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AEW Dynamite Results – November 18th 2020

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 60th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida for another jam-packed episode!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

The Young Bucks defeat Top Flight via Pinfall in 8:45

  • A promo video was shown during Top Flight’s entrance explaining a bit about their background and how they got into AEW through Matt Jackson.
  • Motor City Machine Guns were mentioned multiple times by commentary, mostly in relation to Top Flight taking inspiration from them.
  • The Young Bucks opposed for a slower pace as Top Flight took on their usual quick-fire offence.
  • Top Flight get a close near-fall from a Running Flip Hurricanrana and nearly got the win by countering More Bang For Your Buck.
  • The Young Bucks pick up the win via the BTE Trigger.
  • The Hybrid2 attack Top Flight after the match but the Bucks chase them away.

Analysis: Fantastic Dynamite debut for Top Flight! As someone who’d seen nothing of them going in, they were made to look like stars after nearly defeating the tag champions multiple times! Looks like we’ll be getting a feud between them and Hybrid2 soon which should be a fun, but hopefully short, TV feud!

Orange Cassidy defeats Kip Sabian via Pinfall in 10:55

  • Miro joined commentary throughout the match
  • Cassidy attempts his pocket taunt but Kip grabbed him into a headlock which the two exchanged back-and-forth.
  • Cassidy delivers a Tope Suicida to the outside and Ford attempts to block Cassidy from reentering the ring, but Cassidy just gives her a high ten and walks by her.
  • Sabian dominated for a large majority of the match, but Cassidy managed to hit a Diving Crossbody into a Tornado DDT to regain control and get a close near-fall.
  • Cassidy hits a Diving DDT from the top rope which looks to finish the match, but Sabian kicks out at the very last millisecond!
  • The two go back-and-forth in the closing sequence of the match but Cassidy picks up the win with the Mouse Trap!
  • As soon as Cassidy won, Miro dashed from commentary and delivered a huge Clothesline to Cassidy.

Analysis: A really strong match between these two, probably the strongest of the feud yet! It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kip properly show off his skills on Dynamite, so much so I forgot how great he can be! I assume we’re getting Miro Vs. Cassidy as the endgame of this, which hopefully Miro wins. Cassidy’s gotten a lot of momentum recently from beating Jericho at All Out, Jon Silver at Full Gear and now Sabian here so he wouldn’t be hurt from a loss to Miro.

Jon Moxley Vs. Kenny Omega’s Contract Signing

  • Earlier in the show, Moxley cuts a promo about the match. He says it’s been a crazy ride but he’s finally figured out how he’s been AEW champ for so long: His dad.
  • He says his dad told him to always remember that “we’re good guys” – He says he sticks to that motto regardless of what happens and because of that that he’s the best wrestler in the world, not Kenny Omega.
  • Moxley also announces off-handily that his wife, the former Renee Young, is pregnant!
  • During the segment, Justin Roberts announces Kenny’s accomplishments in relation to Moxley.
  • Moxley does not appear when his entrance music plays and we cut backstage to see him laid out with a bloody nose. Omega signs the contract anyway and leaves.

Analysis: Looks like we have a whodunnit on our hands! Archer seems the most likely suspect to me but Omega would be a great twist to kick off a heel turn! It did make the overall segment end a little flat though, Omega just signs the contract and both he and Tony awkwardly leave.

The Inner Circle Slay Las Vegas – Parts 1 & 2

  • In part 1, we see MJF trying to get along with the rest of the Inner Circle in a casino.
  • MJF and Jericho go back-and-forth about what to drink before eventually settling on Everclear. The two get wasted before Konnan shows up and escorts the group into a smoke-filled limo.
  • The group move to another bar and get even drunker, as Jake Hager and Wardlow try to outdo each other by seeing who can beat up the most bartenders.
  • In part 2, we see The Inner Circle on the roof as they induct ‘Elvis’ into the group. MJF says he loves the rest of Inner Circle like blood brothers and Guevara threatens to cut himself to prove it.
  • We cut to everyone waking up the morning after as Sammy discovers he has three wives and Jericho & Santana find Swoggle in a diaper in a The Hangover parody.
  • Jericho announces that he and Hager will take on SCU on next week’s Dynamite.

Analysis: Another really fun segment from The Inner Circle and MJF, though I kinda hope the Swoggle reveal is just a comedy bit for the segment and not a long-term thing from here on out. The comedy stuff has been fun but I’d like to see a mix of serious matches and comedy bits for The Inner Circle from here on out and I’m not sure that’ll be achievable if they’ve got Swoggle constantly following them around from this.

