“I’ve Become An Advocate For Asking For Help” – Dwayne Johnson Opens Up On Battling Depression

Dwayne Johnson

As one of the most famous faces today, Dwayne Johnson has the unenviable task of playing a role model for a vast majority of his fans, both from the realms of professional wrestling and acting. ‘The Brahma Bull’ has always been keen to eradicate the misconception that men shouldn’t ask for help or discuss their feelings and emotions.

The eight-time WWE Champion mentioned his own dealings with depression in an interview with Men’s Health, stating that the gym always helped him during those situations. Johnson was, however, quick to note that while it doesn’t always solve the issues, it does improve the way he may be feeling at that moment:

“During those times when I fell into and was challenged by depression, the gym became my best friend – and I know it’s like that for a lot of people. You’re able to go to the gym to sweat out toxins and get a little bit more clarity when you walk out the door. It doesn’t fix the problem, but it helps.

As guys, we have a tendency to not ask for help. Ego gets in the way, and we start stuffing things deep down in our guts, which is not a good thing. I’ve become an advocate for asking for help.”

Dwayne Johnson Discusses Intense Black Adam Fitness Routine

Dwayne Johnson would continue on the topic of the gym being an ally in the fight against depression, discussing the impressive way he could into tremendous shape while filming Black Adam:

“As dudes, you hit your 30s, you like to think you’ve got your sh*t together. You generally have no f*cking clue. You’re trying to work your sh*t out. And you’re trying to fake it till you make it, that kind of thing.

At 40, I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to spend the next decade training as smart as I can, balancing out training and family and work, being an open sponge, learning every day but also not worrying about ego training, not worrying about the weight that I’m putting on the bar, pushing myself so hopefully, by the time I hit the fifth level, my joints are feeling great and I’m still able to not only maintain but add real muscle and some really dense muscle’.”

Black Adam released worldwide on October 21 to mixed reviews, though critics were largely favourable towards the role Dwayne Johnson played in the film as the titular character.