Adult Actress Criticises WWE Fans For Impacting Her Career

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As Matt Riddle’s WWE absence continues, his girlfriend Misha Montana has been discussing the reaction from fans to their relationship going public.

In 2022, Riddle got divorced from his wife Lisa Rennie after 11 years of marriage, before dating adult film star Jordan Maxx. She later alleged that he had been cheating on her and doing drugs with Montana.

This news went public after reports that Riddle had been suspended by WWE for violating their wellness policy for a second time. It was reported that Riddle then entered rehab, although this was denied by someone close to him at the time. Maxx later stated that he had attended rehab.

Neither WWE nor Matt Riddle has confirmed his suspension.

Speaking during an interview with Cheap Heat Productions, Mish Montana recalled the backlash to her relationship with the WWE star becoming public knowledge.

“I was just like shocked to watch it. I’m like, ‘what is going on?’ You know, and people don’t understand too like this is our life. I mean being just thrown across like every single headline and being dragged around the internet. And luckily, you know, I’ve always been thick-skinned for the most part. (…) But like, you know, it’s hard not to be upset by something, especially that’s so invasive,”

She added that the reaction from fans had a negative impact on her career.

“I’ve never experienced that level of like harrassment that was so like one constant and just like able to like to get into your life so deeply. Because they were able to like get numbers and, you know, addresses and things that it just like it reached a limit where it was just so vile and so toxic. It affected, it impacted my career. People in adult had opinions about it then therefore had opinions about me. Part of the reason why I’m not with XPW is because of this situation. It’s like it’s a lot. So, my life dramatically changed,”

Is Matt Riddle Coming Back To WWE?

Matt Riddle was written off television on the December 5th episode of Monday Night Raw when he was attacked by Solo Sikoa. There has been no word on when he will be back, although if he was suspended, his suspension would now be complete.

In a recent Valentine’s Day post on social media, the star said that would see everyone “very soon.”

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