AEW Dynamite Results – October 28th 2020

Kenny Omega delivering a V-Trigger to Penta El Zero M on an episode of AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite’s 57th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida tonight with just two weeks to go until Full Gear!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

Hangman Adam Page defeats Wardlow via Pinfall, advancing to the Finals of the World Title Eliminator in 9:50

  • MJF & Wardlow are interviewed by Dasha before the match, Sammy Guevara interrupts and squares up to MJF – telling him he doesn’t like him.
  • Page started quick but Wardlow became dominant early, spearing Page through the barricade and hitting the F-10 but being unable to capitalise after Page rolled out of the ring.
  • Wardlow attempted a second F-10 from the top but Page fought out of it and hit the Buckshot Lariat, which only staggered the bigger man. Page managed to hit a second to take Wardlow down and pick up the pinfall win.

Analysis: Great opener! Started slow but in the last few minutes. Wardlow played a great big guy and Page played the underdog fighting from under throughout to perfection. Page winning was the right decision, and hopefully is step one towards the Page/Omega final we’re all clamouring for, but these last two weeks have left me really impressed with Wardlow. Hopefully he gets a regular spot here on out.

Eddie Kingston defeats Matt Sydal via Submission in 8:15

  • A video package from Moxley was shown before where Moxley says this match is personal and he’s going to cause Kingston to quit to get rid of his ego.
  • Kingston complains that Moxley was not even at the show before the match and explains that he’s going to defeat Sydal, who upstaged him in the Casino Battle Royal in his debut. Lance Archer is seen watching from ringside.
  • A very back-and-forth match, with Sydal starting strong before Kingston gained control. Sydal attempted multiple pins, including from a Hurricanrana & Meteora from the top rope, but Kingston kicked out of them all.
  • Kingston eventually locked Sydal in the Bulldog Choke Moxley uses and got the submission victory.

Analysis: Great performance from both! Sydal has that great ability to make his opponents look like stars like Dolph Ziggler does. Eddie needed a match like this to make him look strong going into his World Title match at Full Gear and got Sydal a good spot on Dynamite for the first time.

FTR & Young Bucks Interviewed by Excalibur

  • Excalibur asks about Matt’s ankle after FTR’s post-match attack last week. Matt says his ankle is fine and he’ll be at Full Gear.
  • Dax says that whoever comes out of Full Gear victorious will cement their legacy as the best tag team in the world.
  • Matt says that he and Nick don’t regret their out-of-character actions the last few weeks because they’ve needed a new spark the last year.
  • FTR walk out after Excalibur tries to get Young Bucks to expand on their point instead of asking FTR questions.
  • Matt announces if they don’t beat FTR at Full Gear, they will never challenge for the AEW Tag Team Championship again.

Analysis: The interview itself didn’t really provide much but the announcement at the end is the key point. Unlike Cody’s stipulation last year where he wouldn’t challenge so long as Jericho was champion, Young Bucks’ stipulation actually has long-term consequences! I wouldn’t be against them not being able to challenge, would mean AEW would be forced to create new stars in the tag division.

Inner Circle & MJF Town Hall Meeting

  • Tony Schiavone & Dasha Gonzalez introduce themselves as the host of the town hall as the Inner Circle & MJF make their entrances.
  • Inner Circle & MJF take questions from Luchasaurus, Britt Baker & Peter Avalon: Baker brings up MJF’s history of betraying people which Jericho replies to saying if MJF betrays them, the entire Inner Circle will ‘knock his teeth out’.
  • Peter Avalon asks if he can join the Inner Circle, to which the group laugh him off and tell him that’ll never happen.
  • Eric Bischoff calls Jericho a primadonna and Jericho tries to argue back but Schiavone shuts him down. Bischoff says that MJF has a lot of the same features and that it’s likely that the two will just turn on each other.
  • MJF says that he’s given a lot to the Inner Circle the last few weeks and asks what he hasn’t done, which Jericho replies that he hasn’t beaten him. Jericho challenges MJF to a match at Full Gear and if MJF wins, he can join the Inner Circle and MJF replies he’s willing to do “anything” to win.
  • Santana says that the rest of the Inner Circle don’t want MJF in and that he and Sammy will take on MJF & Wardlow next week.

Analysis: Another high-stakes match announced for Full Gear! Really like the direction they’re taking with the show, especially after the last few PPVs have felt a little dry in that regard. MJF Vs. Jericho should be great fun with Sammy & Santana Vs. MJF & Wardlow being a nice precursor.

