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AEW Double Or Nothing Updates, Results, & Reactions

AEW fans, rejoice! We’ve made it to Double or Nothing after months of build! Tonight, we see the Four Pillars of AEW clash to determine who truly is the future of the company and the rightful AEW World Champion. We’ll also see various stipulation matches like a Blackjack Battle Royale for the International Championship, a Ladder Match for the TNT Championship, and the beloved Anarchy in the Arena match! Follow along as we also keep up with the latest news surrounding the show.

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Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany Stratton gives first interview following NXT Women's Title win

In the realm of WWE, the NXT developmental brand held their Battleground premium live event this evening, and one match featured was the finals of a tournament to crown a new NXT Women’s Champion. The match saw Tiffany Stratton and Lyra Valkyria leave everything they have in the ring to try and walk out the Champion, but Stratton was the better competitor on this ocassion.

Following the bout, Stratton was interviewed backstage for a exclusive.

All I have to say is: are any of you guy surprised that I’m the new NXT Women’s Champion? For the past four weeks, I have proven myself in every single match that I’ve had in this tournament. And all I have to say now is: ‘It’s Tiffy time.’”

Chris Jericho

Match added to 5/31 AEW Dynamite

What a night for AEW! We got surprise comebacks, surprise heel turns, and some unforgettable moments that will surely have the pro wrestling community talking for weeks. (An exploding superkick..?) But there’s never an off-season in this sport, so let’s take a look at the new match added to Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

After everything that went down between Chris Jericho, Adam Cole, Britt Baker and Saraya, all four will collide when they meet in a mixed-gender tag team match on the 5/29 Dynamite. Cole managed to defeat Jericho in an Unsanctioned match at the pay-per-view, and Britt was there to inflict pain on “The Ocho” and Saraya.

You can see the current card for AEW Dynamite below:

  • Saraya & Chris Jericho vs. Britt Baker & Chris Jericho
Jon Moxley

Anarchy In The Arena between The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club

It’s main event time!!! The Elite come out first, all united together! We see Blackpool Combat Club make their entrance next, with a live band performing the “Wild Thing” song. They come through the audience but The Elite meet there while the music keeps rocking out. Hangman is on Bryan, Mox is on Kenny, Clausio is on Matt, and Nick is on Wheeler. It looks like The Elite is keeping the control right now. Omega sends Mox back to the timekeepers area.

Hangman hangs Bryan up crotch-first on the stairwell post and slides him down it. Matt Jackson with a superkick on Wheeler, then putting his attention on Claudio. Mox climbs atop the announcer’s table with a double axe-handle on Omega. He tosses him on the table and chokes him out while Claudio wacks Kenny with a chair. Mox with a figure-four on Omega as the chaos continues around the arena.

One of the refs got busted open! Dang! Bryan and Hangman fight inside the ring. Bryan with a hard kick, but Hangman blasts back with a stiff lariat on Danielson. Page takes his eye patch off, revealing a healthy eye. He has the screwdriver! But Yuta runs in and chop blocks Hangman before he can use it. All 4 BCC members join up and attack Hangman together until The Elite try to be the equalizers. Omega slams a chair into the spine of Mox, and then all 4 men from The Elite mount the BCC in the corners of the ring and deliver ten punches. Tandem superkicks! Superkick partayyyyy!

All together, The Elite power up and use suicide dives to take everyone out at once! Mox is gashed open, per usual. On the ramp, The Young Bucks fight Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler. The Bucks knock out the singer of the band with a double superkick. Omega, inside the ring, takes a piece of the announce table and spikes it into Mox’s throat. He makes it back to this feet and they exchange chops back and forth.

Omega and Mox use a double clothesline to take one another out. Matt Jackson captures Wheeler Yuta on the ramp and delivers continuous Northern Lights Suplexes down the entire ramp to Yuta. Claudio tries to stop them, which is when Nick comes out of nowhere with a swanton splash. He picks up Yuta and powerbomb him spine-first onto the ring apron. Mox ducks a kick from Hangman, which ends up hitting Omega! Mox turns to Hangman and clotheslines him, too. The chaos around the arena continues, with Bryan choking out Matt Jackson with the camera cord.

Inside the ring, Bryan turns to Hangman. He chokes him with wrist tape while Claudio and Matt battle on the arena steps. Mox and Kenny battle over near the ring ramp, with Mox Irish whipping Omega into the giant Double or Nothing poker chip prop. There’s barbed wire on the back of it!! Claudio and Matt are spilling to the concessions area of the arena! Mox with a snap superplex onto the barbed wire from Mox!

Outside the arena, Claudio slams Matt into a wall. Bryan uses weapons around ringside, like a trash can, to inflict more punishment. Mox has a fork!! Mox is stabbing a fork into Omega’s head while Claudio swings and throws Matt Jackson on the tile near the concession stand. This is getting wild! Claudio goes to a stairwell with Matt on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Omega slams Mox back-first into the barbed wire part of the poker chip. Everyone is starting to spill blood now. Danielson caries Nick Jackson to the exposed concrete at ringside and shoves his head into the mat. Yuta slams a steel chair on the back of Hangman inside the ring. Mox runs into Omega with a stiff knee and then rips at the forehead of Omega. Bryan rains down punches on Nick Jackson before turning to Hangman. BCC work together to attack Page. We finally see Claudio and Matt Jackson again, where Claudio throws Matt into the truck bed of a pickup.

