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“A Lot Of People Wouldn’t Have Jobs If It Wasn’t For Me” – CM Punk

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Former WWE Champion, CM Punk, has spoken out about his belief that men like Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan wouldn’t have gotten the chances they received if it wasn’t for him.

Appearing on the Oral Sessions Podcast with Rene Paquette, ‘The Cult of Personality’ spoke at length about many factors of the professional wrestling industry. The most pressing, however, was his view on what he changed and the avenues he opened upon his exit.

When asked about his thoughts on the current state of the sport and what and hasn’t changed, Punk had this somewhat shocking statement to make:

“The more they change the more they stay the same. For ego purposes, because while I do have one it’s not as big as people like to imagine it is, I don’t take credit for anything that happened. I do think there’s probably a lot of people that wouldn’t currently have jobs if it wasn’t for me. I’m more along the lines of, if I ever helped you get a job I was happy to do that and I always did stuff for the right reasons, and if I’m no longer friends with a certain people that I helped get there, I’m not like, ‘ugh I wish I never helped you.’ I’m just like, ‘you know whatever’. I know what the truth is, they know what the truth is for like the Kevin Steens, the Sami Zayns, I don’t take credit for any of their success. I don’t take credit for Daniel Bryan getting a main event at WrestleMania, but the truth is a lot of that s**t probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for me. At least for the vacuum I created when I left.”

While his words may be contentious to some, CM Punk has always been a man to cause a stir both in and out of the ring.

His famous pipe bomb promo still creates furor years after it was spilled. The tale of him leaving with the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank 2011 – while one of the most memorable storylines of the modern era – was the most talked about thing that year and in the years that proceeded and of course his 2014 exit is still contested to this day.

Credit for the interview: Oral Sessions