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AEW Dynamite Results – December 9th 2020

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 63rd episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida for the first Dynamite post-Winter Is Coming!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

Young Bucks defeat The Hybrid 2 via Pinfall in 11:50

  • TH2 attacks the World Tag Team Champions during their entrance but the Young Bucks manage to repel it and throw their opponents outside the ring.
  • TH2 get an early near-fall with an assisted standing 630 and attempt it again, but the Bucks counter with multiple Superkicks.
  • Nick tags in and takes down both of TH2 before hitting a springboard facebuster on Angelico for a near-fall.
  • Matt powerbombs Evans into The Acclaim, who are watching from ringside before hitting Risky Business, which Angelico kicks out of at 2.
  • Whilst attempting More Bang For Your Buck, Matt’s ankle gives out on him which allowed Angelico to lock in the Nevaro Death Roll, which Nick breaks up with a senton.
  • The Bucks eventually hit dual Superkicks before securing their victory with the BTE Trigger.
  • After the match, The Acclaim attempt to enter the ring but SCU scare them off.

Analysis: Unexpectedly hot opener that MADE TH2. Even in defeat, the duo looked incredible after they took the champions to the limit multiple times. I wasn’t a massive fan of Evans being on his feet again less than a minute after taking the Doomsday Device onto the ramp but it wasn’t too quick to be jarring. Looks like we’re getting SCU vs The Acclaim shortly, hope they get a good showing!

Sting Confronts Cody

  • Before the segment, we get a video from Darby Allin where he’s asked to look at some mirage pictures. He sees the third one as Brian Cage as a puppet but acknowledges Cage beat him and offers him a TNT title opportunity.
  • Cody makes his entrance and we see Darby in the rafters. Schiavone attempts to ask Cody about Sting’s debut but The Stinger cuts him off. Sting has a lovely reunion with Schiavone before he and Arn leave the ring.
  • Cody thanks Sting for the assist but says he’s been waiting to share a ring with Sting for a long time. Sting says he isn’t here for Cody and says there’s something really familiar about this place and points to Darby Allin in the rafters.
  • Sting says he plans to stay in AEW for a long time and the one thing certain about Sting is that you can never be certain what he’ll do. He pats Cody on the back before seeing “See you around, kid” before leaving.
  • Team Taz reveal that Cody’s star student Hook has started training with Team Taz.

Analysis: Despite really leaving more questions than answers, this segment did a great job in hyping up Sting’s future in AEW with teases with Arn, Cody and Darby! We also saw some glimpses of heel-ish Cody, though I don’t expect to see a full turn from him for a long while yet considering Omega just turned.

FTR defeat The Varsity Blondes via Pinfall in roughly 8:30

  • FTR focus on Pillman early in the match, using a series of quick tags and double team offence to focus on his neck and prevent him tagging to Griff.
  • Pillman finally manages to tag out after hitting a springboard should tackle, leading Griff to hit a double spear on FTR for a near-fall.
  • Pillman tags back in and Dax hits a brainbuster before the two pick up the win with the Goodbye Express on Pillman.
  • FTR brawl with Jurassic Express after the match.

Analysis: An easy win for FTR to regain a bit of momentum after their loss to The Young Bucks at Full Gear. Glad we got to see so much from Pillman, as he’s been one of the stars of Dark lately, and hope we see more of him in Dynamite – especially in a singles capacity. Jurassic Express should have some fun comedy stuff to counter FTR’s seriousness but I’d ultimately expect FTR to defeat them as well.

Dustin Rhodes defeats 10 via Pinfall in 2:50

  • Before the match, Marvez asks Page who he’ll have against Private Party & Matt Hardy next week – Dark Order offer and as Page has no one else, he accepts but it’s simply a one-time deal.
  • Dustin had the experience advantage over his opponent, but 10 takes advantage after hitting a Spinebuster.
  • 10 delivers a roundhouse kick to Aaron Solow’s face as he sits at ringside, allowing Dustin to regain control with several clotheslines.
  • Dustin picks up the win with a bulldog. Evil Uno comes out after and says Dustin is the third most important Rhodes before offering Dustin to be 7 of the Dark Order – referencing his terrible WCW gimmick.
  • Dustin slaps Uno but Uno says the offer stands when Dustin’s seen the light.

