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2K Representatives Backstage At Royal Rumble To Begin Work On Next Video Game

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According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, representatives from 2K were backstage at the Royal Rumble on January 31 to begin work on the next instalment of their annual video game series.

WWE’s 2K series was a yearly tradition, taking over from the hugely popular Raw vs. SmackDown series which spawned some classic grappling action and titles which have become favourites of gamers worldwide.

However, that lore was broken in 2020 when the company’s previous instalment of WWE 2K20 came under huge scrutiny for its poor development and countless glitches which affected gameplay and the enjoyment of millions. Despite countless patches to fix glaring issues, 2K eventually marked the project a failure when they could do no more to improve the errors.

In the wake of devotee backlash, the slated WWE 2K21 was promptly cancelled and replaced by the equally denounced WWE Battlegrounds with a view to improving graphics, engines and developers in order to revisit the series again in 2021.

According to the report by PWInsider, the devisors were present backstage at the 2021 Royal Rumble to being production on what is presumed to be WWE 2K22. The crew were said to be carrying out recordings for voiceover work, as well as face scanning of the majority of the WWE roster.

It is believed that the 2K crew will return to the company in the following weeks in order to complete the remainder of the talent and visit NXT and NXT UK separately to carry out identical work on the black and gold and black and red brand’s roster.

At time of writing, neither WWE nor 2K have made any formal announcement regarding the speculated WWE 2K22 or any other professional wrestling games that may be in the work for 2021 or beyond.

The news comes in the wake of AEW Games announcing the incoming console release which is set to rival WWE’s offering on the shelves of millions worldwide.