Adnan Virk Offered $50,000 For MMA Show By Adult Entertainment Firm

Corey Graves Adnan Virk

Adnan Virk has been offered a five-figure payday as he begins post-WWE life following his short stint on Raw to call an MMA show produced by an adult entertainment company.

CamSoda is promoting their upcoming Fight Circus 3 event to take place in Thailand on Saturday, June 19th and Vice President Daryn Parker wants Virk to be a part of it.

Adnan Virk was reportedly hired by WWE reportedly at the behest of WWE President Nick Khan. Virk also does work both the MLB Network and the NHL Network but began his stint as the voice of Raw on the night after WrestleMania 37. After just seven episodes on WWE’s flagship show, it was announced that Virk and WWE had mutually decided to part ways. On social media, Virk had put part of the issue down to the travelling involved with WWE in taking a toll on his family and other professional life.

Daryn Parker released an open letter to Virk to try and persuade call the eclectic show, saying:

“After hearing of your parting of ways with WWE, I want to give you the chance to get back behind the announcers desk for an event like you’ve never experienced before. Through the course of your illustrious career, you’ve covered everything from college football and basketball, baseball, even professional wrestling (albeit brief) but the one thing missing on your resume is MMA. That’s where Fight Circus Presented by CamSoda comes in.”

“With Fight Circus Vol. 3 set to take place on June 19 in Thailand, I’d like to formally extend a $50,000 offer for you to be the official play-by-play announcer for the event. The combination of your professionalism and the wildness of the fights will take the broadcast to a whole new level. The card includes a muay-thai bout taking place inside a phone booth, a 2-on-1 MMA battle between a UFC veteran and two inexperienced brothers, and more.”

“This is a chance at redemption, Adnan. After seven long weeks catching flack from wrestling fans, this is your opportunity to stick it to the haters and position yourself back on the pantheon of broadcasting titans like Anik, Buck and Scully.”

As well as the phone box fight and the handicap MMA encounter, Fight Circus 3 truly offers something for everything. Also on the card is a Siamese Boxing Match where two men teams will be tied together, women’s Indian Leg Wrestling that will be contested by two Russian fighters. Not forgetting what is being billed as a ‘Human Cockfighting Match’ that pits the skills of Karate against those of Tae Kwon Do.

There has been no public response from Virk yet to confirm or deny the offer from CamSoda.