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Adam Pearce Addresses WrestleMania 37 Main Event ‘Controversy’

Adam Pearce

WWE Official Adam Pearce has responded to questions surrounding the main event of night two of WrestleMania 37, where Roman Reigns piled Edge on top of Daniel Bryan to pin both men at the same time and retain the WWE Universal Championship.

Taking to Twitter, WWE’s authority figure said one user had an “interesting take” when she claimed that, since Edge was on top of Bryan, he was in effect pinning him, therefore Edge was the rightful winner of the bout.

However, the referee for the match, Charles Robinson, was quick to defend his call, saying that since both Edge and Bryan’s shoulders were on the mat, Reigns was indeed the victor.

“Four shoulders were on the mat. Roman was on top of both and in charge. It’s my discretion and that’s the final call.”

Pearce then asked Robinson to visit him in his office on Friday, which will see the first episode of WWE SmackDown since WrestleMania took place.

It’s unclear if we will find out what the two discuss on the day, as Pearce later responded to a request for transparency by saying the meeting would not air on television, explaining that Fridays were special for him and Robinson.

Whether the ‘controversy’ about the match is resolved or Adam Pearce and Charles Robinson decide to share their Friday ‘moment’, we will have full coverage of SmackDown right here at Inside The Ropes.