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JBL Responds To Buff Bagwell’s Claims He Tried To End His Career


JBL has responded after former WCW star Buff Bagwell claimed that the WWE Hall Of Famer had tried to end his career during a match.

Former WWE and WCW star Buff Bagwell recently took to social media to give an insight into his experience of sharing a ring with former WWE Champion John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield. Buff Bagwell was responding to someone sharing a story from Hardcore Holly’s book about JBL definitely picking on the wrong guy when he attempted to pick on Steve Blackman:

“Bradshaw attempted to end my career in a dark segment on Smackdown, I’m glad he’s grown up from those days.”

However, JBL has since responded to the accusation and given his point of view on what happened, saying that he worked stiff in the ring but never intended to injure Bagwell:

“Buff-this is simply not true. It was a powerbomb, a called spot-and I landed you flat, which is safe. No different from anyone else I powerbombed back in the day-stiff, yes, dangerous—no. This is first I’ve heard of this. Not doubting what you thought-but zero intent to injure.”

Bagwell responded to JBL, conceding that maybe he had listened to the wrong people back in the day before JBL sent Buff The Stuff good wishes:

“I appreciate that, you know how it goes, people talk and I was dumb enough to listen.”

While Buff Bagwell has recently reinvented himself on social media as being for everyone, the former 5-time WCW World Tag Team Champion recently discovered that hentai definitely is not.