Matt and Claudio in the back of the truck until Claudio nails a piledriver in the back of the truck to take Matt out! Inside the ring, Bryan uses the crossface on Hangman as Mox chokes with with a cord. Omega tries to help, but Yuta grabs a LEAF BLOWER and wacks him in the back with it. BCC with a tandem clothesline attack on Omega while Bryan tosses Nick off the ring ramp. BCC is in full control right now! Page has a glimmer of hope with a Deadeye on Mox on the apron, but Yuta retaliates by hitting him with a leaf blower.

Omega comes and helps with the trash can lid, using it like Captain America’s shield. Claudio takes him out, but Nick comes out of nowhere with a hurricanrana on Claudio to take him out. Jackson with a flurry of offense until Mox meets him with a hard lariat and a spike piledriver for a close two count. Mox turns to Nick and rains down stomps to the face before a one leg Boston crab. Omega keeps booting at Mox to let go, but BCC runs in and takes care of him. Yuta puts a crossface on Nick at the same time Mox is in a full Boston crab.

He continues suffering until Matt Jackson finally comes back from the attack in the truck. Superkick from Matt that explodes! WTF just happened?! Exploding superkick?! He uses more superkicks on Yuta and sends him out of the ring. Hangman with a Buckshot Lariat on Yuta but it still only gets two! BCC rushes in and takes back control from Matt. Omega pulls Claudio to the outside, but it only leads to being hit with a DDT on a chair. Mox sets up thumb tacs in the ring, where Mox throws him foot-first into thumbtacks. Death Rider from Mox to Matt! It’s only a TWO.

Nick comes out of nowhere with a swanton splash on Bryan. Nick is hit with a cutter into the thumbtacks. Omega tries for a V-trigger on Bryan but is stopped by Claudio. Bryan comes out of nowhere with his running knee on Omega and Hangman both. He elbows away at Omega, as do the other members of BCC to their opponents. Matt tries to break thing sup but he’s met with a knee and thumbtacks SHOVED IN HIS MOUTH! Claudio uses a European uppercut that sends the tacs flying out of his mouth. A German suplex follows but it still only gives BCC a 2!

Hangman Page callback to their tag days and go to war together. They take on BCC and actually manage to take control. Mox is sent into the tacs, and then Bryan starts fighting back against The Elite. Omega catches a kick and sends him into Page’s Deadeye. Omega uses the One-Winged Angel on Bryan but Yuta breaks it up at the VERY last second! Omega and Page attack Yuta together, hitting the you can’t escape, a shooting star press from Page, a moonsault from Omega…but when they try to finish him, Don Callis gets involved and distracts.

Yuta stabs Hangman with the screwdriver and then tries to hit Omega, but he ducks it. Don Callis gets inside the ring and faces Omega. Suddenly, someone with a mask gets in and hits a finishing knee on Omega. It’s KONOSUKE TAKESHITA! Whyyyy?! The assist gives BCC the win! Blackpool Combat Club wins the bout.

Callis chokes Omega with his belt and Konosuke stares him down as he’s incapacitated. The Blackpool Combat Club celebrates their victory as Double or Nothing goes off the air.

Darby Allin

Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin vs. Jungle Boy vs. MJF

Next out is Darby Allin, who is introduced by a video where he beats down a guy with an MJF mask on at a wedding in Vegas. He takes his body and puts it into a car. Allin enters in an Elvis costume and skateboards from the crowd to the ring ramp. The pompous AEW World Champion, MJF, is next out. He also has a theatrical entrance. The lights go out, and we hear a symphonic version of his intro theme music. MJF has the devil mask on and is lowered down to the arena on a throne. Here we go, y’all!

The bell rings, and this match is off! This is going to be an explosion of action! MJF leaves the ring immediately (of course). Jungle Boy and Guevara chase after him, then Darby, too. He’s trapped in the corner of the ring and is beaten down by all three challengers with chops and abdomen shots, and stomps. Guevara and Darby start fighting over who will beat up MJF, so Darby and Jungle Boy go after Jungle Boy. They all start trading dropkicks until they go for a trio of kicks simultaneously. The crowd applauds, as does MJF.

Jungle Boy gains control inside and uses a springboard double armdrag to send Guevara and Darby out of the ring. He tries for a diving attack, but MJF slithers into the ring and intercepts with a clothesline. He taunts and acts like he was going to go for a dive, but he just taunts like The Nature Boy. Darby with a shotgun suicide dive on MJF on the outside. Perry follows up with diving attacks on Darby, MJF, and then both men. That endurance! Guevara follows up by climbing to the top rope and using a shooting star press to take out everyone else!

Guevara ties JB up in the corner and then places Darby onto the top turnbuckle. Sammy superplexes Darby while JB hits a German Suplex on Guevara, all while the momentum of the men hit MJF. That was cool!! JB gets to his feet and kicks MJF in the mush. A comebacker lariat to MJF from JB, followed by a poisonrana for a two count on Sammy. Darby with elbows on MJF and JB in opposite corners of the ring. Allin with a stundog millionaire and a side headlock takeover for a close two count! Shout out to their big PPV match!

Guevara misses a shooting star press on the outside of the ring but lands on his feet. Darby tries to get that shotgun suicide dive, but Sammy counters and catches him with a cutter. Guevara takes out MJF and JB once more, and then uses a frog splash dedicated to Eddie Guerrero for a CLOSE two count on the World Champion. Sammy with chops and an attempt at a superplex on MJF. “The Devil” bites him and uses a pop-up backbreaker before throwing Sammy into Jungle Boy in the corner.