Analysis: A pretty by-the-numbers match between Rhodes & 10, I imagine the Solow still will carry over to a Dark feud but Dustin being offered a Dark Order spot is interesting considering they’re doing a very similar story with Page that was literally shown just before this. Hope this progresses on Dynamite and isn’t just to kick-start two Dark feuds because this show does feel jam-packed enough as is.

Tony Schiavone Hosts A Staredown Between Shaq & Brandi Rhodes

  • Shaq says he didn’t appreciate what Jade did to Brandi’s arm and Brandi responds that she wants to stop all this.
  • Shaq says his interactions with Cody was just playing around but as Brandi leaves, thinking their issues are over, Shaq says she needs to take some pointers from Jade.
  • Brandi throws a cup of water in Shaq’s face before calling him “an overgrown a**hole”.

Analysis: Another slow step in the build towards Brandi/Jade & Shaq/Cody. I kinda wish they’d established what the exact relationship is between Cargill and Shaq, as he only just said that he wanted all the success in the world for her, but I get this is a slow burner so we’ll probably get that down the line. I imagine Brandi/Jade’ll happen quicker though, with Shaq/Cody probably being kept for Revolution in February.

The Inner Circle Determine Their Fate

  • Jericho says the in-fighting is embarrassing and it’ll never happen again. MJF takes the mic when Jericho asks if there are any specific grievances.
  • MJF says he loves the rest of Inner Circle but feels he might be the issue. MJF says Sammy tried to throw in the towel but Jericho said he watched the show (because OF COURSE, he does) and saw MJF bring it out. MJF justifies it by saying there was some sweat on his brow.
  • MJF and Guevara get into a shouting match before Ortiz tells Sammy to shake MJF’s hand and that he’s ‘better than him’. Sammy does so but says if anything else happens with MJF, he’ll quit the Inner Circle.
  • Hager and Wardlow get into a fight over the two of them staring at each other and Jericho resolves this by telling them not to stare at each other. He then gets everyone to put their middle fingers in an almost group showing of unity.

Analysis: I still maintain my thought from last week that this all came about a bit too quick but I think it’s a bit clearer why now. It looks like we’ll probably get Sammy leaving the Inner Circle soon in what I’d speculate might be a face turn but I hope not – I think there’s still a lot of longevity left in Sammy in the group. If he does leave though, I’d hope Inner Circle would remain without him rather than fracturing apart already.

The Blade, The Butcher & Eddie Kingston defeat Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero M & Lance Archer via Pinfall in roughly 9:45

  • Archer dives over the top rope to take out the opposing trio before all six men brawl on the outside. Butcher manages to put Pentagon through a table and Fenix goes to check on him.
  • The match becomes a 2-on-3 handicap match with Kingston, Butcher & Blade focusing on Archer and preventing him from tagging Fenix.
  • Fenix eventually gets the tag and cleaned house, hitting a suicide dive on Kingston but got caught by a powerbomb/neckbreaker combination by Blade, which allowed him to pick up the win.

Analysis: Another really fun tag which saw Fenix be the hot tag for Lance Archer. Penta gets taken out by going through a table early on (which I did find a little jarring, considering Jack Evans was able to take that Doomsday Device onto the ramp and get back up very quickly) and the heels got a huge advantage throughout, which ultimately led them to victory. I do also find Lance Archer’s seeming face turn to be a little odd unless I’ve maybe missed something on Dark, I don’t recall there being any bridge between his alignments other than him saving Death Triangle to close out the show two weeks ago. Maybe a promo or something last week would have been good to explain it?

Abadon defeats Tesha Price via Pinfall in 1:15, Hikaru Shida Confronts Her Fears

  • Abadon hits a back leg trip almost immediately before hitting a Gory Neckbreaker for the win.
  • Abadon continues to assault Tesha after the bell but Hikaru Shida makes the save by striking Abadon directly in the head. As they leave, Abadon sits up and stares down the reigning champion.

