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5 Strangest Wrestling Stories Of The Week

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In the first instalment of a new series, it’s time to run down the five strangest stories of the week from the world of professional wrestling.

Anyone who has been a fan of wrestling for more than 30 seconds will know that it’s a very weird and wonderful place. With stories of backstage shenanigans being dime a dozen and no conspiracy theory considered too outlandish, it takes a lot to raise the eyebrow of your average fan. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

The following stories feature strange tales involving adult websites, towels, fruit and Bret Hart’s past as an erotic artist. Here are the five strangest stories from the past seven days.

Bret Hart – “I Used To Draw Wrestlers In Orgies In The Locker Room”

Quite bizarrely and somewhat unbelievably, this story is exactly as the headline suggests. Bret Hart has revealed that he used to draw pictures of his fellow wrestlers participating in sex acts on the blackboards found in sports locker rooms.

Hart’s artwork initially went uncredited, but when people found out the drawings were his handiwork, he began taking requests. This naturally led to some friction with his colleagues, but after getting roaring approval from Andre The Giant, and the thumbs up from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, Hart continued to embrace his artistic side.

Mike Chioda Recalls “Hammered” Vince McMahon “Doing Doughnuts With 20-Foot Truck”

Picture the scene; it’s snowing outside, you’re getting drunk with Vince McMahon and he demands the keys to a 20-foot truck parked outside the bar. While that picture might seem ridiculous, it’s exactly what happened to former WWE referee Mike Chioda as he got increasingly drunk with the WWE Chairman at a Holiday Inn in Ohio.

During an interview, Chioda recalled a “hammered” Vince McMahon getting his hands on the keys to one of the ring trucks and performing doughnuts in the snow-covered carpark, while chastising the truck for not being able to go any faster. Not only that, Chioda revealed that he was sitting in the cab with McMahon along with Tony Chimmel during the chaos.

Jacques Rougeau Recalls Attacking Rick Steiner With An Apple

During their time as a tag team, there has arguably never been a partnership more feared than that of The Steiners. So you’d have to be a brave man to take issue with the notoriously tough team, let alone throw fruit at them. However, that’s exactly what Jacques Rougeau did in 1993.

After hearing that Rick Steiner had been bad-mouthing him to Shawn Michaels and then had a peanut thrown at him by the ‘Dog Faced Gremlin,’ Rougeau snapped. He launched an apple at Steiner’s face which somehow hit a pole right in front of him exploding everywhere. Proof that you’re never too old or too tough for a food fight.

Rikishi – “Curt Hennig Stuck That Damn Towel Right Up The Crack Of My A**”

Another thing you’re never too old for in the crazy world of pro wrestling is a well-executed prank. Especially if it takes place in front of 70,000 people in a packed arena in Australia.

Speaking in a new interview, Rikishi recalled one particular incident where ‘legend of the rib’ Mr Perfect found a new counter for the Stink Face by using his trademark towel. The WWE Hall of Famer then went on to describe another slightly unnerving prank involving Mr Fuji, his sadly deceased dog, a BBQ and an assortment of wrestlers.

Paul Heyman Responds To Offer From Adult Website Brazzers

You could argue that wrestling and adult entertainment go hand in hand, but an unexpected offer from Brazzers to Paul Heyman, might not be what you saw coming.

As Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns continue to tear each other limb from limb, Paul Heyman remains in the middle of the two men like a rather stressed and confused damsel.

It’s a story that has captured the imagination of fans everywhere and seemingly those in charge of the social media accounts of adult website Brazzers. During Crown Jewel, the site suggested that they too would like to see their two top stars fighting over Heyman.

Obviously, Heyman responded in kind, suggesting that a good camera angle would be for the stars to be fighting underneath him. An image, I’m sure we can all agree, that no one asked for or needed.