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Adam Cole Reveals The Loudest ‘Bay-Bay’ Chant He’s Ever Heard

Adam Cole

Adam Cole has discussed the origins of his ‘Bay-Bay’ chant and reveals the loudest reaction to it he thinks he’s received during his career.

Cole has built a career that is taken in the likes of Ring Of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, NXT, and now All Elite Wrestling.

Now the former NXT Champion has discussed the origins of his much loved ‘Bay-Bay’ chant during an appearance on the #Dork podcast. Adam Cole says it was never meant to be a catchphrase but was rather a way to make himself hated during his time in CZW:

“When I first did, ‘Adam Cole, Bay Bay,’ it was never intended to be like a catchphrase, or like a thing that people said. I was a heel in an independent promotion called Combat Zone Wrestling, which is like this super violent, deathmatch style wrestling, and I didn’t do any of that. I was the straight-laced regular wrestler, so I was trying to find different ways to get heat with that crowd.”

“I used to just throw my fingers up in the air and yell, ‘Adam Cole Bay Bay.’ But, so many times during a match, it would be like 10, 11, 12 times during a match. People would just boo because it was just this arrogant heel tactic that I used.”

As for the loudest reaction Cole has ever received to his ‘Bay-Bay’ chant, The Elite member says he can’t look past his shock AEW debut at All Out:

“I would say, probably All Out, is probably the loudest one. I don’t know if it’s because my senses were super heightened at that point because of the surprise aspect of it. But the genuine reaction, and excitement, and getting into the ring, doing it in Chicago. That one felt the loudest.

“But I feel like, every single week, every town that we go to with AEW, it gets louder, and louder, and louder. Arthur Ashe Stadium was unreal, that one was really loud. But, to me, the absolute loudest one was All Out in Chicago.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.