Cody defeats Orange Cassidy via Pinfall, retaining the TNT Championship in 12:10

  • Both men looked to end the match early: Cassidy tried to hit a Superman punch, which Cody countered into a Cross Rhodes attempt before Cassidy escaped.
  • Cody taunts Cassidy in the early-going, doing push-ups next to Cassidy in mocking manner.
  • There were multiple spots with the lumberjacks throughout, including Best Friends catching Cody after he fell ringside before prompting dropping him and Cody superplexing Cassidy onto all of them.
  • Dark Order interfere and John Silver hits Cassidy with a pump kick before Arn hits Cassidy allowing Cody to pick up the win with a Cross Rhodes.

Analysis: Very glad this started strong and really started off from where they left off from the AEW Dynamite Anniversary show a few weeks back! Despite the typical Lumberjack match tropes throughout, they two put on a great match when they were in the ring with it looking like Cassidy was gonna win multiple times. Looks like we’re going into Cassidy Vs. Silver/the Dark Order and Cody Vs. Darby at Full Gear!

Miro & Kip Sabian ‘forgive’ Best Friends

  • Mrio & Sabian give Best Friends some gifts with Penelope Ford dressed up as Orange Cassidy to forgive them for breaking Alan.
  • It was all a rouse though, as the two attack Best Friends and Miro says he will never forgive them as Sabian pulls out a new Alan.

Analysis: I just…don’t care. I can’t bring myself to care that deeply about a little arcade machine or whatever it’s supposed to be and I just feel like there’s better things they could be doing with all four men. I just hope this is a short feud and Miro & Sabian can go on to become a bit more serious from here on out.

Serena Deeb defeats Leyla Hirsch, retaining the NWA World Women’s Championship in roughly 8:00

  • The two start with some mat-based wrestling with Deeb rolling up Hirsch for a close near-fall.
  • Hirsch gets some offence in – delivering a rope-assisted Double Knee attack to the face, getting a near-fall of her own!
  • Hirsch focuses on Deeb’s left arm with a series of submissions and dominates Deeb throughout the later end of the match before missing a moonsault.
  • Deeb hits multiple neckbreakers before locking in a variation of a Single Leg Boston Crab to retain the title.

Analysis: One of the stronger women’s matches of the last couple of weeks! Great showing for both women and hope we get to see Deeb in more matches in the next few weeks. Using the NWA Women’s title to build some of the undercard of the AEW women’s division could be a great way of building some new names for Shida.

Shawn Spears defeats VSK via Pinfall in 0:27, Scorpio Sky gets his comeuppance on Spears in the aftermath

  • Spears squashes his opponent in less than 30 seconds – Dominance from ‘The Chairman’.
  • A man in a bull mask throws trash at Spears, Spears drags him into the ring and confers with Tully. The man unmasks to reveal himself as Scorpio Sky who hits the TKO on Spears.

Analysis: This might be an AEW Dark feud that I’ve missed but this just seemed a bit random to me? Maybe they needed something to fill some extra time after Tay Conti/Abaddon got cut but it was so short that I don’t think that the case. Either way, it was entertaining and wasn’t actively harmful to anyone so I don’t really mind.

Kenny Omega defeats Penta El Zero M via Pinfall, advancing to the Finals of the World Title Eliminator in 17:15

  • Omega brought out the AAA Mega Championship to taunt Fenix at ringside, the belt that Omega beat Fenix for last October.
  • Match started very slow, with the two exchanging chops and heavy strikes before Penta took it up a notch with a Rope-Assisted Backstabber and Tope Con Hiro!
  • Penta remained in control until Kenny managed to pull off a Snap Dragon Suplex before following it up with a Mega Powerbomb/knee strike combination for a near-fall.
  • Kenny hits two V-Triggers and attempts a superplex but Penta counters into a Destroyer onto the ramp before hitting the Package Piledriver for another near-fall.
  • Penta manages to snap Omega’s arm whilst countering the One Winged Angel but Omega regains control with a mid-air knee strike before finally hitting the One Winged Angel to pick up the win.
  • We now have our final of the World Title Eliminator: Hangman Adam Page Vs. Kenny Omega at Full Gear!

Analysis: A strong back-and-forth main event, though not as strong as Fenix/Penta from last week. It was a slower match than I was expecting but that made each move seem more important comparatively. Whilst it was the obvious choice, Omega winning isn’t a bad thing because of that. Him Vs. Page will be a fantastic final at Full Gear and, hopefully, we get to see more dominant singles Kenny in that match and beyond!

And that was this week’s AEW Dynamite: A fairly by-the-numbers show, I thought, that was slightly hurt by being put in direct competition with NXT Halloween Havoc. There certainly was some good stuff on this show though: The NWA World Women’s Title match was one of the strongest women’s matches I’ve seen from AEW in the last few weeks and both of the semi-final World Title Eliminator matches were great!

Meanwhile, Cody and Orange Cassidy’s TNT title match felt overshadowed by the Lumberjack stipulation and the Shawn Spears/Scorpio Sky segment felt too short to actually contribute properly.

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