AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash Night 2 Results

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash night 1 results as the show’s 68th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida to present the first of two New Year’s Smash Dynamite specials!

Check out the results from night 1 of New Year’s Smash!

The results from AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash night 2 were as follows:

  • PAC defeated Eddie Kingston via Pinfall (9:31)
  • Miro defeated Chuck Taylor via Submission (3:32)
  • The Elite defeated The Varsity Blondes & Danny Limelight via Pinfall (9:21)
  • FTR defeated Jurassic Express via Pinfall (12:16)
  • Serena Deeb defeated Tay Conti via Pinfall to retain the NWA Women’s World Championship (9:28)
  • Darby Allin defeated Brian Cage via Pinfall to retain the TNT Championship (13:47)

PAC defeats Eddie Kingston via Pinfall in 9:31

  • PAC dropkicks Kingston before the bell rings before hitting a tope con giro to the outside. Kingston scrambles back into the ring and PAC beats him down, kicking his opponent in the face several times. PAC hits a missile dropkick from the top before Kingston regains control with a knee strike.
  • PAC rolls to the outside and Allie rakes his face behind the referee’s back. Kingston delivers a shoulder capture suplex on the outside before rolling PAC back into the ring. Kingston begins working over PAC’s head and face before hitting a series of chops on PAC in the corner.
  • The two men exchange strikes before Kingston rebounds off the rope, allowing PAC to counter with a german suplex. PAC delivers several stiff kicks to Kingston’s chest but Kingston counters with an enziguri and a saito suplex for a near-fall. The two go back-and-forth but PAC eventually stuns Kingston on the top with an enziguri of his own.
  • PAC hits a superplex for a near-fall. Kingston returns in kind with a lariat for a 2-count but is unable to make the full cover as his arm is injured. PAC regains control with a corner dropkick and hits the Black Arrow to pick up the win.
  • PAC locks in the Brutaliser after the match, leading to a showdown between Lucha Bros and Butcher & Blade before Lance Archer makes the save. Archer and PAC staredown before Archer walks away.

Analysis: Pretty fun opener, if a little short. PAC maintained control for the majority of the bout but Kingston regained it towards the end, only falling thanks to an apparent arm injury preventing him from taking advantage of his own pinfall attempts. Hopefully, the feud winds down from here as I think the story has run its course and PAC seems to be heading towards a showdown with Lance Archer, which could be phenomenal!

Matt Hardy & Private Party Interview

  • Private Party call signing with AEW the best moment of their lives but that signing with Matt was better. They eventually question Matt taking 30% of their earnings, which causes Matt to snap and say that he’s the only one in AEW who cares about them – referencing how nobody supposedly cared for him after he hit his head at All Out – and tells them they need to follow his orders.

Analysis: It won’t be a popular decision to work Matt’s legitimate head injury into a story but it seems central to his new character direction judging by this interview. I just hope the 3rd party gag stays as a gag rather than becoming a focal point of his character as doing so seems more like a way to take a jab at WWE rather than an actual serious character, which just takes me out of the segment.

Miro defeats Chuck Taylor via Submission in 3:32

  • Chuck starts off aggressive, beating down Miro in the corner before knocking Miro to the outside with a clothesline. Chuck throws him into a ringside wall before hitting a tope con hiro from the ring to the outside. Chuck hit a double footstomp off the apron and went to the tope as Miro got back in the ring.
  • Chuck got distracted after Sabian took down Cassidy on the outside, allowing Miro to take Chuck down and hit a samoan drop. Miro hits a series of overhand strikes in the corner before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex into a spinning heel kick. Miro hits the thrust kick before locking in the Game Over to pick up the win.

Analysis: Utter utter dominance from Miro. I’m glad they’re not showing that he’s at least vulnerable when caught off-guard but also very happy he’s continuing to completely dominant over every single opponent he’s faced thus far. It seems like this Best Friends feud will be going all the way to Beach Break, but I hope Miro gets a significant singles opportunity at Revolution or, at the very least, a significant singles feud.

The Dark Order Interview

  • Marvez interviews Dark Order – Uno says they need to be better people and that Adam Page will team with The Dark Order next week. Reynolds suggests that after their match next week, Page give them their answer about whether he’s in the Inner Circle or not.

Analysis: Good to see AEW still be pushing forward with Dark Order whilst acknowledging Brodie’s passing. It seems as if they’re still following the same story route they were originally intending but we could very well be in for a Dark Order face turn, judging by Evil Uno saying that the group needed to be better people. I wouldn’t mind Page joining the group if that’s what this is leading to, as long as it’s a Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton in the Wyatt Family type ordeal.

