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AEW Dynamite Results – December 16th 2020

Graphic for Kenny Omega vs Joey Janela from the 16/12/20 Dynamite - AEW Dynamite results thumb

Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 64th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida with a week to go till the Holiday Bash Dynamite special!

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The results from this week’s show were as follows:

  • Matt Hardy & Private Party defeated The Dark Order & Hangman Page via Pinfall (10:45)
  • Cody Rhodes defeated Angelico via Pinfall (9:45)
  • The Inner Circle defeated The Varsity Blondes, Top Flight & Best Friends via Pinfall (14:20)
  • The Acclaimed defeated SCU via Pinfall (8:20)
  • Big Swole & Serena Deeb defeated Ivelisse & Diamante via Submission (9:25)
  • Kenny Omega defeated Joey Janela via Pinfall to retain the AEW World Championship

Matt Hardy & Private Party defeat The Dark Order & Hangman Page via Pinfall in 10:45

  • All six men tag in early on before Page gets a near-fall on Quen with a Shooting Star Press after a tag combination from Silver.& Reynolds.
  • Commentary highlight how well Page & Dark Order are working together despite never teaming before and Page is seen smiling.
  • Hardy & Private Party beat down on Silver before he gets the hot tag on Page, who clears Hardy & Kassidy from the apron before hitting a standing lariat for a near-fall.
  • Reynolds tags and goes back-and-forth with Kassidy before hitting a series of tag manoeuvres with Silver & Page and almost gets the cover before Hardy pulls him out. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Silver hanging off the apron.
  • Private Party hit the Gin & Juice on Reynolds whilst Page & Silver were out on the outside before Hardy tagged himself and got the pinfall win.

Analysis: Good opener, though not as strong as the fast-paced tag bouts we’ve seen the last few weeks. Unfortunately, Hardy just didn’t seem to gel with everyone else in the match – which you could argue is part of the story – but the pace of match dipped whenever he tagged in. I’m surprisingly into Dark Order & Hangman teaming and thought they looked really good together here so hoping to see more them together. Hardy steals the win from his pupils and begins showing a heel-ish side. Something different for him that’ll hopefully get people reinvested because I feel a lot of fans have dropped out on him since the All Out injury.

Cody Rhodes defeats Angelico via Pinfall in 9;45, Cody & Brandi Rhodes Announce They’re Expecting & Sting Saves Cody

  • Before his entrance, a short video plays to announce that Cody and Brandi are expecting their first child next year! Cody gets announced as ‘The Future Father’ on the way to the ring.
  • The two try to outmanoeuvre each other with wrist locks with Angelico taking Cody down every time. Angelico baits Cody into picking up the pace, allowing the former TNT champion to hit a dropkick for a 1-count.
  • Jack Evans tries to jaw-jack with Cody as a distraction but Arn Anderson pulls him down from the apron before pushing him to the floor.
  • Angelico maintains control by focusing on Cody’s back and leg but Cody manages to fight back by countering a waist lock before hitting a Penalty Kick.
  • Angelico locks in the Nevaro Death Roll but Cody gets to the ropes to break it up. Cody sets up the Cross Rhodes but Angelico counters, but The American Nightmare runs to the ropes and hits the Cody Cutter for the win!
  • After the match, Team Taz appear on the ramp and mockingly congratulate Cody of his future fatherhood. Darby is shown in the rafters and Taz says Cage will “whoop his ass” before saying they’ll put Cody on maternity leave. Sting appears to drive them off before staring down Darby and winking at Cody.

Analysis: Excellent showing for Angelico even when he wasn’t the focus of the match. Despite being a great performer in his own right, he hasn’t had a much of a chance to show off his singles prowess due to teaming with Evans predominantly but he went toe-to-toe with Cody here – even at times outperforming the former TNT champ. The post-match segment was good, though I didn’t feel different from what we’ve seen in weeks prior. We know Darby vs Cage is coming up, we know Team Taz want to beat up Cody, we know Sting is interested in Darby & Cody but nothing really new happened here. Hope this isn’t the only appearance from The Stinger tonight as that’d be a bit of disappointment all he gets is practically a repeat of his debut.

Miro Announces He’ll Announce Sabian & Ford’s Wedding Date Next Week

  • Miro is asked about his $75k fine and why he doesn’t like Cassidy. Miro says he doesn’t like and announces he’ll face Sonny Kiss on Dark.
  • He also announces he’ll announce Penelope Ford & Kip Sabian’s wedding date on next week’s Dynamite.
  • When asked about the people in the hospital, he simply shouts “Bah humbug!” and walks off.
  • Later in the show, Best Friends say they’ll be present for the wedding announcement too as they’re in the ‘holiday spirit’.

Analysis: Miro simply responding “BAH HUMBUG!” to all the people he hurt last week was PERFECT.

