AEW Dynamite Features Controversial Reference To Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy entrance AEW Dynamite

One star made a controversial reference to Jeff Hardy’s real life substance abuse struggles on AEW Dynamite.

Jeff Hardy was arrested on June 13th after allegedly driving under the influence. According to Volusia County jail records, Hardy was charged with Driving While License Canceled/Suspended/Revoked, Violation of Restrictions Placed on Drivers License, and DUI Alcohol/Drugs Third Offense within 10 Years.

It was later reported that Hardy had nearly four times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood at the time of his arrest.

Hardy was suspended in the wake of his arrest, and AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that he was undergoing treatment.

While many have offered support to Jeff Hardy, the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite featured Christian Cage blasting the Charismatic Enigma for his troubles during a promo segment with his brother Matt Hardy.

Christian hasn’t shied away from controversial references since he turned on Jungle Boy on June 15th, calling out the fact that the star’s father Luke Perry was deceased the next week and later saying he wished the entire family would join (except Jungle Boy’s mother, who he told to call him).

On the latest episode of Dynamite, Matt Hardy came out to defend Jungle Boy from Christian’s brutal physical and verbal attacks, and Cage battled back with biting words toward Matt’s brother Jeff.

Christian declared that Matt didn’t know Jungle Boy the way he did, and quipped:

“You’re starting to make your brother sound like the sober one.”

However, Christian wasn’t done for the night. When Matt said that perhaps karma had come to serve its retribution but he wants to do the right thing and defend Jungle Boy, Christian lobbed more insults toward the former Broken one.

“Let me tell you why you’re out here, Matt. You’re out here because of your massive ego, that’s why you’re out here, alright? Everybody knows that you’re a clout chaser, Matt Hardy. That’s what you are. You can’t stand when your name isn’t in the headlines for more than two seconds, right? Yeah!

“Hey, you’ll use anybody around you. You’ll use your kids, you’ll use your wife, your father in law, your dog Sparky, your Aunt Jinny, your frickin’ boat, hell, a lawnmower!

“You’ll even turn a blind eye to your brother and his issues just so you can ride his coattail for one last run.

“And now you’re out here under the guise that you care about Jungle Boy and his family when the fact is Matt, when the fact is you realize that I am the hottest, most influential star in AEW, and you just wanted to be near me.

“And that Matt, that is embarrassing but here’s the thing, your screw-up loser brother isn’t even the most embarrassing thing to your family, you are.”

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