Adam Page Responds To CM Punk’s Shoot Dynamite Call-Out

Hangman Adam Page

Adam Page has taken to social media to clap back at CM Punk after the AEW World Champion went off script to challenge him on Dynamite.

On the August 17th episode of AEW Dynamite, CM Punk caused chaos long before he began brawling with Jon Moxley.

In the show’s opening segment Punk opened fire on Moxley, dismissing his run as Interim World Champion, his current standing in AEW and even his time with WWE. Naturally, Moxley didn’t take this lying down, coming to the ring to confront his rival which eventually led to a fight as the crowd roared their approval.

However, Punk had begun his promo in rather unusual fashion by addressing the man he beat to win the AEW World Championship, Hangman Adam Page.

Punk called out Page and challenged him to a fight before branding him a coward. It was later reported that Punk’s comments took everyone in AEW surprise as they were completely unscripted. Furthermore, there appears to be legitimate heat between the two, with the report adding that Punk “went into business for himself.”

In the aftermath of the promo, Page took to social media quoting lyrics from Megan Thee Stallion’s new track Anxiety.

It has since been reported that CM Punk has become increasingly unhappy in AEW, and he and Page legitimately don’t like one another.

The most recent report on the situation has claimed that the situation with “many of the top guys” in AEW has got increasingly worse in recent weeks with some “at breaking point” should these issues not be resolved.