Adam Cole Heaps Praise On AEW Stars

Adam Cole

Adam Cole had plenty of praise for certain fellow “wrestling nerds” in AEW!

Since becoming All Elite, Adam Cole has found his share of success in AEW, winning the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament and making his mark as part of the Undisputed Elite. Speaking on a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show (available early via AdFreeShows), he spoke about his relationship with fellow AEW stars and had high praise for some with whom he shares a “genuine friendship.”

“I think, aside from what I think of them, you know, professionally, I think Omega is the greatest. I think The Bucks are the greatest. But like all three of us are very, very close friends. Like we talk outside of wrestling, we talk about things besides wrestling like there’s like a genuine friendship there. So anytime you get to do anything we’re with people that you’re very close with and people that you care about it makes that so much more special.”

Continuing, Adam Cole detailed the group’s passion for wrestling, affectionately calling them “wrestling nerds.”

“We all have that mentality of like you know we eat sleep and breathe wrestling and we love it we want to we get so excited about every single match we have together or a different promo idea or whatever like we’re just so so into it together. So I’d say like wrestling nerds. So yeah, working with those guys is great just because they’re three of my best friends.”

While some have lobbed criticism at Adam Cole in recent weeks, his partner Britt Baker took to social media to speak in his defense and also wish him a happy birthday.

Cole is currently sidelined with an injury, believed to be a serious concussion that he suffered during his fatal four way match for the IWGP Championship at Forbidden Door.

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