Aalyah Mysterio And Murphy – Sealed With A Kiss

Alayah Mysterio Thumb

The enmity between Buddy Murphy and the Mysterio family was taken to the next level on WWE Friday Night SmackDown when the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and Aalyah Mysterio sealed their relationship with a kiss.

The night’s events began backstage where the teenager’s mother seemed to accept their union despite both father Rey and brother Dominik being against a member of their kin aligning with the enemy. However, Murphy vowed to put things right.

In order to apologise to the family for his previous acts against them as a disciple serving at the side of ‘The Greater Good’ Seth Rollins, Murphy went to the ring to atone for his sins in front of the world. However, Rey and Dominik did not appear when called.

In their place, a smug Seth Rollins sauntered to the squared circle to lambast his former ally. Promising that Rey and his son will never forgive Murphy and accept his relationship with the Aalyah, Rollins tried to coerce the Australian back to his side by vowing that he would be there for the pair regardless of her last name.

The pledge was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Dominik Mysterio appeared from out of nowhere and set upon the former WWE Champion only for Murphy to pull the star away in order to lay in several shots of his own.

However, the tide soon turned when Dominik went to town on Murphy necessitating Rey and Aalyah race to the ring in order to stop his son tearing apart the family. With Mysterio holding back his son, Aalyah locked lips with the apple of her eye to the chagrin of her father and brother.

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