The Inner Circle Reveal Their New Year’s Revolutions

  • Jericho says 2020 was big but 2021 will be even bigger. Hager starts that his resolution is “CHAMPIONSHIPS! YEAH!” before MJF says he wants to further his bonds with the rest of the group. Jericho adds that he and MJF will win the AEW Tag Team Championships but Santana rebutts that he and Ortiz are the tag team of Inner Circle.
  • Guevara interrupts and calls Jericho “a little tag team slut” and recalls how he’s tagged with Guevara, MJF, Hager and last week even worked with Snoop. Sammy and MJF get in each others’ faces before Jericho breaks it up and suggests a three-way match to determine The Inner Circle’s tag team: Jericho/MJF vs Proud N’ Powerful vs Guevara/Hager.

Analysis: I’m almost a little disappointed these promos always lead to a match because I find The Inner Circle’s promos waayyy more endearing than their matches. I’d hope next week is the last of the inner turmoil of Inner Circle for now so the group can move back to bouncing off other personalities on the roster. Personally, I’d love to see MJF/Jericho vs The Young Bucks up next!

The Elite defeat The Varsity Blondes & Danny Limelight via Pinfall in 9:21

  • Don looks like he’s going to introduce The Young Bucks as Kenny’s partners but instead reveals that The Elite tonight consists of Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers. We see Tony and The Young Bucks reacting with disgust backstage. The Elite beat down their opponents and Danny Limelight gets some offence in on Omega before tagging in Garrison.
  • Limelight & Varsity Blondes work over Omega but The Elite gain control after Gallows hits Limelight from the apron, allowing Omega to tag in Anderson before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Omega working over Limelight, who dodges out of a german suplex attempt before knocking down the AEW World Champion with an enziguri.
  • He tags in Pillman who takes down Omega and Gallows before tagging in Garrison and hitting a modified Hart Attack for a near-fall. Omega and Gallows knock down the rest of the opposing team off the apron before hitting a triple backdrop/neckbreaker combination for a near-fall.
  • Anderson hits the Boot of Doom for a 2-count before attempting a Gun Stun. Garrison escapes and tags in Limelight, who gets hit with a spinebuster. The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Limelight to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring despite the numbers advantage. He goes straight for Omega but eventually gets beaten down in the corner. The Lucha Bros make the save and several members of the locker room come out to break up the ensuing brawl.
  • Moxley hits the Paradigm shift on someone and goes to attack Omega, but the Bucks come out to stop him. The Lucha Bros deliver stereo superkicks to the Bucks before brawling with the Good Brothers again as Omega and Callis escape.

Analysis: I loved the bait-and-switch here! Definitely should have seen it coming but didn’t for whatever reason and it led to a really entertaining swerve with the Good Brothers being revealed as Kenny’s partners in The Elite, rather than The Bucks. Limelight had an incredible showing, going toe-to-toe with Omega at certain points, but ultimately The Elite picked up the win. The post-match angle potentially sets up a lot of different feuds too, the most exciting of all being Lucha Brothers vs Young Bucks!

The Waiting Room With Cody Rhodes & Jade Cargill, Thunder Rosa Lays Down A Challenge

  • Baker baits the audience by saying there’s a surprise under their seats, but there’s nothing. Britt calls out Cody for being the random judge on Go Big Show, the “mistake” on his neck and his fake teeth before introducing Cody.
  • Before Cody can talk, Britt introduces her surprise guest: Jade Cargill. Jade takes the mic from Cody and says no one cares if Brandi is pregnant and that she and Shaq are tired of waiting for an opponent. Cargill pushes Cody before Red Velvet appears and slaps Cargill in response. The two get into a brawl before being broken apart.
  • As Cody, Velvet and Cargill are escorted from the set, Thunder Rosa appears on the title tron and challenges Britt to a match at Beach Break. Britt screams she doesn’t have to do it because Tony said she didn’t have to face Rosa but the match graphic appears on the screen, seemingly confirming it’s happening.

Analysis: An incredibly fun segment that genuinely had me laughing out loud. Baker ripping into Cody and delivering snide comments in the background was hilarious and might well be my highlight of the show. The Cody and Cargill interaction was fine and I get why Velvet has replaced Brandi, though I’m not sure she’s established enough to really seem like a proper first contender to Cargill, who’s elevated via her relation to Shaq.