MJF uses a package piledriver that lands Darby directly on the top of his head for another close two-count. He spits at Darby! What the crap?? Rude. Guevara comes in but JB slides in after and they all trade superkicks back and forth. Shotgun dropkick out of nowhere from Darby to JB to ground all four men. The crowd loves it!!! Darby with a scorpion death drop to MJF. Codebreaker from Sammy. Killswitch from Jack Perry. MJF with the Crossrhodes. MJF grabs the mic?? Oh, come on, dude. This is a World Title match.

He tells Sammy that he needs the money now because he’s going to be a daddy, so he should just lay down and be pinned so he can have the money. What about the blank check? Sammy grabs the mic and tells him he’ll lay down for Max and take the money. He does it! MJF tries for a pin, but he’s caught in a small package for the two count! MJF reverses the GTH and tries for the Salt of the Earth. Walls of Jericho from Sammy to MJF. Darby puts JB into the Scorpion Deathlock! First person to tap would love, but it is all eventually broken up.

Darby puts a figure-four on Darby, and then JB puts an armbar on Darby, and then Sammy puts an ankle lock on MJF, and then MJF puts a headlock on JB. They’re all in holds at once! This is wild! They’re killing this match rn. It’s eventually broken apart, with MJF getting the advantage and using an elbow on Darby. Allin reverses with a code red to MJF, but then Guevara with a Canadian Destroyer on Allin. JB suddenly uses his own Canadian Destroyer on Sammy. JB is the only one up right now.

He jumps off the back of Sammy and Darby and uses a Canadian Destroyer on MJF for ANOTHER close two! That was sick! How will this one end?? JB with the sit-out tiger driver for another two for JB. Darby and JB meet on the outside, where Allin shoves JB into the ring barricade with force. Allin sprints from one side of the floor to the other and explodes into MJF and JB with a clothesline that sends all three men tumbling into the audience area. Allin goes to the top rope but is met there with a running knee from Sammy. Sammy with a Spanish Fly on Darby that lands on top of JB and MJF!! Impressive as hell.

They all struggle to get back inside the ring, with Darby first to make it in. All four crawl slowly back inside, all while “This is awesome!” rings out. They trade lethargic punches and chops back and forth in the center of the ring. No one has a clear advantage until MJF pokes the eyes of all 3 men and then gives the middle finger to the audience. They respond with a triple superkick to MJF! Sammy with a diving cutter on MJF, followed by a code red by Allin to MJF, and a finishing elbow to the back of MJF.

The three remaining men trade quick pinfall attempts but no one gets the three yet. It was masterful work that really made you think about who got the advantage! JB is sent out of the ring. Code Red from Allin to Sammy. He climbs to the top rope for the Coffin Drop but MJF comes out of nowhere and forces him groin-first onto the top turnbuckle. MJF climbs to the top rope and uses a powerbomb from the top rope onto Darby but appears to have hurt his wrist on the way down (kayfabe?). MJF goes for a pin but Sammy breaks it up at the last second. The same happens once more with JB saving the match.

JB puts Sammy on the top rope and chops him. Sammy tries to fight back while they’re both perched up top. Sammy Cutter off the second ropes but JB rolls out in desperation to make sure he couldn’t get pinned. MJF with a low blow on Sammy! He pulls out the Dynamite diamond ring! Darby beats him to it and uses the skateboard to the back of the head. Darby with a coffin drop and a headlock takeover pin, but NO! Jungle Boy breaks it up at 2 and 7/8! Darby and JB stare each other down and start shoving and slapping each other. It comes to blows!

They nail each other with knockout shocks that send them down simultaneously. MJF grabs the AEW World Title and plans to hit everyone with it, but JB intercepts and allows Sammy to clothesline MJF out of the ring. JB has the World Title now! Will he use it to his advantage and win the dirty way?! He refuses! Darby uses the Last Supper pin but it isn’t enough. Sammy with flying knee strikes and the GTH to Jungle Boy. He climbs to the top rope but Darby shoves him off the ropes.

Allin goes for the Coffin Drop but MJF puts the title on top of JB so Darby’s back to inflict damage to Allin when he comes down. Friedman with the sidelock takeover on Allin to get the win! MJF RETAINS!

Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara is gonna be a daddy!!

We see the history of the Four Pillars and how vital they are to All Elite Wrestling. It looks like Anarchy in the Arena is the main event tonight, so we’re getting the four-way now!

Jungle Boy makes his entrance first, Sammy Guevara is out next and brings his cue cards that he used to hold long ago during the pandemic days. He says it’s time for a big match, but first, we have big news to share. Tay Conti is pregnant!!!



Kris Statlander returns! This is an open challenge! Statlander with a roundhouse kick!!! An elbow and a running kick in the corner from Kris. A delayed vertical suplex is attempted but Kris eats a pump kick instead. She reverses the Jaded and then a Sunday Night Fever!

STATLANDER ENDS THE STREAK!!!!! She’s the new TBS Champion!!


Taya Valkyrie vs. Jade Cargill

We see some footage from AEW Fight Forever before moving on to the TBS Title match between Jade Cargill and Taya Valkyrie! Taya comes out, and then there’s a live performance from Big Boss Vette! “Pretty Girls Walk Like This!” Jade dances along with her sorority sisters in a fabulous entrance!

Taya with immediate forearms and an attempt at the Road to Valhalla — Jade tries Jaded, but it’s thwarted. They trade more forearms in the center of the ring. Taya with shot and shoulder tackle off the ropes on Jade. Taya with a sliding lariat, prompting Jade to take a break outside of the ring. She talks to Sterling, but while she’s distracted, Taya leaps off the top rope and takes out Mark Sterling. Jade with a pump kick to regain control!

