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AEW Dynamite Beach Break Results

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 71st episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida with four weeks to go till AEW Revolution!

Check out the results from last week’s AEW Dynamite!

The results from AEW Beach Break were as follows:

  • Chris Jericho & MJF won the Tag Team Battle Royale (12:00)
  • Britt Baker defeated Thunder Rosa via Submission (13:15)
  • Hangman Page & Matt Hardy defeated Chaos Project via Pinfall (3:55)
  • Lance Archer defeated Eddie Kingston via Pinfall (7:00)
  • Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers defeated Jon Moxley & Death Triangle via Pinfall (15:25)

Chris Jericho & MJF Win The Tag Team Battle Royale in 12:00

  • We see a video from Sammy Hagar in support of Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager during The Inner Circle’s entrance. The Young Bucks waste no time, delivering stereo dives to the rest of the match’s competitors during their entrance.
  • A huge brawl brings every team into the ring before Dante Martin of Top Flight is the first to be eliminated. Alex Reynolds follows up second, being slammed onto the apron by JAke Hager. Hagar himself then gets eliminated by John Silver.
  • The eliminations keep coming as Matt Jackson is shockingly back body dropped onto the outside ramp followed up by The Acclaimed’s Anthony Bowens. Luchasaurus manages to clear several people from the ring before Evil Uno & Stu Grayson eliminate him.
  • The Good Brothers eventually make their way to ringside and help Nick Jackson eliminate Isiah Kassidy. This distracts Nick long enough for MJF to take advantage and eliminate him from the match.
  • The match is eventually whittled down to Chris Jericho & MJF, Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, Max Caster and Darius Martin. MJF eventually manages to eliminate Jungle Boy before being eliminated by Darius Martin.
  • Jericho inadvertently eliminates Sammy Guevara and after a short exchange with Darius Martin, he eventually picks up the win by eliminating Martin with the Judas Effect. It’s MJF & Jericho vs The Young Bucks at Revolution!

Analysis: A good opener, if a little chaotic at the start. The match was quite difficult to keep up with due to how quickly eliminations started coming which harmed certain shock eliminations like Matt Jackson early on. The match picked up when we got down to the final six though where both Max Caster and Darius Martin got a great showing – with Caster even making the final two before being eliminated by Jericho. Jericho & MJF are the right choice though, they’ve been on a roll for weeks and deserve a shot.

Jade Cargill Video Package, Darby Allin & Sting Address Darby’s TNT Title Defence Next Week

  • After the opener, we see a short video of Jade Cargill working out before we see a quick flash of what seems to be her logo before we cut to commercial.
  • We see Darby and Sting make their way to the ring before Schiavone reveals Allin will defend his TNT title against Joey Janela next week before Taz interrupts. Taz says they’re stuck outside the venue for their actions last week and that they might get up close and personal next week.
  • Ricky Starks says Sting isn’t the same man that The Icon was and says Sting will get hurt playing in the jungle. Sting gets on the mic and says he’ll be ringside too so he’ll make sure the match is a fair one-on-one contest. Sting says Stark should look more closely if he wants to see the real Icon to close the segment out.

Analysis: Alright, I’m gonna come out and say it: I’m bored to tears by Sting and Darby Allin. They did good last week by doing something slightly different with the backstage segment, but we’re once again back to Sting getting five words in before Team Taz interrupt, Sting responds with another five words and that’s it. Sting’s had the same segment for the last 8 weeks since his debut and it’s become very tiresome. I just want the Revolution match out the way now so I don’t have to see Sting anymore, which is a shame as seeing him should be a big deal.

Britt Baker defeats Thunder Rosa via Submission in 13:15

  • Rosa throws Reba out the ring before attacking Baker during her entrance. Baker tries to lock in the Lockjaw and Rosa counters into a arm wrench submission which Baker breaks up with rope break. Rosa dominates over Baker in the early going with some hard chops.
  • Britt eventually regains control by tying up Rosa in the middle rope, delivering a big boot and wrenching Rosa’s left arm around the ringpost. Rosa works over Baker’s arm in return, the same arm Baker uses for the Lockjaw.
  • The two make their way back into the ring and the two get into a striking exchange. Rosa attempts the Fire and Thunder Drive but Baker counters into an Air Raid Crash for a near-fall. Reba hands Baker her surgical glove and attempts to lock in Lockjaw, but Rosa gets her foot on the rope.
  • Baker delivers a curb stomp before rolling Rosa up for a 2-count then attempting to transition into the Lockjaw. The two roll back and forth before Rosa eventually slams Baker out of the hold. Rosa attempts to lock in an arm wrench again but Reba distracts her by taking off the middle rope.
  • Baker tries for a roll-up again for another 2 before Rosa tries to tackle Baker in the corner. Baker counters into a swinging facebuster into the exposed turnbuckle before locking in the Lockjaw for the win.

