AdFreeShows Hosting Fundraising Event In Support Of Mongo McMichael

Steve McMichael AdFreeShows Money For Mongo graphic

The wrestling community is coming together, hosted by AdFreeShows, in support of the legendary Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael on Saturday, 3 September.

The health of Steve McMichael has left many fans worried this year as the former WCW star battles ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Pictures of laying motionless in his home have circulated, each one providing a concerning update. Somehow, McMichael was smiling the whole way through.

That’s why, this Saturday, AdFreeShows will be hosting a free-to-watch fundraising event to support both Steve and his wife Misty. The event will air via Fite TV from 12:30pm CST (6:30pm for those in the United Kingdom), with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the family to support them during these trying times.

The official press release confirms a litany of wrestling legends for the show, including Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Eric Bischoff, and Tony Schiavone. Conrad Thompson will host the event.

Steve McMichael was renowned throughout his careers in both professional football and professional wrestling, the former of which saw him play for the New England Patriots, the Chicago Bears, and the Green Bay Packers, before serving as the Chicago Slaughter’s head coach between 2007 and 2013.

In wrestling, however, ‘Mongo’ wrestled for a handful of years in World Championship Wrestling, during which time he was a member of The Four Horsemen. He departed the company in February 1999 and has made just one televised wrestling appearance since, refereeing a four-team Monster’s Ball at TNA’s 2008 Bound For Glory pay-per-view.