take over the group (jokingly) but MJF reveals he’s recorded their conversation. Sammy throws MJF’s phone against the wall in anger before punching MJF in the gut and leaving.

Analysis: Sammy referenced a few Dynamites ago that if one more thing happens with MJF, then he would be done. Could we finally be seeing an official split for Guevara from the Inner Circle?

The Nightmare Family defeat Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi via Pinfall in 8:10

  • Cody starts off aggressive against Avalon, kicking him in the corner before tagging in Johnson. Johnson gets into a collar-and-elbow tie-up with Avalon but Bononi gets a blind tag and takes down Johnson from behind. Avalon tags back in but Johnson takes him down before tagging Bononi back in.
  • John uses his quickness to counter Bononi’s power before tagging in Cody. Cody dodges his opponent’s offence but Bononi eventually overpowers the American Nightmare and the heels tag in and out whilst keeping Cody away from his corner.
  • Cody creates an opening by hitting a fireman’s carry slam on Avalon before tagging in Johnson. Johnson takes out both the heels, most notably with a corkscrew tope con hiro, before hitting a neckbreaker on Avalon for a near-fall.
  • Cody and Bononi exchange blows on the outside as Lee rolls-up Avalon to pick up the win – This was Lee’s first win in AEW.
  • After the match, Schiavone interviews Johnson. Johnson says the Nightmare Family showed him that if you put in the work, it all pays off. He says the Rhodes are his family and they’re responsible for his win tonight.

Analysis: A good tag match with a decent showing for Lee Johnson though the promo afterwards wasn’t delivered too well. It felt a little robotic and definitely showed its scripted side which is a shame as Johnson was good in-ring. Maybe needs a little more time polishing his promo skills on Dark before becoming a regular on Dynamite but looking forward to seeing more from him!

,The Young Bucks Lay Down A Challenge For Proud N’ Powerful

  • The Young Bucks recall getting eliminated for the battle royal last week before The Good Brothers interrupt. The Young Bucks blame the Good Brothers for distracting them and reveal they were gonna choose Good Brothers.
  • Good Brothers say they were trying to distract Private Party ahead of No Surrender. They fire up the Young Bucks by talking about how the Inner Circle mocked them during the battle royal.
  • The Young Bucks say they want to defend the titles before Revolution and propose a tag title match with Proud N’ Powerful on next week’s Dynamite. Good Brother try to get the Bucks to Two Sweet them but they’re hesitant. Nick eventually does it but Matt doesn’t.

Analysis: I’m glad Proud N’ Powerful are getting a title opportunity, even if they are just stepping stones for the Bucks ahead of facing Jericho & MJF at Revolution. The Inner Circle storyline over the last few months has been fun but it’s also come at the cost of individuality of some of the group’s members and both of Proud N’ Powerful have suffered from that. Hopefully, they get to remind people next week that they aren’t just ‘those Inner Circle guys’.

PAC defeats Ryan Nemeth via Submission in 4:08

  • PAC dominates Nemeth early on, tackling him into the corner before delivering a top rope missile dropkick to take his opponent down. Nemeth gets a strike in but PAC returns it in kind by tenfold so much so Nemeth rolls to the outside.
  • Nemeth rolls back in and manages to stun PAC with a superkick and DDT but PAC rolls out the ring. Nemeth follows him and PAC whips him into the barricade. PAC throws him back into the ring before stomping a mudhole in Nemeth in the corner.
  • PAC heads to the top and hits the Black Arrow before locking in the Brutaliser, picking up a dominant win.

Analysis: Excellently booked match with PAC pretty much destroying Nemeth, as he should. Aside from being a bigger star, PAC’s aggressive style – even as a face – really shouldn’t allow Nemeth to get much offence and that’s exactly what happened. No clear direction as to where PAC is going after finishing up with Kingston but hopefully he gets a spot on Revolution somewhere.