PAC defeats The Blade via Submission in 12:20

  • Eddie Kingston joins commentary before the match and generally downplays PAC throughout. JR asks Kingston if he knows anything about Moxley’s attack but Kingston denied it, saying if he were to do it he’d do it face-to-face.
  • PAC starts off aggressive, pounding Blade into the mat with a series of kicks before choking him on the bottom rope.
  • PAC squares up to The Butcher and Blade takes advantage, sending PAC into the ringside barricade.
  • PAC starts to rebuild momentum but Allie trips his leg and The Butcher attacks him from behind. Blade hits the Doctor Bomb for a near-fall.
  • PAC delivers a hellacious superplex for a near-fall and attempts the Black Arrow before Butcher entered the ring and PAC superkicked him. Blade attempted a roll-up holding the tights but PAC escaped.
  • PAC hits a Shooting Star Press before locking in the Brutaliser for the win!
  • PAC starts to call out Kingston after the match but the Butcher attacks him from behind. Kingston taunts PAC on the mic before Rey Fenix tried to make the save but was overwhelmed.
  • Pentagon came out with a chair and teased siding with Kingston but ultimately swung for Kingston, Butcher & Blade, reuniting the Death Triangle!

Analysis: Good return match for PAC as he, interestingly, played almost an underdog babyface. PAC picks up the win after mostly being outplayed by the numbers game and reforms the Death Triangle with Penta & Fenix. Looks like we’ll be getting Kingston, Butcher & Blade Vs. Death Triangle down the line which I hope leads to Kingston Vs PAC directly as the promo battles between those two could be incredible!

Serena Deeb defeats Thunder Rosa, retaining the NWA Women’s World Championship in 13:15

  • Before the match, we cut backstage to Jade Cargill stamping Brandi’s arm in a chair backstage as Nyla Rose & Vickie Guerrero distracted the backstage officials. Big Swole managed to run them off but not before Cargill managed to inflict some damage.
  • Rosa and Deeb start with some mat-based submissions, with Rosa attempting multiple armbars whilst Serena focused on Rosa’s leg.
  • The match quickly breaks down though, with Deeb using several aggressive strikes to keep Rosa down before locking in a Figure Four Leglock which Rosa breaks up by grabbing the rope.
  • Rosa’s leg continues to bother her as Deeb manages to hit a brutal Spear onto the ring apron before rolling in Rosa and getting a near-fall.
  • Rosa regains control after hitting a German Suplex and a Missle Dropkick but Britt Baker attacks
  • The two exchange roll-ups before Deeb manages to hit an Inverted Front Powerslam to finally pick up the win
  • After the match, Rosa attacks Baker at ringside and the two brawl before being separated by officials.
  • After the match, Anna Jay and Jon Silver announce that Jay will be challenging Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship next week!

Analysis: Awesome match, in fact, I’d go as far as to say it was one of the best women’s matches on Dynamite over the last few months! Rosa and Deeb tore the house down and even despite Baker’s interference, Deeb STILL had to hit her finish to keep Rosa down. Very excited for Rosa and Baker, partly because it’ll be a great feud and partly because WE’RE ACTUALLY GETTING A PROPER WOMEN’S STORY ON DYNAMITE. FINALLY!

Brian Cage & Ricky Starks defeat Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes via Pinfall in 11:15

  • Tazz joins commentary as Team Tazz make their entrance. A video produced by Darby is shown, showing him standing on top of a church with the TNT Championship in his mouth. We see Darby set his leg on fire and pose in front of the title before the video fades.
  • Darby and Starks kick things off with Darby outmanoeuvring the smaller Team Tazz member before Cody and Cage tag in.
  • Tazz leaves commentary midway through the match and Tazz catches Cody’s foot as he ran against the ropes. Arn proceeded to throw a chair into the ring in frustration which causes the referee to eject him.
  • Cody and Darby struggled to regain control after Arn’s ejection, with Team Tazz isolating Cody and preventing the tag to Darby.
  • Cody manages to get the tag to Darby who clears house and gets a near-fall from a Jackknife cover on Starks.
  • Cody tags back in and takes down Cage with the Beautiful Disaster kick before taking down Starks with the Cross Rhodes.
  • Cage levels Allin with a Discus Clotheslines and slams Cody who proceeds to roll out. Cage gets Darby up to the top rope before hitting an Avalanche Drill Claw to pick up the win!
  • After the match, Team Tazz attacks Cody & Darby before Will Hobbs runs in with a chair to make the save. Hobbs picks up the FTW title before laying out Cody with it, joining Team Tazz in the process!

Analysis: A good main event with a big twist at the end though I honestly feel Rosa & Deeb were the stronger match and might have been better placed in the main event. The match picked up when Cage and Allin faced off, hitting each other with some incredible offence, with Cage picking up a shock win over the TNT Champion with a brutal Avalanche Drill Claw. Darby Vs. Cage could be an incredible match down the line if done right, though I am slightly worried the interweaving of Cody and the rest of Team Tazz into the story could dilute it somewhat.

And that was the November 18th episode of AEW Dynamite!

Lots of story progression on this episode alongside some great matches! Deeb and Rosa might well be my favourite Dynamite match I’ve seen since I started watching again a few months ago alongside excellent showings from Cassidy/Sabian and Young Bucks/Top Flight! AEW are also (FINALLY) starting to develop proper women’s stories on Dynamite, multiple in fact, with the tease of Rosa/Baker and Cargill/Rhodes as well as the announcement of Anna Jay Vs. Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship next week!

Whilst the downsides of the show were relatively far and few between there were a few. Moxley being attacked backstage during this contract signing segment with Omega did make the whole segment end a little flat and I feel Deeb/Rosa would have been the stronger main event, even despite Hobbs’ turn.

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