AEW Dynamite Results – October 21, 2020

Kenny Omega's silhouette as part of his new entrance debuted on the Oct 21st episode of Dynamite.

AEW Dynamite’s 56th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida tonight, following on from last week’s Dynamite Anniversary Show!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

  • Britt Baker competes for the first time since September
  • Chris Jericho and MJF have “Le Dinner Debonair”
  • Rey Fenix Vs. Penta El Zero M – First round match in the World Title Eliminator Tournament
  • Kenny Omega Vs. Sonny Kiss (replacing Joey Janela) – First round match in the World Title Eliminator Tournament
  • Hangman Adam Page Vs. Colt Cabana – First round match in the World Title Eliminator Tournament
  • Wardlow Vs. Jungle Boy – First round match in the World Title Eliminator Tournament
  • The Butcher & The Blade Vs. The Dark Order Vs. Private Party Vs. The Young Bucks – 4-Way Tag Team match, winners challenge for the World Tag Team Championship at Full Gear

Wardlow defeats Jungle Boy via Pinfall, advancing in the World Title Eliminator Tournament in 8:20

  • Wardlow used his power advantage to maintain control throughout the match’s early goings.
  • Jungle Boy, meanwhile, used a number of tornado DDTs to take down the larger man.
  • Wardlow managed to hit 2 F-10s to pick up the win, one from the entrance ramp into the ring!

Analysis: A pretty fun opener! Every time I see Wardlow I’m pleasantly surprised because honestly I wasn’t expecting too much out of this. Wardlow dominated for the majority of the match whilst Jungle Boy hit some big moves the few times he got the advantage. Wardlow winning is the right move though and I’m quite excited to see more from him next week!

Eddie Kingston’s Post-Dynamite Promo & Moxley’s Rebuttal

  • We are shown what happened off-air after last week’s Dynamite: Kingston cuts a promo saying that Moxley said the inmates were gonna run the asylum but he left them behind and made millions off them instead.
  • Moxley Vs Kingston for the AEW World Championship in an ‘I Quit’ match is announced for Full Gear.
  • Moxley responds that he doesn’t know who Kingston is anymore and he’s either going to get his old friend back or make Kingston give up.

Analysis: Despite only really having a two-week build, this feels like a world title match and that’s a testament to Kingston & Moxley’s promos. This could do with some more build though as – in AEW at least – there really isn’t too much behind this. Hopefully we get some more segments in the next two weeks before Full Gear.

Kenny Omega defeats Sonny Kiss, advancing in the World Title Eliminator Tournament in 0:25

  • Omega has a pre-cursor to his entrance – Justin Roberts lists off his accomplishments, he has dancing girls and a new precursor theme before Battle Cry kicks in.
  • Omega hits Kiss with a V-Trigger right off the bat and follows up with the One Winged Angel to pick up an incredibly quick win!
  • Omega helps Kiss to his feet and lifts his arm in good sportsmanship post-match.

Analysis: FINALLY, we are getting the Kenny Omega we really should have gotten from the get go. We needed a reminder that Omega is one of the best in the world and easily defeating Kiss in under half a minute is a damn good way of doing it. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, both in the tournament and for Omega’s future generally.

Orange Cassidy & Cody Interviewed About Their TNT Title Rematch

  • Tony Schiavone ‘attempts’ to interview Cassidy, but gets a lot of one-word answers before getting frustrated and leaving. Cassidy says he’s focused on the rematch.
  • Dasha Fuentes interviews Cody & Arn Anderson – Cody says he isn’t surprised the rematch is happening but was expecting it to be further down the line. He’s looking ahead to larger opponents.

Analysis: I feel like the rematch didn’t really need these interviews to be honest – Didn’t really add much beyond Cody saying that he’s looking beyond Cassidy, almost overlooking Cassidy. To me, it made the match feel not as important despite the fairly high stakes of the winner fighting Allin at Full Gear.

Rey Fenix defeats Penta El Zero M via Pinfall, advancing in the World Title Eliminator Tournament in 14:21

  • The two shake hands before taking chops from each other. Fenix fights out of it and begins hitting multiple springboard & top rope dives.
  • Penta attempts to keep the pace slow, reverting back to hard-hitting chops. Fenix counters by getting Penta to the top rope and delivering a BEAUTIFUL Spanish Fly.
  • Penta snaps Fenix’s arm but hesitates. He runs off the ropes but Fenix counters it into a Canadian Destroyer to pick up the win!

Analysis: Fantastic match! Not as fast-paced as I would have expected, but excellent nonetheless. Great storytelling throughout with Penta hesitating multiple times and it ultimately costing him as Fenix advances to the semi-finals to face Kenny Omega. It’ll have a hard time living up to this, but if anyone can do it, it’s Omega & Fenix.

