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8-Year-Old Stuns Pat McAfee With On-Air F-Bomb

Pat McAfee promo

Pat McAfee was recently left stunned as an 8-year-old phoned into his radio show to let the world know just how he felt about Boston Connor.

They say you should never work with children or animals, but sometimes doing so creates hilarious consequences.

During a recent episode of The Pat McAfee Show, the crew were joined on the phone by Owen. The caller explained that they are eight-and-a-half and are a big fan of the show.

“I wanna talk about how inspiring this show is,”

“How you’re inspiring this whole entire world with how you’re talking about sports and how you’re talking about your life experiences.”

So far, so good. Although McAfee had some reservations over having someone so young listening to the show, they thanked him for tuning in. But it turned out that Owen wasn’t done. Turning his attention to one of McAfee’s co-hosts, he shouted “F*ck Boston Connor!” before putting the phone down.

With the crew stunned, everyone applauded and attempted to gather themselves, as McAfee called Owen “inspiring,” adding, “I ain’t know an 8 and a half can do that. Shout out, Owen!”

It has been a busy week on the show for the NFL star turned Friday Night SmackDown announcer, who also appeared to hint that he won’t be appearing at WWE’s Clash at the Castle.

On the June 7th episode of the show, the excitable announcer sat down for a chat with UFC President Dana White.

During the conversation, White offered McAfee the chance to host a special live edition of his show at an upcoming UFC event in Paris, France.

The already giddy McAfee checked that the show wouldn’t clash with the start of the NFL season, which it doesn’t, before jumping at the opportunity to go – “We’re f*cking in!” The only problem being, that while the event in Paris won’t clash with the the NFL, it does clash with WWE Clash at The Castle, with both shows scheduled for September 3rd.