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AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash Results

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash results as the show’s 65th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida for the first of three Dynamite Holiday specials!

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The results from AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash were as follows:

  • The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & MJF) defeated Top Flight (Dante & Darius Martin) via Pinfall (13:44)
  • Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt) defeated The Dark Order (Colt Cabana, “5″ & “10”) via Pinfall (11:09)
  • PAC defeated The Butcher via Pinfall (11:35)
  • Dustin Rhodes defeated Evil Uno via Pinfall (8:46)
  • Hikaru Shida defeated Alex Garcia via Pinfall (3:32)
  • Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) defeated The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) via Pinfall to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships (15:34)

Chris Jericho & MJF defeat Top Flight via Pinfall in 13:44

  • Jericho slaps Darius to start off before laying in some heavy chops before Top Flight hit a series of tag team manoeuvres to regain control.
  • MJF tags in and Darius outmanoeuvres him before both tag in and deliver synchronised moves to drive the Inner Circle members from the ring.
  • MJF slaps Dante to aggravate him and runs him right into a clotheslines, allowing the heels to regain control. Jericho focuses on Dante’s midsection before tagging in MJF who focuses on his neck.
  • Jericho distracts the referee, allowing Jake Hager and MJF to attack Dante without being caught. Jericho takes him to the top rope and tries for the superplex but Dante knocks Jericho to the canvas before hitting a diving crossbody for a near-fall.
  • MJF and Darius tag in and Darius performs a comeback, taking MJF down with a standing Spanish Fly before hitting a shotgun dropkick for a 2-count.
  • Dante tags in and tries for a hurricanrana but MJF counters with a powerbomb before tagging in Jericho who hits a Lionsault for a 2-count.
  • Darius blind tags onto Dante and gets a 2-count with a near-fall. Jericho hits several heavy
  • MJF hits the Heatseeker DDT to pick up the win following interference from Hager. After the match, Hager says that everyone in Inner Circle has been doing their job except Wardlow.
  • Hager says he’s angry about doing Wardlow’s job for him and says he spoke to Tony Khan and made him vs Wardlow official for New Years Smash Night 1 next week!

Analysis: A good opener and another great showing for Top Flight! Top Flight are gonna be set if they continue getting back matches like this: First a great title challenge at the Young Bucks and now an opener against arguably two of the biggest non-Elite members on the roster! Hager vs Wardlow will be a big test for Hager as it’s his first big singles outing versus Wardlow who already impressed against Cody and his various matches in the World Title Eliminator. I think both have the potential to pull off a great showcase though!

Sting Interviewed by Tony Schiavone, Team Taz Threaten To Attack Before Darby Makes The Save

  • Tony asks how it feels to be back on TNT and in AEW. Sting says that he’s back in the jungle and that he’s glad to see that the jungle’s “still thriving and alive”.
  • We see Darby Allin watching on in the rafters as Tony follows up by asking what his intentions are in AEW. Sting recalls a conversation with Dusty Rhodes and says he couldn’t stay away after seeing Cody in the ring.
  • Sting begins to address Darby but Team Taz interrupt. Taz says Sting is all hype and the group advance on the Stinger before Darby appears in the ring.
  • Taz says they’ll take the high road but announces that Cage vs Allin will take place New Years Smash Night 2. Sting and Darby stare down to end the segment.

Analysis: Another week, another Sting tease. I get they’re going the VERY slow build with the Stinger but that’s three weeks in a row we’ve had nearly the same segment where Sting is interviewed, Team Taz threaten him, Cody or Darby make the save, Team Taz back off and Sting stares down his saviour. I’m excited to see what Sting will eventually do but I’d like to see some significant progression in what he’s going after, rather than flippy-floppy teases.

MJF and Santana Find Common Ground

  • We see MJF backstage confronting Proud N’ Powerful. He speaks genuinely to Santana and equates his own loss of his grandfather to Santana’s recent loss.
  • The two embraces and Santana tell him to keep his head up before Ortiz shakes his hand. The segment ends with MJF wiping tears from his eyes.

Analysis: An incredibly genuine and human promo integrating real-life elements of both superstars’ lives. It doesn’t seem like this is one of MJF’s typical ruses and it could be that the two have finally settled their differences with this common ground. Seeing this genuine, human side of MJF was a delight.