Dark Order Interviewed By Alex Marvez

  • Reynolds says that both him and Silver have learned a lot from Mr Brodie Lee and are ready to become #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Championship.
  • Cabana says he’s under pressure but Silver snaps at him and says he doesn’t like him but he’ll be the next AEW World Champion after winning this tournament.
  • In his rage(?), Silver announces the entire Dark Order will be ringside for Cassidy Vs. Cody for the TNT title next week.

Analysis: I still don’t entirely ‘get’ the Dark Order beyond Brodie Lee, which I think is partly due to them being built primarily through Being The Elite still. It’s a good way to get Cabana consistently on Dynamite I guess, but it just feels very ‘off’ and random.

Hangman Adam Page defeats Colt Cabana via Pinfall, advancing in the World Title Eliminator Tournament in 10:50

  • Hangman started out strong with a number of strikes before taking Cabana to the outside. He seemed to consider putting Cabana through a table at ringside but thought otherwise.
  • Cabana managed to regain control after pushing Page off the top rope and onto the apron before delivering a splash to Page on the outside.
  • Cabana avoids the Buckshot Lariat several times, but Page baits Cabana out to finally hit it for the pinfall win.

Analysis: This felt like it never really picked up to me. Very start and stop match. Lots of big spots though, the main one being when Cabana threw Page off the top onto the apron. Page advances meaning it’s him versus Wardlow next week, adding further fuel to the predictive fire that we’re getting an Omega/Page final.

Team Tazz Call Out Will Hobbs & Darby Allin

  • Tazz says Will Hobbs better respond to Team Tazz’s offer for him to join them otherwise Tazz might get Brian Cage to attack him again.
  • Tazz questions why Allin gets a shot before Starks & Cage. Starks promises that he’ll put Darby ‘in the grave’ the next time they face off.

Analysis: This felt kinda like a throwaway segment. Sure, it continues the story thread from a few weeks ago of Tazz offering Will Hobbs a spot in Team Tazz but I feel like both Cage & Starks haven’t been on Dynamite often enough to warrant claiming they deserve a shot over Allin.

Chris Jericho and MJF’s ‘Dinner Debonair’

  • Jericho and MJF continually one-up each other by getting rarer and rarer steaks until they order literal raw steaks.
  • The two look like they’re about to get into an argument before they agree on their hatred of Orange Cassidy and start SINGING A MUSICAL NUMBER.
  • They sit back down as their food arrives but the steaks have not been cooked and the segment ends with a sitcom-esque cut to black when they both send their steaks back.

Analysis: This. Was. INCREDIBLE. I did not know I needed Chris Jericho and MJF singing a musical number but this was so entertaining. These are the kind of segments they need to be doing during this period whilst crowds are reduced – Weird, interesting and entertaining. I loved it.

Britt Baker defeats KiLynn King via Submission in 4:00

  • Britt dominated for the majority of the match, countering most of King’s offence.
  • Britt delivered a Curb Stomp before locking in the Lockjaw with a surgical glove, causing King to submit.

Analysis: Nice little showing for Britt but can we please start having proper women’s stories on Dynamite? Surely, it’d make Baker look better if she won a longer, more competitive match rather than handily beating another random wrestler. It’d be fine if there was other women’s matches on the show, but this was the only one and it’s a consistent trend with Dynamite.

The Young Bucks defeat Butcher & Blade, Private Party and Dark Order via Pinfall, becoming #1 Contenders to the World Tag Team Championship in 13:30

  • Matt Jackson starts off keeping control over Private Party’s Isiah Kassidy before Kassidy catches him with a Superkick in revenge for last week and the match breaks down.
  • Sammy Guevara attacks Matt Hardy whilst he is ringside managing Private Party with the two wrestling out of the arena.
  • Every team aside from Young Bucks trade control – Quen takes out everyone with a series of Tope Con Hilos, Silver knocks everyone down with a series of Lariats and Butcher & Blade get a near-fall on Nick.
  • The Young Bucks end up getting the win after countering a roll-up from Isiah Kassidy. FTR and Tully Blanchard attack the Bucks in the aftermath, nearly-breaking Matt Jackson’s leg with a chair.

Analysis: A fun main event, though not the strongest match of the night. Young Bucks predictably win and we’re finally getting The Young Bucks Vs. FTR for the very first time. I feel like they could have gone a less predictable route with this – it felt fairly obvious that The Bucks were gonna become #1 contenders after being announced for this match last week – but hey, we’re finally getting the match so I’m not gonna complain.

A fairly good episode of Dynamite that was helped a lot by the World Title Eliminator tournament matches which all felt like they had big-time stakes. The ‘Dinner Debonair’ segment with Jericho & MJF was incredibly entertaining too, especially the musical number.

Unfortunately, there was another fairly poor showing for the women as Baker handily defeating KiLynn King in 4 minutes being the only female match on the show. Colt Cabana and Hangman Adam Page also stumbled their way through their match, though this was partly due to them following the excellent match between Penta El Zero M and Fenix just before.

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