AAA TripleMania To Return, Press Conference Notes

AAA’s annual spectacular TripleMania is due to return in December, as announced by the company in a press conference earlier today.

Originally scheduled for August, the company did not commit to a specific day in December but did confirm that the show would emanate from Arena Ciudad de Mexico.

However it was also noted that the event’s viability would hinge on an improvement in the country’s COVID-19 case levels.

Mexico City currently operates on a traffic light system with regards to COVID-19 and is currently sitting on orange. It it thought that the colour status would need to move down the scale in order for the event to proceed as planned, short of special permissions being granted from the local government.

The traffic light system is updated on a fortnightly basis with the December 4th announcement expected to be the cut off point for TripleMania.

During the press conference, AAA General Director Dorian Roldán suggested that a ‘no fans’ environment would not be suitable for an event the scale of TripleMania.

Remaining optimistic, Roldán announced that the event would feature seven contests and would see the return of current AAA Mega Champion, AEW wrestler Kenny Omega.

Current match card:

AAA Mega Championship

Kenny Omega (c) vs Laredo Kid

Hair vs Hair

Pagano vs Chessman

Aracno and Leyenda Americana vs Terror Púrpura and Venenoide

The tag team match features the debuts of four new wrestlers, all of whom are based on Marvel comic characters. This comes as part of a new joint venture between AAA and Marvel Latin America, details of which can be found here.

With thanks to LuchaBlog