Jurassic Express defeat The Dark Order via Pinfall in 11:09, FTR Make A New Years Smash Challenge

  • Jungle Boy maintained control over his Dark Order opponents using his signature agile offence. Dark Order interfere to regain the advantage and beat down Jungle Boy in their corner.
  • Jungle Boy creates a temporary opening after taking out ‘5’ with a clothesline and tags in Luchasaurus.
  • Luchasaurus takes down all three Dark Order members and gets a near-fall from a chokeslam/standing moonsault combination.
  • Marko Stunt gets tagged in and climbs onto Luchasaurus’ shoulders for a diving crossbody. Stunt tries for a suicide dive but 5 punches him as he goes hits the apex of the move.
  • Dark Order hit a spinebuster/frog splash combination but Jungle Boy breaks up the count. Jungle Boy tags in as Luchasaurus and Stunt take down 5 and Cabana before hitting the back suplex/sit-out powerbomb combination for the win!
  • After the match, Marko Stunt starts talking before Tully Blanchard interrupts on the titantron and announces FTR vs Jurassic Express at New Years Smash Night 2!

Analysis: A good showing for Jurassic Express heading into their match with FTR on January 6th – I imagine FTR’ll pick up the win but I don’t think another lost would hurt them too much to build up Jurassic Express for the Young Bucks. With Jurassic Express’ unique dynamic and some good build, they could easily be contenders for the tag champions at Revolution!

Alex Marvez Interviews Kenny Omega & Don Callis

  • Callis berates Marvez for finding them in their hotel lobby and Khan for allowing wrestlers to book their own matches.
  • Omega is asked for his thoughts and Omega recounts all of Fenix’s failures from throughout the year.
  • Omega says he might take him out permanently but it’s okay because he has friends in IMPACT Wrestling who’d be happy to take him back.
  • Omega ends by saying that Fenix gets hurt and he gets titles, that’s just how it works.

Analysis: Omega and Callis are great at building up a story through promos but I would like to see more consistency and crossover between their IMPACT and AEW appearances. It just feels as if the IMPACT cameos aren’t really having any impact (pun ENTIRELY intended) on his time as champion in AEW despite him going back and forth between the two divisions being an internal part of the story. I get each promotion has him in a separate story right now but I’d like to be rewarded for seeing him across both shows rather than them feeling like separate entities.

PAC defeats The Butcher via Pinfall in 11:35

  • Eddie Kingston joins commentary for this match. PAC aggravates Butcher with his speed but Butcher eventually overpowers his opponent and throws him around.
  • Butcher keeps his smaller opponent down with a series of heavy chops and kicks before cutting to a picture-and-picture break. We come back to PAC having regained control, laying in several stong kicks on Butcher before hitting a shotgun dropkick.
  • PAC goes for the Black Arrow but the Blade pushes over Penta at ringside, allowing Butcher to hit a clothesline into a falling powerbomb for a near-fall.
  • Kingston calls for Butcher to pick up PAC and leaves commentary to give orders before Lance Archer chases him away.
  • This distracts Butcher longer enough for PAC to hit a kick and the Black Arrow to pick up the win. After the match, Archer and PAC staredown after the match.

Analysis: Good match, though I’m surprised at the level of dominance Butcher had over PAC. I get that Butcher has a power and size advantage but PAC feels like so much of a more prominent figure to me – to the point where he shouldn’t have massive trouble dealing with a predominantly tag competitor like Butcher – granted, it did make Butcher look great. PAC ultimately picks up the win and we again get the tease of Archer & PAC working together against Eddie. Another case of something repeating from last week without much progression, though I have think once Fenix and Omega have their match next week, we’ll get more build within this feud.

Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford Announce Their Wedding Date: AEW Beach Break

  • Jade Cargill congratulates Brandi on her pregnancy and says AEW better find her a worthy opponent since facing Brandi is now out of the question.
  • Kip Sabian talks about how the fans have been clamouring for their wedding and tease the announcement of their wedding date. It looks like Best Friends interrupt but it’s a hoax by the trio.
  • They instead cut to Trent being wheeled into an ambulance after a backstage attack from Sabian and Miro before announcing the wedding will take place at AEW Beach break on February 3rd.

Analysis: Nothing really to analyse here other than it looking like the Best Friends vs Miro/Sabian feud is going all the way till Beach Break in February. Good to see we’re already getting some stuff announced for that show but I’d like to see this feud end at Beach Break – As much as the story itself hasn’t been bad, it’s origins are too closely attached to the weird gamer gimmick Miro was given to start out before they transitioned to him just dominating the last few weeks.

Dustin Rhodes defeats Evil Uno via Pinfall in 8:46

  • Lee Johnson accompanies Dustin to the ring. Evil Uno slaps Dustin as he’s making his entrance and beats down the Rhodes brother before the bell.
  • Dustin manages to take down the Dark Order member with several clotheslines and corner strikes. Dustin takes Uno the outside to brawl before setting him up in the corner to hit a number of stomps.
  • Uno creates an opening with a big boot and hits a swanton bomb for a near-fall before going to commercial. We cut back to Uno getting an incredibly close 2-count from a piledriver.
  • The two exchange big boots before Dustin hits the running bulldog to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Stu Grayson hits a backbreaker on Dustin but Lee Johnston take both Grayson & Uno out with the diving missile dropkick.

