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AEW Dynamite Results – November 25th 2020

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 61st episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida with a week to go till the Winter’s Coming Dynamite special!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

Hangman Adam Page defeats John Silver via Pinfall in 9:18

  • Silver taunts Page early on about having smaller muscles than him, which Page answers with a stiff format and several lethal chops.
  • It’s a back-and-forth contest for control throughout with both men laying into each other with heavy-hitting strikes before Silver hit a snap german suplex for a near-fall.
  • Page attempts the Buckshot Lariat but Silver counters into a Hurricanrana pin for a roll-up, which Page kicked out of.
  • Page retaliated with a huge spinning lariat into a Liger Bomb before hitting the Buckshot Lariat to pick up the win!
  • After the match, Evil Uno speaks to Page on the mic and says that he sees a man that was controlled a group. Uno ends by saying that “my friends and I are here for you.”

Analysis: Great fast-paced opener, I’ve been really impressed with Silver these last couple of weeks – Easily my favourite member of Dark Order. Despite being in a fairly large and samey faction, Silver manages to standout character-wise whilst also being great in-ring! Page is obviously the bigger star though so understandably got the win and I think there’s a lot of potential in a feud between Page and Dark Order. I DO NOT want him joining them though! Maybe tease it but him joining would only weaken him.

Kenny Omega Speaks On Jox Moxley’s Backstage Attack Last Week

  • Omega is asked for his thoughts on Moxley’s backstage attack last week by Alex Marvez.
  • Omega says the more things change, the more they stay the same. Omega says he’s seen Moxley on magazine and people calling him the best in the world but after winning the World Title Eliminator Tournament, he’s back in that picture.
  • Omega says that until he gets the title, people won’t truly recognise him as the best. He says to “leave the garbage wrestling alone” and to face Omega based on his skill alone.
  • Responding to Moxley’s promo last week, Omega said he was touched by his story about his dad but that his dad could probably “beat the sh*t” out of Moxley’s dad.

Analysis: Really endearing promo from Omega here. Omega seems to have a fire around him and wants to prove to the world that The Cleaner really is back in full-form by defeating Moxley. Looks like they’ll be more to develop with this later in the episode, including the reveal of who attacked Moxley last week, which I kinda hope was Omega but that might be too quick a turn.

Powerhouse Hobbs defeats Lee Johnson via Pinfall in 2:01

  • In a pre-match video from Darby Allin, Darby sets a car on fire that has “survive if I let you” spray-painted on its roof. The camera pans up from Darby as he holds the TNT title towards it.
  • Powerhouse Hobbs/Lee Johnson – Hobbs dominates Johnson by slamming him into the barricade before hitting a front slam to pick up the quick win.
  • Tazz tells Hobbs he did a great job before sending him to the back. Tazz says AEW isn’t acknowledging the FTW Championship being officially recognised and isn’t leaving the ring till it is. Tazz’s microphone gets cut mid-promo but Tazz takes Justin Roberts’ mic before that gets cut off too.
  • Cody comes out and tells Taz he’s wasting his time. Cody says Hobbs & Starks will face himself & Darby next week. Taz responds that the FTW Championship needs respect
  • Cody asks Taz why his son isn’t training with him but is training instead with Cody. Taz puts down the mic but locks in the Tazmission on Cody before leaving.

Analysis: The match itself was nothing to write home about, another dominant big guy performance from Hobbs in a similar manner to his Team Taz teammate Brian Cage. The post-match promo was excellent though, with Taz talking about being told ‘creative have nothing for you’ and being ‘wished well in his future endeavours’. This led to Taz’s best AEW moment so far when he got physical with Cody by locking in the Tazmission – Could you imagine if this leads to a Taz in-ring return? Surely not but… what if?

The Hybrid 2 defeat Top Flight via Submission in 11:42

  • Dante outmanoeuvres Angelico early on, getting under the skin on the South African and causing him to keep him locked in his Hybrid 2’s corner.
  • After isolating him for a good chunk of the match, Hybrid 2 lose control over Dante and he tags in Darius, who clears house.
  • Dante gets the blind tag whilst Evans is beating Darius in the corner and Top Flight get a near-fall which Angelico breaks up.
  • Top Flight hit a combination of Topes, which Darius hitting a Tope Suicida and Dante hitting a Tope Con Hiro. Darius hits a big Frog Splash in the aftermath, which Evans kicks out of.
  • Angelico manages to lock in the Cruceta Invertidas to pick up the win! Evans and Angelico continue to attack after the match before The Young Bucks make the save!

Analysis: Another great showing from Top Flight, even though they didn’t pick up the win. Not against Hybrid 2 getting the victory though, they’ve been vastly underutilized and I’m not at all against seeing them more often on Dynamite. They were the perfect opponents for Top Flight as they can go at their fast-pace style whilst also slowing it down to instigate heelish tactics.