Analysis: A great match to conclude their long-running feud that’s hopefully an indicator for the great action we’ll see in the upcoming Women’s Eliminator tournament. Rosa might have benefitted more for the win, but I’m guessing AEW are building up Baker as Shida’s next challenger or at least a high-level contender in the Women’s Eliminator so I don’t mind her getting the win here. More great women’s matches like this on Dynamite please!

Matt Hardy & Hangman Page Talk Backstage, Hangman Page & Matt Hardy defeat Chaos Project via Pinfall in 3:55

  • We see Tony Schiavone ask Matt why he let Page dress in his locker room. Matt says the two have history in competing together in Stadium Stampede and even prior to AEW and wanted to help his friend during a hard time.
  • Page says he’s not interested in any sort of team with Hardy but Hardy suggests the two team up to get revenge on Chaos Project for ruining -1’s birthday. Page, begrudgingly, accepts.
  • Matt starts off incredibly aggressive, beating down Serpentico in the corner before tagging in Page, who continues to maintain control over the smaller competitor. The two tag in and out before Luther eventually gets a blind tag and takes down Hardy.
  • Chaos Project work over Hardy before Serpentico misses a swanton bomb, allowing Hardy to tag out to Page. Page starts up a comeback, taking down both of Chaos Project before getting a near-fall off a spinebuster.
  • Page sets up for the Buckshot Lariat but Luther pulls him off the apron. Page takes him down before eventually hitting his finisher. Hardy tags himself in to pick up the win.

Analysis: A fine match which normally would be fine but for a Dynamite special, I’m not this fit in with everything else on the show. The shoe-horned video package at the start which was seemingly meant to air last week by Hardy’s declaration that they’d face Chaos Project next week set a bad precedent and the match never really picked up. It was unoffensively fine which is a problem for a match on what’s supposed to be a big, special show.

The Wedding of Penelope Ford & Kip Sabian

  • James Mitchell is the special officiant of the ceremony who says that Kip and Penelope want to deliver their own personal vows. The two have some fluffy speeches (I tuned out here I’ll be honest) and Penelope implies Kip is ‘packing’ before he cuts her off.
  • Miro gets the ring from Charles Taylor before handing it over to Sabian & Ford. They both say ‘I do’ and Mitchell is about to ask if anyone objects before Miro tells him to move on. Mitchell pronounces them husband & wife and the two kiss before Miro delivers a toast.
  • Miro tells Charles to serve them all champagne and tells Kip that his knowledge & power is his wedding present and asks what the large present in the background. Charles claims it’s his and Miro destroys it.
  • The crowd starts singing the chorus of What is Love after Miro says “What is love?” and indulges the crowd for a singalong before proclaiming they should get some cake. Miro realises Charles handcuffed him to the bottom rope and Charles pushes Ford into the cake.
  • Sabian tries to retaliate but ends up hitting Miro, who flares up in anger but doesn’t hit Kip. Orange Cassidy appears out of nowhere and takes down Sabian before he and Taylor escape.

Analysis: A pretty fun segment that went better than I was expecting. The actual wedding portion was actually pretty entertaining, especially with Mitchell adding his own flair that the two need to kayfabe everyone till death do they part. As expected, it all went wrong though as Charles and Cassidy worked together to ruin the night and tease dissension between Kip and Miro.

I imagine this will lead to one last match between Miro & Sabian and Best Friends at Revolution, after which I hope Miro turns on Sabian. Showing off his monstrous dominant side has been the best part of Miro as of late and the Best Man gimmick just isn’t clicking.