The Inner Circle defeat The Acclaimed via Pinfall in 9:04

  • Before the match, Dasha asks Jericho where MJF is as he’s seemingly missing before Proud N’ Powerful reveal they found him in the trainer’s room. MJF says Guevara sucker-punched him for no reason, leaving Jericho bewildered before his entrance music hits and they make their way to the ring.
  • MJF looks to start with a collar-and-elbow tie-up but MJF rolls out the ring, seemingly due to his rib injury. Jericho tags himself in but The Acclaimed gain control early on, hitting several tag combination moves before Jericho stuns Caster with a kick before tagging in MJF.
  • The Acclaimed focus on MJF’s ribs whilst MJF regains control through dirty tactics. Jericho & MJF keep Caster isolated in their corner and continually tag in and out. MJF slows the pace down with a side headlock but Caster fights out with a shot to the midsection.
  • Jericho tags in but Bowens can’t tag out as Bowens as taken out by MJF earlier. Jericho throws Caster to the outside where The Inner Circle beat him up before throwing him back in. MJF tags back in and locks in an abdominal stretch and gets Jericho to pull him back to extend it, but Aubrey kicks out their connection.
  • Caster takes MJF down long enough to tag in Bowens who clears house. He gets a near-fall after Caster hits Jericho in the face with the boombox to counter the Lionsault before tagging back in Bowens.
  • Caster misses a dive whilst Bowens is knocked off the top rope, allowing Jericho to hit the Judas Effect to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Sammy Guevara comes out to his own music. Jericho asks what Sammy’s problem is and Sammy says if one more thing happened with MJF, he was done. Jericho asks what he means and Sammy says he QUITS the Inner Circle.

Analysis: A great showing for the Acclaimed even in defeat. This is, yet again, another great example of MJF and Jericho making their opponents look fantastic as they did with Top Flight a few weeks ago and in the battle royal at Beach Break. Sammy quitting Inner Circle was done to perfection and was filled with loads of great little details from MJF slightly smirking when Guevara said he quit to Guevara himself exiting through the face tunnel.

Tony Schiavone Interviews Sting, Team Taz Interrupts

  • Tony asks Sting what his mindset is after Darby successfully defended the TNT title but Taz interrupts on the titantron. Team Taz reveal they’re going on a trip and have Darby tied to their truck in a body bag before driving off. Sting seemingly bolts after them as we cut to commercial.

Analysis: I was terrified this was gonna be another Sting promo to be interrupted by Team Taz’s taunting that would’ve bored me to tears but I’m delighted to be proven wrong. I’m glad Team Taz are actually going after Darby and giving Sting a reason to get into action but there’s still a few weeks of build yet so there’s no doubt they’ll still be one more standardised promo with The Icon like the ones they’ve done over the last few months.

Thunder Rosa defeats Leyla Hirsch via Pinfall to advance in the Women’s Eliminator in 9:02

  • The two start off with some grappling which Hirsch gets the better of before locking up again which Rosa gains control from, getting a 1-count from a senton. Hirsch hits a tope suicida and tries for a second but Rosa attempts to counter.
  • Hirsch transitions into a cross armbreaker but Rosa escapes before following up with a rope-assisted stunner. Hirsch hits Rosa with some heavy strikes but Rosa manages to counters into a head-scissors before driving Hirsch face-first into the canvas for a 2-count.
  • Rosa delivers several chops in the corner but Hirsch reverse into an armbreaker onto Rosa’s injured left arm before attempting a suplex, which Rosa counters into a GTR. Rosa hits a series of strikes before delivering a shotgun dropkick for a near-fall.
  • Hirsch hits two german suplexes and goes for a third but Rosa fights out. Hirsch stuns Rosa with an elbow before hitting a diving splash for a 2-count. Hirsch climbs to the top again before attempting a moonsault but Rosa gets the knees up and gets a near-fall from a roll-up
  • Hirsch hits back-to-back bicycle knee strikes before attempting the moonsault again but Rosa dodges. Rosa tries for the Fire Thunder Driver but Hirsch counters into the Cross Armbreaker. Rosa powers out into a powerbomb before hitting the Fire Thunder Driver to pick up the win.

Analysis: Another solid match from the women’s division following up from the barnstormers we’ve had the last few weeks, leading to a great showing for both Rosa and Hirsch. Hirsch continues to impress – this time pulling out not one but TWO moonsaults to bolster up her already sizeable arsenal. Rosa winning was the expected yet correct choice as it leads to the rematch with Baker but I really hope Hirsch gets a proper shot soon as she’s been great the last few weeks.