Analysis: Easy win for Abadon to establish her following her unfortunate injury. This is probably the most interesting feud Shida’s had yet – First because it actually has build behind it (a surprising rarity in the AEW Women’s World Title picture) and second because Shida’s selling of Abadon is FANTASTIC. Everything from her somewhat timid looks at Abadon, her hesitating to get in the ring and her quickly shuffling away once she had Price all sold how fearful Abadon really is, especially after the future challenger rose after Shida struck her directly with the stick.

Kenny Omega Addresses AEW Following His World Title Win

  • Marvez tries to get a word in with Omega but Callis tells him he can watch alongside everyone else.
  • Schiavone says he’s never been more upset in his life about what happened last week, Callis takes the mic from him and tells him and Tony Khan – who is equally enraged – “welcome to the wrestling business, kid.”
  • Callis imply they created AEW through their booking of the Jericho/Omega 3 years ago and that they’d planned Kenny’s AEW World Title win for years.
  • Omega calls what they did last week a performance that everyone fell for and teases that they have much more planned before Omega does his ‘Goodbye and goodnight’ spiel.

Analysis: Another good promo from Callis and Omega but disappointed by how much of a rehash it was of their IMPACT promo. Apart from little changes in the middle, it was virtually identical and the ‘big announcement’ that Omega teased was… that we weren’t ready for it. I get typical heel bait and switches, but this just felt lame because it added nothing on from the IMPACT appearance. Hoping for a lot more progression next week.

MJF defeats Orange Cassidy via Pinfall to retain the Dynamite Diamond Ring in 13:35

  • In an earlier segment, Jericho announces that the rest of the Inner Circle will be ringside for Cassidy/MJF.
  • MJF attacks Cassidy before he can even get his jacket off before breaking his glasses.
  • Cassidy regains control with a counter into the Stundog Millionaire and attempts the Orange Punch on the apron, but MJF dodges and Cassidy hits the ring post instead.
  • MJF delivers a powerbomb with Cassidy’s hand stuck in his back pocket, working over the challenger’s arm.
  • MJF throws Cassidy to the outside and the Inner Circle swarm him before Guevara throws him into the ring post.
  • We see Trent head up the ramp and he soon brings in several teams to counter Inner Circle’s numbers advantage. Cassidy eventually regains control over MJF, hitting a diving DDT for a near-fall.
  • MJF hits the Heatseeker DDT for a near-fall but gets caught with his feet on the ropes.
  • Jericho throws his bat to MJF and MJF attempts to feign Cassidy having hit him with it, but Cassidy taunts him enough to get him back on his feet before feigning the exact same move back.
  • Cassidy hits the Orange Punch a nail-bitingly close near-fall before hitting a second, but Wardlow puts MJF’s foot on the rope. The teams on the outside and Inner Circle get into a massive brawl before Miro interferes, clotheslines Cassidy and allows MJF to retain the Dynamite Diamond Ring.
  • Miro lays out two members of production staff in the aftermath as the show fades to black.

Analysis: Great match that made Miro look like a STAR. I think AEW have taken on board what fans have been saying about wanting a more dominant Miro with less focus on the gaming stuff cause the shift in him the last two weeks has been tremendous. I wasn’t a massive fan of how the match essentially turned into an impromptu lumberjack match though I get Inner Circle needed to be out there to show unity with MJF. Very glad MJF held on to the Dynamite Diamond ring too – as much as it’s not a huge part of storylines week-to-week, I feel he benefits a lot more from having it compared to Cassidy, who I imagine would’ve just used it for comedy skits.

And that was the December 9th 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite!

A fun show with two really great tag matches and a LOT of storyline progression following Winter Is Coming. I do feel, however, that they rammed about two or episodes worth of content into just this one which made it drag a little. I think Omega/Callis could have been cut in favour of showing highlights from the IMPACT appearance and maybe Dustin/10 as well, though it depends how much that’ll impact on future Dynamite stories.

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