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Adam Cole Reveals His ‘Toughest’ Opponent

Adam Cole Undisputed Era holding their 2019 NXT Year-End Awards with Triple H

Multi-time NXT Champion Adam Cole has given his views on NXT’s latest faction ‘The Diamond Mine’ stating that he believes his former Undisputed Era partner Roderick Strong is in line for great things and this new group is ‘scary’ for Kushida and for NXT.

Appearing on Corey Grave’s ‘After The Bell’ podcast, Adam Cole has discussed his partnership with ‘The Messiah of the Backbreaker’ Roderick Strong and what Strong’s new group ‘The Diamond Mine’ could mean for Kushida and the rest of NXT.

Speaking with Corey Graves, Cole would state:

“Roddy is probably the toughest opponent I’ve ever been in the ring with. When you are done wrestling Roddy, you definitely feel like you’ve wrestled. He brings it, he always has and always will. So the idea of him being at the forefront, or what it looks like, of this new group, it’s scary.”

The former NXT Champion would expand, revealing that he hopes that Strong stays out of his way because he doesn’t know if he can handle this new Roderick Strong right now because “Roddy is on fire”.

“I think it’s scary for the whole brand, definitely scary for KUSHIDA. I think it’s really cool in some senses for Roddy to find this new group and new crew. He looks as confident as ever, but I really hope that Roddy stays out of my way. The idea of having to deal with Roddy this tense and this fired up is something I’m not ready to deal with right now.

Roddy is on fire and I can tell.”

Roderick Strong re-debuted at the end of June 22nd edition of NXT, revealing himself as the apparent leader and mastermind behind NXT’s much anticipated ‘Diamond Mine’ teaming with Tyler Rust & Hideki Suzuki, with Malcolm Bivens taking on the role as the groups manager continuing his relationship with ‘The Diamond in the Rust’ Tyler Rust.

Recent reports have revealed that up until their release on June 25th, Strong’s real-life wife Marina Shafir and Lebanese born Superstar Artuto Ruas were set to return to NXT as part of the new faction, with several members of the NXT roster still expecting the duo to join Suzuki, Bivens, Rust and Strong even after the group’s initial debut on Tuesday night.

Ruas and Shafir were let go from the WWE on June 25th as part of WWE’s latest set of talent cuts including several NXT mainstays such as Killian Dain, Tyler Breeze and Fandango.