Adam Pearce Reacts To Outsmarting Roman Reigns

adam pearce

WWE official Adam Pearce got the last laugh on last nights Friday Night Smackdown. He took to Twitter to react to what went down.

In the final segment of Smackdown, a dejected Pearce signs the contract for a Last Man Standing match at the Royal Rumble PPV before Reigns does the same. Pearce says “I’ve waited all night for you to do that” before going to leave. As he walks up the ramp, he starts to limp and says that as per the contract, the card is subject to change if an injury occurs.

He introduced his replacement…Kevin Owens! Kevin signs the contract to Reigns’ and Heyman’s disbelief as the show goes off the air. Pearce was pretty chuffed with himself, later retweeting the segment posted by WWE’s Twitter account with his own opinion of it, simply a gif of a chess move being played. Pearce (for now) claiming to have outsmarted “The Tribal Chief” with a masterstroke.

Adam Pearce has the upper hand, for now. There’s still two episodes of Smackdown before the Royal Rumble PPV , so there’s plenty of time for Roman Reigns to get his revenge.

You can find more details on the Royal Rumble PPV here, the ‘road to WrestleMania’ is about the begin!