Jade nails an elbow, but Taya regains the advantage with a HARD sliding German suplex that was sold well by Jade (she’s grown a lot over the years). Her Baddie causes a distraction that lets Jade hit a thrust kick and then a vertical suplex on the floor. Jade uses a spinebuster on Taya for yet another two count. Back to the outside, Jade picks Taya up and drops her throat-first onto the ring barricade. They climb inside and Jade stomps away before applying a knee to the spine while pulling Taya’s arms back.

Taya with a clothesline! Jade with short-arm clotheslines and forearms while continuing to clasp onto Taya’s arm. She taunts for a moment, allowing Taya to take a bit of the advantage. Blue thunder bomb for another two from Taya! Jade goes for a springboard splash but Taya jumps up in the air and just nails her with the knees (almost like a codebreaker but it hit her in the ribs). Taya and Jade trade forearms until Jade is brought down and locked in an STF. She curb stomps her for another close two!

Jade gets a two with a roll-up, but a spear and a Road to Valhalla follow! Taya gets the 1-2-NO! IT’S A 2!! Jade with a kick that only brushes Taya in the chin. Jade with the Jaded for the 1-2-3! Damn, that made Jade look stronger for sure with the same finisher winning her the bout. Cargill celebrates 60 – 0 before, suddenly, KRIS STATLANDER IS BACK!!


House of Black Open Challenge For AEW Trios Title Match

The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass accept the Trios Challenge! Max Caster hits a line about how Buddy Matthews is a “cuck” to Dominik Mysterio because of the Rhea Ripley storyline!😂😂🤣🤣

They don’t want the dealer’s choice rule! Anthony Bowens and Malakai Black are starting this out tonight. Bowens and Black lock up before Bowens gets a wrist lock set in. Black changes to an armbar, which is also reversed. Bowens uses a back elbow, and they stare down each other once more. Black with a shoulder tackle and a counter. He sits in the middle of the ring with a taunt, but Bowens matches the same pose and starts scissoring! Black with a kick to Bowens before tagging in Buddy. He uses a double stomp on Bowens’ arm. Buddy keeps on the arm with an armbar, but he’s rolled up for a quick one-count.

Bowens with several kicks and a leading leg drop to a standing Buddy. Caster tags in and yanks the foot out from Buddy, prompting him to come outside. He’s hit with a back suplex on the apron and rolled in, where Caster pins him for two. Black comes back in! Caster and Black collide with force, but it looks like Max is okay. Brody King is tagged in.

Caster holds his own for a moment before a hard lariat from Brody for a two-count. King with a chop and then a tag to Black. Malakai and Brody don’t have a successful attack on Caster, who gets his own partner in and they double-team on Black. Bowens and Caster with the Scissor Me Timbers, but Black reverses into a knee bar! The House of Black and Daddy Ass/Caster on the outside of the ring while Bowens is trapped in the knee bar.

Brody squishes Gunn with a running splash on the barricade on the outside. Inside the ring, Bowens gets to the ropes but it doesn’t do anything in this match! He makes it to his feet somehow and stomps away at Black to get out. Bowens and Black trade shots until Bowens just barely has the willpower to use an Ishiguroshi neckbreaker. The Acclaimed has no one in their corner, so Black keeps attacking Bowens with another knee bar. Buddy is tagged in and uses the Meteora on Bowens while he’s still stuck in the knee bar.

Black tags in and House of Black remains in control. Black uses a variation of a calf slicer to do a gnarly-looking hold. The rope break still won’t help, so Bowens desperately uses elbows and chops to get out. Superkick from Bowens! Can…he…no! Black stomps the leg of Bowens and brings him to the corner of HoB. Buddy is in now, stomping away at the knee more and more. Bowens finally makes an opening, but Buddy still pulls him away and tags in Brody. This is brutal on The Acclaimed!

Brody with a vicious chop and stomps to Bowens. Bowens with a jawbreaker but King powers him away and chops him once more. King forearms Caster and Gunn off the ring apron before delivering his signature cannonball in the corner on Bowens. Caster breaks it up at the last second but Black gets his revenge. Bowens shoves King into Buddy and then fights everyone away. King stops it yet again! Buddy attacks Bowens but eats a superkick off the second rope. COME ON — GET THE TAG! Gunn finally comes in at the same time as Black! Shots from Gunn to all members of the HoB. Tilt a whirl slam to Buddy and a back suplex to Black.

Gunn with a Famasser to Brody and Buddy, but the Black Mass connects to Gunn’s head and it’s over. House of Black RETAINS!

Toni Storm

Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm

Time for some women’s action! A video showing the history of the two women is shown. Toni Storm emerges from the back first, but the AEW Women’s Champion isn’t coming out..? Suddenly, Ruby Soho and Saraya throw Hayter onto the stage and beat her down as she stumbles down to the ring. The Outcasts team up and start destroying Hayter at ringside; they toss her into the barricade, the ring steps, and then set up her injured shoulder and kick it into the steel steps.

Hayter says she still wants to compete tonight, but that’s a questionable idea! Storm continues the attack on the arm as, suddenly, Britt Baker runs down and attacks Saraya some more. Ruby Soho is distracting the referee, and an unintentional splash to him sends him into the exposed turnbuckle. Soho sprays Hayter in the eyes with the green mist, allowing Storm to hit the hip attack and a pin for a close two count. Hikaru Shida is here! She attacks Soho on the outside with a Kendo Stick and kendo stick.

Hayter manages to use the Hayterade lariat in the ring but her hurt arm is damaged further, causing her to delay the pinfall. She tries for one more Hayterade but is thrown into the exposed turnbuckle and hit with the Storm Zero for the win. TONI STORM WINS IT! Storm is the new AEW Women’s Champion!