The Inner Circle defeat SCU via Pinfall via 11:01

  • In a video shown before this match, FTR call their match with Young Bucks the worst night of their life and say that for 3 seconds they were the best tag team in the world. But they need the AEW World Tag Team Championships back and are coming after them.
  • SCU focus on Jericho early on with both continually tagging in and out before Jericho regained control after poking Kazarian in the eye. Jericho then tagged out to Hager who brutalised Kazarian.
  • Hager continued to overpower SCU even after Daniels tagged in. At one point, Hager threw Daniels to the outside and the rest of the Inner Circle swarmed him and beat him down.
  • The Inner Circle proceeded to isolate Daniels and prevent him from tagging to Kazarian. At one point, Daniels looked like he had made an opening after dodging a Lionsault from Jericho but Jericho managed to drag him away.
  • Daniels finally makes the tag and Kazarian manages to take out both Jericho and Hager! He hits a picture-perfect springboard leg drop for a near-fall before taking out some of the Inner Circle on the outside.
  • Daniels tags back in and hits the Best Moonsault Ever but Jericho breaks up the pinfall attempt before 3. As Aubrey is sending Kazarian back to his corner, MJF hits Daniels with a ring-loaded punch and Jericho hits the Judas Effect, allowing Hager to get the winning pinfall.
  • After the match, Kazarian tries to attack MJF but the Inner Circle attack in retaliation. MJF looks like he’s about to knock out Kazarian but Scorpio Sky runs out with a steel chair to make the save.
  • Later in the show, Jericho calls out Kazarian for punching MJF after the match. Jericho announces that he’ll take on Kazarian next week one-on-one!

Analysis: Was pleasantly surprised by this match! Thought it’d be a bit of a throwaway win for Inner Circle to get them on TV but SCU surprisingly stayed at odds with Jericho and Hager. You sometimes forget that SCU can be one of the best teams in the world when they get a proper spot and this match did a great job reminding us. The finish seems to suggest Inner Circle are a fully cohesive unit now and thankfully, the Hangover parody of last week doesn’t seem to have had any long-lasting repercussions. Jericho Vs. Kazarian should be great fun next week, looking forward to it!

Jon Moxley Signs The Contract for His AEW World Championship Match Next Week

  • Earlier in the show, Moxley confronts Eddie Kingston, who says he didn’t do it and that Moxley knows who did. Kingston says he has his own stuff to deal with and Moxley has his, leading the World Champion to leave without saying a word.
  • Tony introduces Kenny who Justin Roberts repeatedly mentions is a Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame.
  • As Omega standsAn in the entranceway through, Moxley attacks him before dragging The Cleaner into the ring and hitting the Paradigm Shift.
  • Moxley accuses Omega of hiring someone to attack him and says that they only way he’s becoming AEW World Champion is by climbing a mountain that no one has been able to do in 18 months; Beat him.
  • Moxley says this isn’t a game and signs the contract before thanking Tony and leaving.

Analysis: Wasn’t expecting the reveal this quick but to the surprise of very few, Omega seems to have been the one who ordered the attack on Moxley… or at least, so Moxley suspects. I think they might well be going for the Omega not being the attacker but Moxley’s instant judgement of him causing the inevitable heel turn. In terms in who else it could be, there’s a few options but I think the most likely is Lance Archer who’s been missing from Dynamite the last couple of weeks.

Hikaru Shida defeats Anna Jay, retaining the AEW Women’s World Championship in 8:01, Abadon Returns!

  • Tay Conti and a few members of Dark Order accompany Anna Jay to the ring.
  • Anna attempts the Queen Slayer but Shida dodges and responds with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
  • Anna maintains control throughout the early-going, hitting a rolling roundhouse kick into the corner to get a near-fall.
  • Anna attempts to get Conti to give her a chair but the ref notices. Whilst the ref puts the chair back, John Silver hands her a kendo stick and Anna hits Shida in the knee before locking the Queen Slayer which Shida escapes.
  • Shida manages to hit the Tamashii to retain but as she celebrates, Abadon makes her return and announces her intention to challenge Shida.

Analysis: Short but fun match between Jay and Shida. I’m starting to sound like a broken record here but all these matches would benefit so much more from A) being equal in length to the rest of the card and B) having long-form stories behind them instead of being built entirely through video packages directly prior to the match. Abadon’s an interesting next challenger for Shida though and hopefully the fact that Abadon’s more character-focused than most of the women’s roster means an actual story for Shida to get her teeth into. Not getting my hopes up though…

The Butcher & The Blade defeat The Death Triangle via Pinfall

  • Eddie Kingston is on commentary for this match.
  • Butcher & Blade attack Death Triangle as they make their entrance and the match starts off fast-paced, with Fenix hitting a huge Tope to the outside to clear both Butcher & Blade.
  • The two teams trade control back and forth, with Death Triangle getting a near-fall via a dropkick combination from the two.
  • Butcher eventually regains control for his team by overpowering the smaller Fenix. Blade and PAC both tag in and PAC outspeeds Blade, hitting a northern lights suplex for a near-fall.
  • PAC attempts a shooting star press but Blade dodges and tags in Butcher. Butcher hits a lariat but The Bastard kicks out.
  • PAC and Fenix look to hit a dual diving combination but Eddie Kingston knocks down Fenix, allowing Butcher and Blade to hit a cutter/powerbomb combination to pick up the win!
  • The Bunny brings in a chair for Eddie, which he repeatedly DDTing PAC onto it headfirst. He looks to do it for the third time but Lance Archer returns to make the save, driving Kingston from the ring to close out the show.

Analysis: A fun main event though I did feel like it lacked stakes compared to Shida/Jay. The match went at a blisteringly fast pace all the way through and Butcher & Blade picked up a surprise win with interference from Kingston. Archer saving Death Triangle was a bit of a surprise though it seems like it’s more so to build Archer/Kingston rather than him aligning himself with Death Triangle. This leave me a bit in the dark about who else could have attacked Moxley though if it wasn’t Omega as I suspect, as Archer was my main suspect.

And that was the November 25th episode of Dynamite!

A good show with some strong matches throughout, though I would have liked a little more build & hype towards Winter’s Coming next week – especially with them calling Moxley/Omega the biggest main event in AEW Dynamite history.

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