AAA Star Arrested For Attempted Femicide

El Cuatrero with AAA stars Forastero and Sanson

AAA star El Cuatrero has been arrested for attempted femicide.

Earlier this month, Cuatrero’s former partner, CMLL‘s Stephanie Vaquer had filed a criminal complaint against him over domestic violence. She alleged that Cuatrero attacked her after a heated discussion over someone he had been contacting on his phone.

According to the police report, it is alleged that Cuatrero grabbed her by the neck and threw her against a wall before she was able to escape to her bedroom and call the police. Cuatrero fled the scene before they arrived.

Now, the Mexico City Attorney General’s office has released a statement confirming that Cuatrero – referred to as Rogelio N – has been arrested and detailing the next steps in the process.

Personnel from the Mexico City District Attorney’s Office apprehended, in the state of Aguascalientes, a man who was wanted for his probable participation in the crimes of attempted femicide and domestic violence.

As a result of intelligence, field and cabinet work carried out by agents of the Investigation Prosecutor’s Office (PDI), assigned to the Prosecutor’s Office for the Investigation of Femicide, who provided support to the Prosecutor’s Office for the Investigation of Domestic Violence where the corresponding investigation was initiated, it was possible to locate the man in the aforementioned state.

After having him in sight, they corroborated his name and physical features to rule out possible homonyms; they notified him of the court order and informed him of his rights under the law.

The individual was subsequently transferred to Mexico City to be placed at the disposal of the judge who requested him.

The District Attorney’s Office investigations indicate that the man may have assaulted a woman on March 2nd.

The District Attorney’s Office reiterates that one of its priorities is to attend to victims with a gender perspective, a differential, and a specialized approach, as well as to guarantee a new way of investigating crimes, with particular emphasis on justice for women.

The person mentioned in this press release is presumed innocent and will be treated as such in all stages of the procedure, until her responsibility is declared by means of a sentence issued by the jurisdictional body, in the terms indicated in the National Code of Criminal Procedures.

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City, in compliance with its functions and powers as an important area, continues its investigative work daily to combat impunity and makes available to the public the telephone numbers (55) 5200 9000 and 800 745 2369 for free legal advice.

El Cuatrero’s last wrestling appearance came at the cross-promotional AAA/NWA ‘The World is a Vampire’ event on March 4th. There, he, Forastero and Sansen successfully defended the AAA Trios Championships.

Stephanie Vaquer was last in action at the March 3rd edition of CMLL’s “Viernes Espectacular” where she teamed with La Catalina and Zeuxis to defeat Las Chicas Indomables and Pricesa Sugehit.

CMLL and AAA release statements on incident

Both AAA and CMLL have released statements on the incident which you can read below:

AAA statement:

“From AAA we endorse the respect and equality of all women, therefore we reject all expressions of gender violence. That is why we are dismayed by the serious complaint that has been made against wrestler Cuartero.

We will be very attentive to the resolutions issued by the authorities; always respectful of all the procedures dictated by the law of our country.

We will continue to work with all our efforts to fight for the equality of all women and to give visibility to the prevention of gender violence at all levels.”

CMLL statement:

“In CMLL, we join the solidarity, support, and respect that has been shown to Stephanie Vaquer by fans and the media.

“We energetically condemn any form of violence against women and reiterate our commitment to promote a life free of violence and harassment in our staff and attendees to our arenas.

“We ask the fans and the media for their support and respect for Stephanie Vaquer in these difficult moments, as well as to be prudent and respectful until she makes the appropriate public statements.”

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