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A-Kid Believes British Rounds Rules Are Perfect For The Modern Fan

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NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion, A-Kid, has spoken about his love of the competition he triumphed in as well as the British Rounds Rules it was fought under.

British Rounds Matches – which consist of six three minute rounds, with a thirty second break between each round and can either be 2-Out-of-3 Falls or the wrestler with the most falls wins at the end of the final round – have been a staple of British wrestling for decades.

The stipulation formed the body of almost every bout in the classic World of Sports, seeing the likes of Big Daddy, Adrian Street and even a very youthful Davey Boy Smith competing under the restrictions.

Now, A-Kid has spoken with The Metro newspaper about the rules and how they suit modern day professional wrestling and its audience:

“It is such a unique style, and I think it also translates well into the modern era. The fact you can watch three minutes of wrestling, then go back to your phone and chat with your friends – ‘How cool was that?’ – and then watch three minutes more. I think it’s so good for the moment we’re living in!”

Even though it has been announced that Kid will defend the trophy as a mid-card championship on the black and red brand, no word has been forthcoming on whether the British Rounds Rules stipulation will be present for these bouts.

Having professed his love for the rules which handed him his first major accolade in NXT UK, the Spaniard named the man he would most like to meet in the middle of the ring:

“I’ve been studying him so much. I’ve been watching his work since he was in the independents and all through NXT. I would love to have that match.”

A-Kid defeated Trent Seven in the Final of the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament on November 27 in Sudden Death Overtime to lift the trophy.

Credit for the interview: The Metro

h/t for the transcription: Fightful