Wardlow vs. Christian Cage in a Ladder Match

Before the match, we go to the backstage area and see Chris Jericho losing his mind. Saraya calls Britt Baker a b**ch while Jericho calls Cole a savage. They want a mixed gender tag team match this week on Dynamite. Someone tries to diffuse the situation but is met with a fireball to the face from Chris! “I’m a wizard, b**ch!” Jericho says.

Christian Cage is out first with Luchasaurus by his side. It appears he tells Luchasaurus to go to the back instead of help, but it’s always possible he interferes later on. Here comes the TNT Champion, Wardlow, with Arn Anderson by his side. Let’s do this! First man to climb the ladder and retrieve the TNT Championship will be the Champ!

Cage kicks at Wardlow’s abdomen and strikes him in the face. Wardlow is barely affected, runs through a clothesline, and hits a shoulder tackle on Cage. Cage tries a Killswitch but Wardlow powers out of it with ease. He uses shoulder tackles to the abdomen of Cage before going out to retrieve a ladder at ringside. Cage meets him there and hits him with some punches to make him drop the ladder. Wardlow claps back and tosses him in the ring. He grabs the ladder but it’s baseball slid into his face via Cage. Christian tries to follow up with a splash to the outside but Wardlow tosses the ladder directly into him.

Wardlow pulls out multiple tables and starts setting them up at ringside side-by-side. He smashes Cage’s face against the steel steps a few times and then sets him up on the two tables. He climbs to the top rope and prepares to splash onto Cage, but Christian runs away at the last moment, and Wardlow holds off. Cage slams Wardlow face-first into the ringside barricade. He grabs the ladder close by and rams it into Wardlow’s side. Cage pivots to the BIG ladder and sets it up as a bridge between the ring and barrier outside. Wardlow climbs onto the bridge and sets Cage up for a powerbomb, but Cage slides out and forces Wardlow to fall groin-first onto the ladder.

Cage almost goes for the belt but takes a moment to stomp at the groin of Wardlow. An Irish whip is attempted by Cage, but Wardlow reverses. He goes for a tackle but Cage side-steps it and forces Wardlow to collide into the ladder in the corner. Cage slingshots Wardlow face-first into the ladder! Ouch! Cage climbs up to where the belt is, but Wardlow pushes the ladder and hangs him up on the top rope. Wardlow clotheslines him and starts the ascent of his own. Cage grabs his foot. Cage escapes a powerbomb attempt and nearly gets the belt, but he’s pulled down and slammed into the mat.

Wardlow presses Cage and starts spinning him around the ring until finally dropping him right onto the ladder! The TNT Champion goes for his belt when, of course, Luchasaurus shows up! He throws Cage back inside the ring to stop Wardlow. This also allows him to use a reverse DDT off the ladder that plants Wardlow hard. Cage wants to spear Wardlow into a ladder, but Wardlow stops him in his tracks and delivers an Alabama Slam onto the ladder. He places Cage on the ladder and wants a senton but he misses and the edge of the ladder stabs into the back of Wardlow! Looked painful af!

Wardlow is sent to the outside and Cage tries to climb up the ladder. Here comes Arn Anderson! Wardlow leaps from the ropes to the ladder but the entire thing breaks from beneath them and they fall down. Wardlow is limping now and might be legitimately injured here. He tries to get another ladder as Luchasaurus comes in. He chokeslams him once! Again! But here comes Arn! Luchasaurus tries to chokeslam him but Arn bites his thumb and makes it bleed profusely. Ouch! The ref put on gloves so it might be legit! Wardlow hits Luchasaurus with a chair and sets him up on one of the tables at ringside.

Wardlow climbs up a huge ladder and uses a SWANTON BOMB OFF THE TOP and crashes through both tables onto Luchasaurus. Holy s**t! Eat your heart out, Jeff Hardy! Wardlow has said that Jeff is his favorite wrestler, and he surely gave him an epic homage right there. Cage realizes that everyone is down and he climbs back inside the ring as Wardlow tries to gather himself from the table wreckage. Cage starts climbing! Arn pushes him off of the ladder and Wardlow catches him in the perfect spot to hit the powerbomb! Wardlow climbs to the top and gets it! WARDLOW RETAINS!

Cash Wheeler

FTR makes the save on Ricky Starks

Backstage, Ricky Starks says he knew he would eliminate Bullet Club Gold. They appear out of nowhere and starts beating Ricky down. FTR comes to the back and tries to help him out as Juice and Jay run off.

The TNT Title ladder match is next!

Dax Harwood

FTR vs. Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett with Mark Briscoe as the Special Guest Referee

Let’s get back to the Title Matches! Mark comes out first, followed by Jarrett & Lethal, and lastly, the AEW World Tag Team Champions. Let’s do this!

Mark says he wants to call it right down the middle as we see Lethal and Dax prepare to start the match. The bell rings! Dax and Lethal trade some reversals until Lethal gets a wrist lock and starts breaking Dax down. Harwood sends him off the ropes but eats a shoulder tackle. Briscoe takes a moment to adapt to reffing but counts a two count for Lethal. Dax with a headlock takeover to regain some control of the match.

Lethal backs Dax into the corner and uses punches and chops, but Dax returns with some intense chops of his own. Lethal with a back elbow that sends Dax out of the ring, but Cash is brought in. As they’re focused on Cash, Dax uses a crossbody off the top to take both men out. FTR gets an advantage and tries for tandem sharpshooters, but the challengers make it to the ropes and outside of the ring. Lethal and Dax are back inside the ring, but Cash tags in quickly and goes to work on the arm of Jay. Briscoe knows Lethal didn’t make the tag, so he shoves Jarrett down and tells him to switch back out.