Lance Archer defeats Eddie Kingston via Pinfall in 7:00

  • The match quickly descends into a brawl as the lumberjacks fight each other and Kingston before Archer takes out everyone with a tope suicida. Kingston catches Archer’s leg with a dragon corkscrew on the ropes before delivering a middle rope knee drop to Archer’s head.
  • Kingston maintains control early on by continually throwing Archer to the outside, allowing the lumberjacks to soften him up before throwing him back in the ring. Kingston beatdown on Archer on the ropes using a series of strikes and chokes before Archer creates an opening with a full nelson slam
  • Archer takes Kingston down with a shoulder tackle before hitting the spinning middle rope splash for a near-fall. Archer takes Kingston to the top rope and Allie attempts to interfere. Archer almost hits Blackout on Allie but Kingston hits the spinning backfist to break her free before Archer rolls to the outside.
  • Angelico goes to roll Archer back in but Jake Roberts takes him out. Blade sets up a table in the corner whilst Eddie distracts the referee but a lumberjack spears him through it. Archer and Kingston get into a slugfest before Kingston heads to the top.
  • Archer grabs him into position for the Blackout and hits it, picking up the win via pinfall.

Analysis: A good match though not as strong as their encounter last week. After the chaos of the battle royale and the wedding shenanigans, I don’t feel that yet more chaos was the answer – especially in a pretty short Lumberjack match. Archer got his revenge on Kingston and hopefully the two part ways from here as I think both could benefit from some new stories.

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers defeat Jon Moxley & Death Triangle via Pinfall in 15:25, KENTA appears

  • Omega doesn’t have his usual grandiose entrance but instead has a new Bullet Club-knockoff theme as he enters alongside the Good Brothers. Don Callis joins commentary as Moxley & Death Triangle make their way to the ring.
  • PAC and Anderson start off hot, countering each others’ fast-paced offence before Anderson tags out to Gallows and PAC to Moxley. Gallows tries to overpower Moxley but the former AEW World Champion uses his speed advantage to take down his larger opponent.
  • Anderson tags back in before Death Triangle tag in and out continually to work over one half of the Good Brothers. PAC attempts the Black Arrow early, but Omega catches him before Gallows slams him down.
  • The three heels work over PAC in their corner, continually tagging in and out to cut him off from his partners. PAC eventually creates an opening with a rolling german suplex on Omega before tagging out to Moxley. Moxley beats down the freshly tagged in Anderson and follows up with a flip-out suplex for a near-fall.
  • Moxley goes to outside and manages to throw Omega into the barricade before getting caught by a Gun Stun courtesy of Anderson. Gallows tackles Moxley into the barricade himself before bringing him back in the ring.
  • The new Elite continue to isolate Moxley near their corner, with the Good Brothers eventually attempting a Magic Killer which Moxley fights out of before tagging in Fenix whilst Anderson tags out to Omega.
  • Fenix takes down the entire opposing team before he and PAC hit stereo top rope moonsaults on the Good Brothers. Fenix follows up with a top rope cutter on Omega for a near-fall before Omega retaliates with a top rope-assisted snap dragon suplex before tagging out to Gallows.
  • Gallows hits a big boot for a 2-count before PAC tags in and manages to take down Gallows with his speed before Gallows eventually stuns him with a superkick. Omega tags in and the three hit a back suplex into a double neckbreaker combination, with the ensuing pinfall being broken up by Moxley & Fenix.
  • Omega hits a Liger Bomb on PAC before following up with a V-Trigger. Omega tries for the One Winged Angel but PAC escapes before hitting a deadlift german suplex for a near-fall. Moxley tags in, leading to he and Omega getting into a slugfest which Moxley gets the better of.
  • Everyone hits a big move before Moxley hits a Gun Stun on Anderson before Fenix tags in and tries for a springboard splash which Anderson counters into a spinebuster. The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer, picking up the win as Omega stuns PAC with a V-Trigger.
  • After the match, the Elite beatdown Fenix but Lance Archer runs in to make the save. Moxley stands tall over Omega before a masked man attacks him, revealing himself to be KENTA. KENTA hits the Go 2 Sleep on Moxley and the show ends with Omega standing over Moxley as KENTA looks on.

Analysis: A superb main event with constant non-stop action throughout that was all tied up by an absolute shocker of an ending. Moxley, PAC & Fenix’s speed advantage and unpredictability played well into their cards but ultimately the cohesive tandem between Omega & The Good Brothers proved too much. KENTA appearing made for an incredible cliffhanger and teased the question many have been clamouring for: Is the Forbidden Door finally opening up? I believe so.

And that was AEW Beach Break!

Not a strong as usual AEW Dynamite specials but the positives of the show far outweighed the negative. We got what seems to be the conclusion of both Rosa/Baker & Archer/Kingston as well as an incredible hook to stay tuned with KENTA’s shock appearance. If this means an NJPW crossover, even if it’s just NJPW US, AEW is gonna be VERY interesting over the next few months.

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