Adam Cole Sought Out Advice From AEW Star On Concussion Issues

Adam Cole Boom

Adam Cole is currently inching closer to an in-ring return having suffered two concussions in 2022.

The former WWE Superstar sustained a shoulder injury, before suffering a concussion against Samoa Joe at Double or Nothing where he won ‘The Owen.’ Just weeks later, Cole suffered another concussion during the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event.

Cole finally returned to AEW television on the January 11th episode of Dynamite where he discussed the issues he’d faced during his recovery. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Cole has since stated that everything he said on Dynamite was true, explaining that he had memory issues, used to cry for no reason, and failed one particular test so badly that doctors believed he would never drive a car again.

During the conversation, Cole revealed that he had spoken with Bryan Danielson who has his own lengthy list of head injuries.

“I did. I briefly talked to him, and he obviously has a ton of information regarding that entire process. He was very helpful, very giving with information, just wanted to make sure that I was doing some of the right things to get back and feel healthy. He was great.”

Cole was then asked if had found some motivation in seeing Danielson wrestle after he was forced to retire back in 2016.

“That was incredibly motivating. I know me and Bryan’s situations were, obviously there’s some similarities, but they were also very different, all at the same time. But it was motivating to me to think, ‘Okay, he was told, “You are not gonna step into a ring again. It’s just not gonna happen.” Then Bryan did everything he possibly could to get to a point where now a bunch of doctors are saying, ‘Yeah, you’re good to go. You’re ready to go.’ He’s proven that now, week after week, just having absolutely incredible matches. So yeah, Bryan was very helpful.”

When Will Adam Cole Wrestle Again?

With regard to wrestling again, Cole admitted that there’s no fixed timetable for a return, but he feels “really good.” Kyle O’Reilly has also been absent from AEW for a number of months after undergoing surgery on a neck injury. During the conversation, Cole offered a positive update on O’Reilly who he said is now doing well after dealing with a post-surgical issue.

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