Lethal comes back in and gets hit with a double big back body drop on Jay. They follow it up with one to toss Lethal out of the ring and onto Jarrett. Jeff still influences the match, though, pulling the top rope down as Cash is Irish-whipped outside. He picks up Cash and slams him into the ring barrier over and over. Dax and Mark check on Cash and rally him to get inside the ring. Lethal meets him there and delivers a snap suplex before tagging in his partner.

Jarrett with a Russian leg sweep on Cash. He chokes him on the ropes and then distracts the ref while Karen Jarrett does the same thing and chokes Cash. Jay stomps away at a ground Cash. He tags his partner in, and Jeff adds his own brutal stomps to every part of Cash’s body. He taunts the crowd and tags his teammate back inside. Jay uses a neckbreaker for another two count on FTR.

Lethal with a headlock on Cash in the center of the ring, but Wheeler manages to twist his body and give Jay a back suplex. Dax is hit off of the apron and can’t get to his partner, so Jay pulls him back to his corner, and the heels remain in control. Jarrett kicks the leg out from under Cash and ties his legs into the figure-four leg lock. Cash punches away at Jarrett as he tries to escape, but Jeff lays back and makes the pain worse. Dax gets revenge for the cheap shots! He pulls Jay off of the apron and then uses a diving headbutt on Jeff to break the hold on his partner.

Dax finally gets the hot tag! He comes in with several punches and chops on Jay. He uses some Irish whips before using a ripcord lariat and then a series of two German suplexes and a brainbuster suplex! Lethal kicks out at a close two. Lethal with a Lethal Combination to level the field once more. Jarrett struggles to get up on the apron as Lethal climbs to the top rope. Dax stops him from jumping off, but Jeff is right there and wants to intercept. Cash and Jeff fight on the apron until Jeff shoves him into the ring post.

Jay chops Dax on the top rope until he finally can’t take it anymore and falls to the mat. Lethal goes for his signature elbow drop but takes too long, allowing Dax to push him down and use a superplex. Suddenly, FTR uses a Doomsday Device, and Cash hits a suicide dive on Jeff on the outside. Mark Briscoe sees Sonjay Dutt interfere in the match yet again, so he ejects him from ringside along with Santham Singh. This distraction gives Jarrett the time to come inside the ring and try to his Dax with a guitar — it hits Mark! Oh no!

Lethal tries for the Lethal Injection, but he eats a Shatter Machine instead. There’s no ref to count the three! Here comes Aubrey Edwards!! Sonjay Dutt blocks her from entering the ring. Aubrey shoves him down, but Karen Jarrett spikes the guitar on Aubrey’s head! Oh my God! Inside the ring, Jay with a double Lethal Injection on FTR! This match is chaos! Jarrett pulls Dax to his feet and sets him up to be hit with the title belt. Harwood avoids it and uses a piledriver on Jay. Jarrett nails him with the Title belt and The Stroke! Briscoe finally wakes up and counts the 1-2-NO! It still wasn’t enough 😲

Jarrett panics and starts attacking the ref, Mark Briscoe. He slaps him in the face and gets a slap right back. Shatter Machine! FTR WINS IT!

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho vs. Adam Cole in an Unsanctioned Match

We see the story of Adam Cole and Chris Jericho that’s unfolded over recent weeks. Here we go! Chris Jericho enters first with the JAS accompanying him. Next out is Cole with Roderick Strong and Sabu backing him up tonight. They’ve all brought chairs with them tonight, too. The JAS tries to rin them down on the ramp but they’re knocked down immediately. The bell rings as Cole runs in the ring, but he’s attacked by Daniel Garcia and Jericho while out there.

Something happens at ringside between the commentators and the JAS/Cole and Roddy. Jericho and Sabu are in the ring, where they collide their chairs together over and over. On the outside, Matt Menard is set up on a table, and Sabu comes crashing onto him in spectacular fashion. Cole and Jericho are in the ring now as the JAS and Cole’s allies battle up the ramp.

Cole and Jericho collide, with Adam throwing him out of the ring. Jericho landed awkwardly on his arm, so Cole immediately goes after it and slams it against the ring steps. Cole slams his knees against the ring post and watches on as Jericho struggles in pain. Cole forearms Jericho on the ring apron and attempts a Panama Sunrise, but Jericho stops him and nails a vertical suplex off of the ring apron to the floor. Ouch! Quite a hard thud there!

Jericho is up first, giving the audience the finger as he gets up. Jericho sets Cole up for a powerbomb, but when Adam starts fighting back, Jericho chooses to just drop him onto the apron. Following that, he tosses Cole knee-first into the steel steps. Jericho puts Cole back into the ring and chops him, then slapping him in the face. Cole eats a hard clothesline off the ropes. This prompts Jericho to grab a chair and jab it into Cole’s neck and abdomen. He sets it up in the turnbuckles but Cole reverses and Irish whip. Jericho runs in but Cole side-steps him and tosses his head into the steel chair at ringside.

Cole hits punches and a pump kick. Jericho uses a double forearm and a stomp. He goes for the Lionsault but Cole superkicks him while upside down, forcing Jericho face-first into the mat. Ouch! Cole wants the Panama Sunrise, but it’s reversed into the Walls of Jericho! Adam can slide to the ropes but it won’t make a break in this match. Cole climbs to the side of the ring and finds a fire extinguisher under the apron. Jericho doesn’t see him with it, allowing Adam a moment to spray the pressurized mix inside.

