Adnan Virk Parting Ways With WWE Reportedly Not A Mutual Decision

Adnan Virk

Adnan Virk leaving WWE after only seven weeks as the lead announcer on Raw was not as mutual as initially claimed according to a new report.

Virk landed the lead role at the RAW announce booth on April 12th, saying that he was “elated” to join the company. He debuted on the Raw after WrestleMania 37, replacing Tom Phillips at the announce desk.

However, while Virk has an extensive sports background having worked for ESPN and the MLB Network, the Canadian had faced criticism for his performances with WWE.

Virk previously hosted The Score before working for ESPN. After nine years of service, Virk departed ESPN in 2019 when he was fired for allegedly leaking ESPN information to the media. Virk told The Washington Post that he felt like ESPN was making an example out of him.

A statement on at the time of Virk’s departure read:

“WWE and Adnan Virk have mutually agreed to part ways. WWE thanks Adnan for his work.”

According to a new report from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, this was not exactly the case. Meltzer noted that Virk, who was hired by WWE President Nick Khan, being let go was very much a company decision.

This is despite a tweet Virk sent out seemingly indicating that his departure had at least partly his call. Virk tweeted:

Thanks to @WWEfor a wonderful opportunity. The weekly travel along with my other jobs was a grind for me and my family. Am grateful to everyone with the company especially @WWEGravesand @ByronSaxtonfor being such fantastic teammates.”

Virk has since been offered a five-figure payday to do commentary work on an eclectic MMA show that is being produced by an adult entertainment company.

The man Virk replaced, Tom Phillips, has also been released by the company after spending nine years in WWE.