That’s it. That’s the analysis.

Eddie Kingston Confronts His Enemies, Lance Archer Interrupts, Death Triangle Reunite

  • The fans boo Kingston but Kingston says he doesn’t like the crowd so he doesn’t care that he doesn’t like them.
  • He addresses his enemies including “the big man up there”, PAC and Lance Archer before Archer interrupts.
  • The two brawl but Butcher & Blade save Kingston before the fully reunited Death Triangle save Archer.
  • Archer attempts a chokeslam on Kingston but PAC kicks him out the ring before he can hit it. PAC & Archer stare down but turn their attention to Kingston, Butcher & Blade who are escaping backstage.

Analysis: I don’t really get the point of this segment to be totally honest. Death Triangle reunited a couple of weeks back didn’t they? They also made a big deal about PAC returning as if he wasn’t on the show three or four weeks ago? Just seemed strange and a bit pointless unfortunately but it did get us a nice tease between PAC & Archer. Hope there’s more progression next week.

Dustin Rhodes Announces He’ll Face Evil Uno Next Week

  • Dustin is asked if he’s thought about the Dark Order’s offer: He says 7 was a bad idea then and it’s a bad idea now. Dustin says he isn’t the least important member of the Rhodes family and announces he’ll face Evil Uno next week.

Analysis: Pretty nothing segment beyond the match announcement. Dustin vs Uno should be fun, especially if they take advantage of any Seven references.

The Inner Circle defeat The Varsity Blondes, Top Flight & Best Friends via Pinfall in 14:20

  • In an earlier segment, Inner Circle are interviewed by Marvez. Jericho starts talking but MJF interrupts and brags about the Dynamite Diamond Ring & his New York Times Best Performance nomination. MJF says Jericho is a mentor, greatest of all time and best friend to him and says he loves him.
  • Jericho and Pillman Jr start off and commentary put over Pillman huge – They talk about the similarities to his father, how Jericho wrestled at his memorial show etc before he manages to kick Jericho to the outside.
  • The match breaks down after Ortiz and Trent tag in, leading Best Friends and Santana & Oritz to brawl – leading to a brawl between both of the larger teams.
  • When the match calms down, MJF and Trent are the legal men and MJF hits a tag move with Sammy Guevara, showing the two have maybe their differences aside.
  • Trent continues to get beaten down by Sammy and Jericho before finally tagging in Darius Martin, who hits a Standing Spanish Fly on Ortiz.
  • Garrison tags in and gets hit in the back by Jericho with his bat. Hager hits Wardlow’s F-10 and tags in MJF, who picks up the pin.
  • Inner Circle attack Garrison after but Top Flight clear Inner Circle from the ring. Later in the show, Top Flight challenge Jericho and MJF to a match next week.

Analysis: To me, it felt like this match was missing something. It could be the lack of Wardlow & Cutler as originally announced, which could have affected the pre-planned flow, but something felt off here. The match was pretty slow all the way through and never felt like it picked up, which is a shame as Top Flight and Varsity Blondes have had such great showing’s the last few weeks. Here’s hoping this is a one-match issue.

Britt Baker & Rebel Wash The Face Paint Off Of Thunder Rosa

  • Thunder Rosa is interviewed by Alex Marvez. Rosa calls out Britt for telling her she doesn’t belong in AEW. Rosa says it’s her fault she lost to Deeb and now she’s out for revenge.
  • Rebel confronts her before Baker attacks from behind and locks in a crossface whilst Rebel pours water on Rosa’s face to wash off her face paint.

Analysis: Glad we’re seeing the continuation of this feud, even if it was just a minor segment. I’d like to see Rosa get a win in the next few weeks to make her seem like a threatening force to Baker as she hasn’t competed since unsuccessfully challenging Deeb and hasn’t won a match on Dynamite since September.

The Acclaimed defeat SCU via Pinfall in 8:20, Lay Down A Challenge To The Young Bucks

  • The Acclaimed rap their way to the ring and calls Daniels a doormat and says Kazarian does all the lifting.
  • Kazarian responds with a rap of his own that their rapping is crap and “just like the year 2020, that whole thing was the shits.”
  • The Acclaimed work over Kazarian with multiple headlocks, after the bout starts off pretty even, and keep him in their corner away from Daniels.
  • Daniels finally tags in and takes down both The Acclaimed before hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall.
  • The Acclaimed pick up the win after Daniels is whipped into a Boombox held by Caster on the outside before Bowens hits a Powerslam. Commentary make a big deal about this being an upset.
  • Caster calls out Young Bucks by calling them ‘cucks; and challenge the tag team champions to a match next week.

