AAA Offer To Host Mark Zuckerburg vs Elon Musk In A Cage Match At TripleMania

Elon Musk

Fifteen or so years ago, professional wrestling saw a battle of the billionaires when Vince McMahon and Donald Trump faced off at WrestleMania 23. Now, two other billionaires are looking to up the ante…and a wrestling company is offering to showcase their fight if things don’t work out stateside.

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, two of the wealthiest and most influential men alive, have agreed to take part in a cage fight in the name of charity.

Those close to the situation have noted that both men appear to be serious about this, so much so that UFC president Dana White commented on the situation and is looking to host it in the home of cage fighting, Las Vegas, Nevada.

But if, for whatever reason, the fight can’t be held in the United States, Mexico’s AAA promotion is willing to offer an alternate venue.

AAA messages Elon Musk with an offer to host his cage fight with Mark Zuckerberg

On June 22nd, AAA sent out a tweet proposing that the two CEOs have their fight in the Domo de la Muerte, a venue that the Mexican promotion runs very often.

After Musk expressed his interest in fighting Zuckerberg for charity, Zuckerberg appeared to accept when he asked for a location.

Although Musk has a height advantage compared to Zuckerberg, the Facebook and Meta CEO looks to be in better shape as he has enrolled in jiu-jitsu training while Musk has devoted relatively little time to any sort of training.