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Absence Of Two Notable Figures Reportedly Major Factor In Royal Rumble Issues

Ronda Rousey wins the Royal Rumble

A new report has suggested that the absence of two key figures at the Royal Rumble played a huge role in the backstage issues which afflicted the event.

The fall-out to the 2022 Royal Rumble has been extensive, and not just confined to on-screen story-telling. While Brock Lesnar heads for a WrestleMania 38 showdown with Universal Champion Roman Reigns and the returning Ronda Rousey threatens chaos across the entire WWE women’s division, backstage all is reportedly not well.

Following the show it was reported that morale was low with many frustrated, while one particular talent called the women’s Rumble match “complete chaos” while others said it was a “mess.”

The same report from Fightful Select also noted that one former Superstar turned down the opportunity to return at the event as producer Tyson Kidd wouldn’t be involved.

This has now been franked by a further report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, who said that “several sources” within WWE pointed to the absences of Triple H and Kidd as being hugely significant.

It was said that at for previous Royal Rumble matches, Triple H worked in an advisory role and made sure they included little moments and highlights, while accentuating certain talents. The report adds that at the most recent event, his absence in doing this was “keenly felt.”

In addition, Kidd usually takes a “leading role” in putting together WWE’s women’s matches as well as the Royal Rumble. However, he hasn’t been around in recent weeks, with his role at the Rumble filled by Fit Finlay. This was done as Finlay had experience with working with many of the women who returned in the match.

The report closes by saying that these factors meant that the make-up of the Rumble matches was “completely different” to previous years.

Coming out of the event it was also reported that Shane McMahon had a “lot of heat” following his role in proceedings. While planned matches at Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania featuring Shane O’Mac have also been scrapped.