FTR defeat Jurassic Express via Pinfall in 12:16

  • Marko Stunt starts the match and FTR try to use their size advantage over him but Stunt dodges their offence. He eventually gets into a collar-and-elbow tie-up with Dax but slaps Dax before being beaten down in the corner. FTR overpower Stunt and continually taunt Jungle Boy on the apron before Stunt eventually creates an opening with a dropkick, allowing him to tag Jungle Boy.
  • Jurassic Express outmanoeuvre FTR, hitting a series a tag team offence before hitting a tope suicida/moonsault combo before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Dax working over Marko before tagging in Cash, who hits a spinebuster for a near-fall. FTR tag in and out and continually beat down Marko.
  • Cash locks in a Gory Special but counters into a sunset flip roll-up for a 2-count before rolling through into a tag to Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy knocks down both members of FTR before hitting a backstabber on Dax for a near-fall.
  • Jungle Boy takes Dax to the top rope before hitting a top rope hurricanrana, the ensuing pin attempt of which is broken up by Cash. Jungle Boy takes down Dax with a Superkick before hitting a wheelbarrow senton tag manoeuvre for a 2-count.
  • Dax returns in kind with a lariat after taking off his elbow pad. Dax beats down Marko in the corner but Marko regains control with a low blow behind the referee’s back for a 2-count. Marko rolls to the outside but Cash knocks him down before throwing Jungle Boy into the barricade.
  • Cash throws Marko back into the ring and tags in before hitting the Big Rig to pick up the win.

Analysis: A pretty good tag match that went the way most expected. Marko got some decent offence in but ultimately FTR (and Tully) proved too much. I have a feeling this’ll be extended out to Beach Break as FTR haven’t faced the full usual might of Jurassic Express in Luchasauras alongside Jungle Boy but I wouldn’t mind if the feud ended here. Jurassic Express got a good, fun showing in defeat either way.

Serena Deeb defeats Tay Conti via Pinfall to retain the NWA Women’s World Championship in 9:28

  • The two start with a collar-and-elbow tie-up and the two exchange control with various submissions and neither come out on top. They lock-up again and Deeb eventually gains control with a sliding lariat for a 2-count.
  • Conti regains control with a stiff pump kick as we cut to commercial. We cut back to Deeb locking in a stretch muffler on Conti before attempting the Serenity Lock, which Conti countered into a roll-up for a near-fall. Deeb hits a backbreaker for another near-fall before taking Conti to the top rope.
  • Deeb locks in a rope-assisted Gory Special but Conti escapes and hits a second pump kick. She attempts the Tay-KO but her back gives up, allowing Deeb to hit the Detox to retain.

Analysis: A surprisingly great match, especially considering how it was a last-minute replacement for Rosa vs Baker. Every time we see Conti, she gets more and more impressive and I don’t think it’d be too far of a stretch to say she’s become one of the standout performers in AEW women’s division as of late. I do hope there’s some progression on her relationship with Anna in future and a chance for her to get a proper story or even a title match with Shida.

Darby Allin defeats Brian Cage via Pinfall to retain the TNT Championship in 13:47

  • Tazz joins commentary as Darby makes his entrance. Commentary reveal that Cage was only allowed two members of Team Taz at ringside, hence why Hobbs is missing.
  • Darby goes for Cage’s knee straight away and hits a missile headbutt to the outside. He goes for a second but Cage catches him and hits a suplex on the outside. Cage Gorilla Presses Darby out the ring and through a table, which busts the champion over.
  • Cage throws Darby into the corners before delivering several closed fist strikes to Allin. The referee goes to check on Darby as we cut to commercial. We cut back to Cage hitting an F-5 on Allin but Allin kicks out at 1. Cage hits three consecutive powerbombs but Darby just flips off Cage in response. Cage hits a fourth powerbomb onto the ramp in response.
  • Cage hits a deadlift suplex from the ramp into the ring and again only gets a 1-count. Cage goes to the outside and drags the steel steps out to ringside. Cage sets up for an F-5 onto them but Darby escapes. Darby bits Cages’ fingers to make Cage fall onto the steps before hitting a Coffin Drop to regain control.
  • Darby rolls back in the ring and Cage gets back in at nine. Darby brings out his belt and ties up Cage’s legs but Cage powers out again.
  • Darby hits the Code Red and a shotgun dropkick, both for a near-fall before heading to the top. Starks tries to knock Darby down but Sting appears and hits him with his baseball bat. Cage makes his way to the top but Darby counters into a Crucifix to pick up the win.

Analysis: A great main event that had me wincing throughout. Darby took several gnarly bumps including a Gorilla Press straight from the ring through a table on the outside and a release powerbomb onto the ramp, which made Cage look like a monster. Allin just barely escaped with the TNT title and made Cage look great in the process, whilst Sting FINALLY got physical for the very first time. It wasn’t much, just a baseball bat swing, but that’s defintely progression from the last four weeks of him just scaring off Team Taz by staring at them.

And that was AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash night 2!

A pretty good show, though definitely not as strong as last week. Darby and Cage put on an awesome main event and Britt Baker’s Waiting Room segment was hilarious, but the rest of the show felt pretty average for what’s supposed to be a special episode of Dynamite. The show did a good job of wrapping up several feuds, like PAC/Kingston and Jurassic Express/FTR, but it didn’t have that ‘big show’ feel that night 1 of New Year’s Smash had.

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