Cole takes a shot to the face with the extinguisher. Jericho plays possum, prompting Cole to go for the Final Boom. The Ocho turns it into a codebreaker! He grabs the extinguisher and sprays the chemicals all over Cole and into the air. Underneath the ring, Jericho hunts down a kendo stick — a callback to when he and The Outcasts beat down Britt Baker with one. Speaking of Britt, she runs down with a kendo stick of her own! She takes shot after shot on Jericho for revenge as he cowers in the corner.

Saraya runs down to try and help, but DMD starts nailing her with the kendo stick. Britt chases her out of the arena as Jericho winces in pain. Cole’s turn! He chokes Jericho out with the Kendo stick and turns it into a backstabber. It’s only a two-count! Jericho’s back is messed up from the kendo stick! Ouch! Jericho grabs a chair as Cole struggles to climb to the top rope. He tosses the chair in the face of Cole, forcing Cole to tumble off the top rope and into a table setup at ringside.

Jericho tosses Cole back inside the ring and then pulls out handcuffs with a very long chain linked between them. In a funny moment, the crowd chants, “You sick f**k!” as Jericho poses with the chain and smiles! Cole avoids the chain and gives Jericho a DDT right on part of the chain for another two count. Cole handcuffs Jericho to himself, which turns this into a dog collar match of sorts. Cole pulls him over to the corner and uses the Panama Sunrise for yet another close count! How does this end?!

Cole goes for the Final Boom but Jericho ducks and starts whipping Cole with the chain over and over. Cole ducks out of a Judas Effect with the chain wrapped around his arm. Though he missed, Jericho gets Cole choked in the chain. Adam eventually uses the turnbuckles to escape and uses a superkick to bring The Ocho down. A Final Boom out of nowhere! Cole isn’t done, though; he wraps the chain around his leg and delivers the Final Boom. Ouch! Cole mounts Jericho and just pummels Chris with punch after punch after punch until Jericho is knocked out and loses the bout by KO. Cole wins!!

Adam Cole

Ready for some violence??

We see an ad for Draft Kings, AEW’s sponsors tonight. Next, we’ll see The Unsanctioned Match between Chris Jericho and Adam Cole with Sabu as the special enforcer!

Orange Cassidy

Blackjack Battle Royale for the International Championship

Let’s get it started! Kip Sabian almost eliminates OC immediately! That was close 🙃 There are still men taking their time to even get inside the ring and be at risk of getting sent out. Kommander hasn’t officially stepped into the ring yet, so he walks the tightrope and does his insane corkscrew moonsault on some men on the outside! The luchadors are doing some damage inside the ring! The Lucha Bros, Kommander, and Kommander work together to fight off several people while Bandido uses that insane delayed vertical suplex for like a minute!

Tony Nese is eliminated! Penta and Davari battle on the apron of the ring. Rey Fenix runs across the ropes with a running punt to Davari’s face, sending him to elimination. Brian Cage finally gets inside the ring and starts destroying the luchadors, including a double German suplex on The Lucha Bros at the same time. Cage with a monkey flip on Bandido; on the other side of the rig, Kommander tries for a hurricanrana but Cage catches him with a powerbomb while slamming Bandido.

The Lucha Bros finally get the advantage on Cage. They uses a tandem wheelbarrow splash on Cage, when, suddenly, Bullet Club takes them down with strikes. They nearly eliminate Kommander together, but Lucha Bros make the save. Juice Robinson takes hits from everyone, but when Kommander tries for a splash, Jay White runs over and shoves Kommander out! Ricky Starks almost gets eliminated but he just BARELY gets back in to the ring.

Sabian is still going for OC, but the Best Friends save him and they use a triple powerbomb on Sabian to eliminate him. The Best Friends hug but Big Bill beats them all down to interrupt it. OC ducks out of the way as Chuck Taylor gets thrown out of the ring, which almost looked like OC could have saved him? Keith Lee beats down The Blade and tosses him out of the ring with ease.

Swerve Strickland is finally making moves towards the ring, but hasn’t technically entered the match yet. Lee and Brian Cage battle in the middle of the ring, That’s when Swerve runs in and tries to jump Lee; it doesn’t work! Lee and Swerve stare each other down before going into battle. They trade reversals until Lee catches Swerve in a rolling powerslam. The Lucha Bros focus on The Butcher and superkick him together, sending him to elimination.

Bandido is booted out of the ring by Lee Moriarty. Trent Baretta pulls Lee to the outside and the trade chops and strikes back and forth. Baretta is elbowed in the head but still manages to hit a tiger suplex on the apron to send Lee out. Trent sacrifices himself to save OC and take a boot off the apron from Big Bill. Best Friends are out but OC remains! Brian Cage takes advantage of a distracted Lee and pushes him over the top rope! The crowd is pissed!

Dustin Rhodes nearly gets the elimination on Brian Cage, but Swerve saves him at the last second. Both of Bullet Club are thrown to the apron, but they comes back in and work together to send Rey Fenix out of the match due to an accidental kick from Penta. Ricky Starks eliminates Juice! Penta and White come face to face, with Penta hitting kicks before eating a blade runner. Starks out of nowhere with a hard spear on White! Starks eliminates White! Robinson immediately pulls Ricky out of the ring from under the bottom rope and Bullet Club goes on the attack.

