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AEW And WWE UK Television Ratings Update

Britt Baker AEW

The UK television ratings are making for pleasing reading for AEW at the moment, with the promotion producing consistently strong numbers in its weekly Friday evening ITV slot.

The hotly contested Wednesday Night Wars in the US between AEW on TNT and NXT on the USA Network always command plenty of column inches, with fans intrigued by who will come out on top in the weekly ratings battle.

Here in the UK, it is similarly fascinating to keep tabs on how the shows are performing in our own AEW (ITV) vs NXT (BT Sports) ratings war.

That should be prefaced by noting the ‘UK Ratings Wars’ are not head-to-head nor really a fair fight, with WWE programming on BT Sports only available to approximately 2.5 million viewers (as BT Sport is a standalone paid station) whereas ITV is available in every home in the country.

The most recent data shows that the AEW Dynamite episode from September 16 (which aired on September 18) pulled 151,000 viewers for a midnight airing – which is considered a very strong showing for the timeslot.

The week before did slightly better, pulling 159,000 viewers, but had the advantage of airing in a much better timeslot at 10:45pm.

WWE numbers for Raw, SmackDown and NXT in September (from the numbers currently available) are as follows:

Week CommencingRAWNXTDynamiteSmackDown
September 14N/AN/A151,000N/A
September 726,90021,700159,00071,500
August 3150,50034,600132,00029,900
August 2452,600N/A151,00049,700

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