Analysis: A good match, though I think could have been a Dark feud to allow other performers a spotlight on Dynamite. Dustin has his own star power and neither Uno nor Grayson have been featured much on Dynamite much in the last few months but I don’t think was really worth having a spot on a special Holiday episode. We’ve not seen Cage, for example, compete on Dynamite in just over a month – He could do with a match before his defence against Darby?

Shawn Spears Walks Out & Will Come Back “When He Feels Like It”

  • Backstage, Spears talks to Schiavone about the glass ceiling in AEW being the same as WWE and goes on a rant about being held down by the company.
  • Schiavone bites back that maybe he’s the problem. Spears calls Tony a “piece of shit” and walks out, saying he’ll come back if and when he feels like it.

Analysis: I’m glad they’ve decided to go a different direction with Spears as he desperately needed it. He hasn’t really recovered from the Double or Nothing match with Dustin where he was made to look like a joke and with Tully now managing FTR, it gives Spears a chance to make it on his own. It seems like they’re starting on a clean slate with him throwing away the glove, though this is the second repackage he’s had since his ‘the Chairman’ gimmick was scrapped earlier in the year so hopefully this one sticks.

Hikaru Shida defeat Alex Garcia via Pinfall in 3:32

  • Before the match, Dasha Gonzalez tries to interview Hikaru Shida but Abadon attacks Shida and the two are broken apart by producers.
  • Garcia get some offence in but Shida shrugs it off and hits a lifting knee strike on the outside before being distracted by Abadon at ringside. Shida attacks Abadon and nearly gets counted out before hitting a backbreaker into a falcon arrow to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Shida brawls with Abadon, resulting in the latter biting the champion’s neck.

Analysis: I think Shida and Abandon before and during the match was great but I found the neck biting thing to be a little too hokey. It reminded me a lot of the similar neck biting incident between Shayna Baszler and Becky Lynch on RAW earlier this year and I have the same problems with this as I did with that: If this just progresses to a normal wrestling match where Shida beats her and that’s it, then what’s the point of showing the neck biting other than having a creepy visual. Their match next week should be great though.

The Young Bucks defeat The Acclaimed via Pinfall to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships in 15:34

  • Earlier in the show, we see a music video from the Acclaimed where they taunt Young Bucks for leaving Twitter and “kissing Dave’s ass for a star rating”.
  • Both the Bucks outmanoeuvre the challengers, hitting some quick-fire tandem offence to gain control.The Bucks hit Risky Business on the outside before hitting a backstabber/double stomp combination for a near-fall.
  • The Acclaimed eventually create an opening after getting the knees up from a swanton bomb from Nick as we cut to picture-and-picture commerical.We cut back to Nick attempting to tag out but Matt gets taken out before Bowens and Caster beat him down in the corner.
  • Nick eventually gets the hot tag to Matt who takes down both of The Acclaimed with a double DDT before Nick takes down Caster on the outside. Matt locks in the sharpshooter and Caster tries to break it up but he shrugs it off before Nick locks in one of him before Bowens breaks it up with a rope break.
  • The Bucks hits an Escalera Doomsday Device before Nick attempts a 450 but Caster takes him off with a superplex/crossbody combination, but Matt breaks up the cover.
  • Nick tries for a superkick party and accidentally takes down the referee, allowing Caster to hit a low blow and shot from the boombox. The new referee takes some time coming down to the ring though and Nick kicks out.
  • Matt powerbombs Bowens through a table on the outside before the two hit the BTE Trigger on Caster to retain.

Analysis: A star-making performance from The Acclaimed with the Bucks giving their challenges the spotlight like they did with Top Flight. Say what you will about AEW putting their championships on members of The Elite, but you can’t deny that the Bucks haven’t used their reign solely to benefit other teams. The Bucks have looked great in defending their titles twice but both Top Flight and The Acclaimed have come out of their title matches with the champions established as legitimate contenders. I, for one, can’t wait to see who the Bucks face next.

And that was the AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash!

A fun show though not as high-calibre as other Dynamite specials AEW have put on as of late. It felt to me like this was really a set-up show to both nights of New Years Smash with a lot story progression going on rather than climactic matches. Both the opening and closing tag matches were great and made both Top Flight and The Acclaimed look great on top of a really lovely, genuine segment between Santana and MJF.

Meanwhile, I do feel that Dustin vs Uno probably could have done with either not going as long or being move to Dark as I don’t think it’s a Dynamite-level feud. I also wasn’t a big fan of the direction they took with Abadon biting Shida’s neck but I think their match next week will still be great.

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