Adam Page Clarifies Controversial Comments

Adam Page

Since joining AEW in early 2019, Adam Page has risen to become one of the most popular stars on the roster.

Hangman has also enjoyed tremendous success in the ring, winning the Casino Battle Royale, Casino Ladder Match, World Tag Team Titles, and most recently the AEW World Title. Page finally claimed the World Championship at Full Gear in 2021 by defeating Kenny Omega. AEW’s resident cowboy held the gold until Double or Nothing the following year when he lost to CM Punk.

Shortly after losing the World Title, Page sparked controversy among fans and those within the wrestling industry by stating that he doesn’t take advice. He conceded that while he might listen to what someone has to say, he doesn’t “listen very hard.”

The comments drew the ire of many within the industry including Jim Cornette who was less than impressed with the statement.

In a new post on his Instagram Stories, Page has now attempted to clarify his comments, stating that he welcomes feedback from those stars who went before him.

“The reports that I ‘don’t take advice’ have been greatly exaggerated, perhaps by no one more so than me. Advice and feedback, particularly from those who have come before, have always been and always will be welcomed and appreciate. My self-deprecating and dry insistence otherwise just comes from a place of being more personally interested in wrestling as an art than a sport. It would’ve been hollow for Picasso to try to paint a Mona Lisa.

I kinda thought I’d have been asked about it by now and could’ve clarified. I just wouldn’t want any of the older generation, especially those whose work with us is vital and unknown to fans, to feel that their wisdom is dismissed.

I am also still in search of the cheese puffs. Let me know if you find them. Thank you.”

Adam Page Had A Controversial Summer

During this same period, it emerged that there was real-life heat between Adam Page and CM Punk. It came to light that Punk was unhappy with comments Page made before their title match at Double or Nothing in a promo on Dynamite. In response, after an injury lay-off Punk called out Page live on the show branding him a coward, knowing he wasn’t there.

Adam Page was one of Punk’s targets in the now infamous post-All Out media scrum in September 2022.