Kenny Omega & KENTA defeat Jon Moxley & Lance Archer via Pinfall in 18:33

  • KENTA makes his entrance with the IWGP US Right To Challenge Briefcase being accompanied by his NJPW theme and the Bullet Club logo on the titantron. Moxley, meanwhile, comes out with the IWGP United States Championship and is announced as its holder!
  • KENTA immediately hits Moxley with the briefcase before he and Omega hit stereo offence on Moxley, albeit somewhat out-of-sync. Archer hits a Pounce on Omega to regain control whilst Moxley hits a clothesline on KENTA.
  • Omega and Archer brawl their way to the outside, leaving Moxley & KENTA to brawl in the ring. The two exchange blows before both attempting their finishers – Moxley almost hits the Paradigm Shift but Omega stops him with a trashcan shot.
  • Omega hits the You Can’t Escape with the trashcan before setting up the can for KENTA’s shotgun dropkick for a near-fall. Moxley eventually fights back, taking KENTA out on the outside with an elbow suicida before Archer throws Omega into a ladder set up in the corner.
  • Omega and Archer brawl into the ringside crowd whilst Moxley has KENTA locked into the STF in the ring. KENTA escapes and kicks Moxley onto a set-up chair before hitting a running single leg knee strike. Meanwhile, Archer throws Omega back into the ringside area whilst KENTA strikes him from behind.
  • Peter Avalon refuses to move out of KENTA’s way and gets a Go 2 Sleep for his troubles before attempting a suplex on Archer, which the bigger man counters. Omega attempts a springboard off the barricade but Archer counters into a chokeslam through Avalon’s bed on the outside.
  • Moxley sets KENTA up on a chair and hits a stiff roundhouse kick for a near-fall. Moxley takes KENTA up the rafters but KENTA manages to stun the US champion on the way. Archer staggers after them as Omega gets to his feet and we see KENTA and Moxley fighting in the Daily’s Place kitchens.
  • Moxley sets KENTA up onto some steel tables before attempting a piledriver but KENTA fights out and hits a DDT instead. KENTA locks in an arm-trapped crossface but Archer breaks it up with a box of potatoes before Omega takes Archer down.
  • Moxley pelts Omega with potatoes before we see a replay of the match so far. Moxley and Omega make their way back to the ring before Moxley pulls out a kendo stick from under the ring. Moxley throws Omega back in the ring before hitting several more kendo stick shots.
  • Moxley tries for a shot off the top rope but Omega counters with a V-Trigger. Meanwhile, KENTA and Archer appear on the ramp whilst Omega hits a second V-Trigger, setting up Moxley on the timekeeper’s table. Archer tries to powerbomb KENTA through the commentary desk but KENTA fights out before hitting a diving double stomp off the ramp through Moxley on the table.
  • Archer goes after Omega in the ring. Omega tries for a kendo stick shot but Archer takes it from him and breaks it in half. Archer hits a chokeslam before following up with an old school moonsault for a very close near-fall.
  • Archer tries for the Blackout but the Good Brothers interfere. KENTA makes his way back in the ring and tries to strike ARcher but gets a big boot for his troubles. Archer attempts a chokeslam but Anderson counters into the Gun Stun.
  • Jake Roberts hits the short-arm clothesline on Anderson but Gallows returns the favour with a uppercut. Omega teases a V-Trigger on Roberts bu Moxley hits him with a barbed wire bat.
  • Everyone hits their finishes on everyone ended by The Good Brothers hitting the Magic Killer on Archer before hitting a V-Trigger and an assisted One Winged Angel to pick up the win.

Analysis: I’m not usually a fan of AEW’s ultra-chaotic main events and endings as they often come out overbooked but this was perfect. A main event with just the right amount of silliness mixed in with some genuinely great wrestling and creative use of weapons. I was expecting Omega to carry out the brunt of the work to not give away too much of KENTA right away but the IWGP US number 1 contender was arguably the biggest star of the match!

If anything, this match made it crystal clear that there is definitely some sort of working relationship between AEW and NJPW: If KENTA coming out to his NJPW theme with a GIANT Bullet Club logo on the titantron whilst carrying his right to challenge briefcase didn’t give it away, I don’t know what will.

And that was this week’s AEW Dynamite!

A really fun show with a load of great matches and some big moments! The opener was shockingly great, Sammy quitting the Inner Circle was fantastic due to all the little intricacies involved and the main event was just utter chaotic fun. Hopefully, all the New Japan references throughout signals an even bigger crossover to come as the KENTA stuff has been fantastic so far.

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