Analysis: Another match that felt off to me, unfortunately. It didn’t seem like it got kicked into full gear on top of the crowd being pretty tired after the 12-man tag. Commentary made a massive deal about The Acclaimed beating SCU being a big upset and I don’t really see why? SCU haven’t been prominent figures on Dynamite pretty much ever and sure, they have their legacy behind them but their time in AEW so far hasn’t backed that up. I suppose it gives The Acclaimed a reason to challenge Young Bucks next week but I think there are other teams that would have been more effective for The Acclaimed to beat, like Jurassic Express or even Top Flight. Hopefully, we get a similar match between The Acclaimed and The Bucks to the tag team champions’ encounter with Top Flight a few weeks back – in a match that makes The Acclaimed for the main Dynamite audience.

Big Swole & Serena Deeb defeat Ivelisse & Diamante via Submission in 9:25

  • Deeb and Ivelisse start off with some technical back-and-forth before Swole and Diamanté tag in and attempt to overpower each other. Ivelisse and Diamanté hit a Rope-Hung Cutter/German Suplex combination for a near-fall.
  • The two continue to play around with and beatdown Swole in their corner, keeping her from making the tag. Deep tags in during an ad for the new Wrestling Of The Week podcast but Diamanté & Ivelisse manage to wrench control back from the NWA Women’s World Champion.
  • Swole attempts Dirty Dancing but Ivelisse grabs her hair. Swole hits a Tiger Driver and transitions in the Clearwater Cloverleaf to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Nyla Rose & Vickie Guerrero storm the ring and beat down Swole before Red Velvet clears them from the ring with a chair.

Analysis: A pretty nothing match to be honest. Again, the crowd didn’t seem to really be invested alongside conserving their energy for the main event and you could feel it throughout this match as there was just no energy to this match. Swole got a good showing, picking up the win despite being beaten up for most of the match and tagging with the secondary Women’s Champion. And hey, I’ll never complain about multiple women’s segments on Dynamite considering how rare they are but this didn’t really achieve much. I could see Swole challenging Deeb for the NWA Women’s World Championship down the line as Shida’s busy with Abadon.

Kenny Omega defeats Joey Janela via Pinfall to retain the AEW World Championship, Death Triangle Stake Their Claim

  • Before the match, we see a video package for Jurassic Express showing highlights from their matches before FTR appear at commentary. They complain about AEW showing off the ‘sideshow tag team’ over them – the first-ever Grand Slam tag team – and Dax says they’re after Jurassic Express because they insulted their family, which is what they consider each other.
  • Janela attacks Omega with a trashcan as the AEW World Champion made his way to the ring. This gave Janela the advantage for a short while before Omega regained control.
  • As the match got started, Don Callis threatened Tony Schiavone to get off commentary so he could replace him but Tony simply told the IMPACT EVP to “kiss his ass”. Callis left and returned with a house mic and begun delivering commentary on it, overpowering JR; Excalibur and Schiavone.
  • Omega also got on the mic during the match, narrating his actions in the ring and bantering back-and-forth with Callis. Omega tried for the One Winged Angel but Janela countered into a reverse frankensteiner.
  • Kiss set up a table outside the ring and Janela laid the AEW World Champion out on it before hitting a gnarly leg drop through it from the top rope. Omega hits Janela with the microphone, however, before hitting a V-Trigger and the One Winged Angel to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Death Triangle appeared on the ramp to confront Omega. PAC points out that Fenix was also never eliminated in the World Title Eliminator and therefore should be next in line. Callis says that wrestlers don’t get to dictate booking decisions but PAC says he talked to Tony Khan, who sanctioned Omega vs Fenix for New Year’s Smash Night 1 on December 30th. Omega and Callis flip out as the show fades to black.

Analysis: A pretty fun main event that probably went on a minute or so too long. Janela attacking Omega during his entrance was a good way of elongating the match and actually Janela a chance as Omega, rightfully, should have beaten Janela in seconds if the Sonny Kiss match was anything to go by. Omega ultimately hit Janela with the microphone and hit the One Winged Angel for the win though and it’s announced we’ll get Omega vs Fenix for the title in two weeks! That should be an INCREDIBLE match if they make it competitive and there’s a lot of story they can go off for that with Omega still holding the AAA Mega title he beat Fenix for.

And that was the December 16th 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite!

A decent show though probably one of the weaker episodes in a while. There was a few similar post-match segments, namely Cody/Angelico and Swole & Deeb vs Ivelisse/Diamante, that were noticeably similar and I felt a few of the segments didn’t really progress the stories they were promoting much but with Dynamite specials for the next three weeks, I think building to those instead of bigger stories can be forgiven. The show wasn’t all bad though! We had two women’s segments (shocker, I know!), Omega vs Janela was fun whilst it lasted and Cody vs Angelico was a great showing for The Hybrid 2 member.

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