They toss Ricky into the guard rail at ringside and looks to be incapacitated for now. Back inside the ring, Big Bill is on a roll and sees as Starks comes back inside the ring. Starks with chops and shots before, suddenly, Bill hits a big boot that eliminates Ricky! Dustin Rhodes and Brian Cage on the apron; Rhodes with a Canadian destroyer on the apron to knock out Cage! Swerve runs in and dropkicks Rhodes out, too!

It’s down to Penta, OC, Big Bill, and Swerve! Penta with thrust kicks on Swerve and OC, following it up with a sling blade on Swerve. Penta hits a backstabber on OC! This leads Bill and Penta to the center of the ring, where Penta uses chops and kicks on Bill before he’s booted and clotheslined with force out of the match. Big Bill uses the Boss Man slam on OC!

Bill wants to make the elimination even though Swerve is trying to take care of it. Swerve backs off and lets him take care of it. As Bill is about to press OC out, Swerve turns on him and shoves him out of the ring! OC and Swerve both nearly eliminate each other but are unsuccessful. Swerve eats a thrust kick but uses a spinning kick to the abdomen. OC with a stundog millionaire, but Swerve comes off of the ropes with momentum and kicks him in the back of the head. The crowd loves it! “This is awesome!” rings out.

Price Nana swipes OC’s feet and gives Swerve the advantage, letting him hit the double stomp on OC. He taunts OC and shoves his hands into his pockets. This helped, though! OC kicks off the ropes with a tornado DDT with his hands in his pockets. OC with another tornado DDT and an Orange Punch. Swerve is hanging on the apron! Swerve intercepts the second Orange Punch and pulls him to the ring apron. Prince Nana grabs at the feet of OC again, allowing Swerve to use a running knee and a stomp off the top — but NO! OC put his feet up and nailed Swerve in the face. One more kick to the hand and Swerve falls to his defeat. OC RETAINS!


AEW Double or Nothing starts now!!!

LFG, y’all! The intro video plays and we’re starting off with the Blackjack Battle Royale!

Everyone has made their entrance already, including the International Champion defending his title, Orange Cassidy.

Trish Stratus

17-Year Streak Broken At WWE Night Of Champions

At Saturday’s Night of Champion PLE, Trish Stratus made an emphatic return to singles action when she defeated top superstar, Becky Lynch. Of course, she got a bit of help from Zoey Stark and her Z360 finishing maneuver, but the record books still say that Stratus scored the pinfall victory.

Did you know this breaks a 17-year streak held by Stratus? She hadn’t won a singles matchup since Unforgiven 2006 when she retired from the ring after winning the WWE Women’s Championship that night from fellow Hall of Famer, Lita.

You can read more about this story here.


The week ahead: What awaits us on WWE Raw

We’re over the hill that was Night of Champions, but the world of pro wrestling never slows down, and we’ve got a new WWE Raw coming up tomorrow night (5/29). The newly-crowned World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, will appear for the first time since his tournament victory over AJ Styles. Who will emerge as the first person aiming to take his gold? We’ll also see a Women’s Tag Team Title match!

You can see the current card for the 5/29 WWE Raw below:

  • Seth Rollins’ first night as Raw’s World Heavyweight Champion
  • Money in the Bank qualifying matches
  • Women’s Tag Team Championship: Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi vs. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Basler vs. Bayley & IYO SKY vs. Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville
Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman assures us there will be consequences for The Usos

WWE Night of Champions from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was a night to remember! Not only were there outstanding matches like AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship, but the heightened drama in the main event sent shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe. Now that the status of The Bloodline is in question following Jimmy Uso’s attack on Roman Reigns, the uncertainty of what is to come between Roman Reigns and The Usos is becoming must-see television.

After the conclusion of last night’s premium live event, “The Special Council,” Paul Heyman posted a video to Twitter showing that he, Reigns, and Solo Sikoa are on their way back to America.

Your Tribal Chief, Solo and I are jetting back home from WWE Night of Champions. We will talk about this in detail Friday on SmackDown.

Kenny Omega

What awaits us on AEW Double or Nothing 2023

We’re only about an hour away from Double or Nothing, so let’s take a look at all the action in store this evening.

You can see full card for AEW Double or Nothing 2023 below:

  • TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie
  • Ethan Page & The Gunns vs. The Hardys & Isiah Kassidy
  • Unsanctioned Match: Chris Jericho vs. Adam Cole
  • Anarchy in the Arena: Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, & Wheeler Yuta) vs. The Elite (Kenny Omega, “Hangman” Adam Page, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson)
  • AEW Women’s Championship: Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Toni Storm
  • 21-man Blackjack Battle Royale for the International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. 20 other competitors
  • Ladder Match for the TNT Championship: Wardlow (c) vs. Christian Cage
  • AEW Tag Team Championship match: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett
  • AEW World Championship Four-Way Match: MJF (c) vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry
  • AEW Trios Championships: The House of Black hold an open challenge


Good evening!

Welcome back, pro wrestling fans! It’s time for the weekend’s third major event: AEW Double or Nothing! Several matches on the card have that “big fight feel,” like Adam Cole and Chris Jericho in an unsanctioned match and The Elite (Kenny Omega, “Hangman” Adam Page, and The Young Bucks) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta, & Bryan Danielson) in an Anarchy in the Arena match. Another intriguing matchup is the AEW World Title match, as the four homegrown stars of AEW — MJF, Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, and Darby Allin — will battle to see who really is the future of the company.

Unfortunate news has emerged elsewhere in the world, with an announcement made earlier today that legendary UK Promoter Brian Dixon has passed away. Dixon is recognized as the founder of All Star Wrestling, the oldest promotion in the UK. We here at Inside the Ropes sends our condolences to Brian Dixon’s family and friends during this difficult time.