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When you think of legendary entertainers in the WWE there is usually a set list of names that come to mind, the likes of Hulk Hogan, John Cena, R-Truth and more.

One man who has been involved in many of wrestling’s most infamously entertaining angles and has gone on to be associated synonymously with the entertainment side of ‘Sports Entertainment’ is legendary WWE Cruiserweight Champion and DX Mascot Dylan ‘Hornswoggle’ Postl.

The man formerly known as Hornswoggle recently sat down with Inside The Ropes’ own Liam Alexander-Stewart to discuss the highs and lows of his time in the WWE, life as a father and entertainer, the future of comedy in wrestling, the recent success of long-time friend Ethan Page, his time working on set as the star of WWE Studios ‘Leprechaun: Origins’ and his hatred for critically acclaimed film Toy Story 2.

It’s Liam Alexander-Stewart from Inside the Ropes here, joined today by a truly wonderful guest. He’s overcome paralysis and being told to avoid trampolines and contact sport at the age of just four. And despite that, he’s gone on to have a fantastic career in pro-wrestling while being one of the nicest men in the industry and without a doubt, one of the funniest in the industry as none other than Dylan ‘Swoggle’ Postl, Dylan how are you doing today?

Very good. That was quite the intro, obviously, you read the book, Thank you for doing so. Here we go. I’m pumped to finally be doing this. It’s going to be great.

We’ve been wanting to do this for a while. A bucket list guest of mine for sure. We always say you talk about the nicest guys in wrestling and yourself and Sean Waltman always get brought up and knowing the influence that Waltman had on your career. I mean, it’s a match made in heaven.

So that makes me happy to be known as that because it’s usually either real, real nice or the biggest locker room bully, which both are completely true. And I will not deny either of those. But it’s also to hear at times about the, you know, the nice following

Oh, 100 percent. Well, you know what it’s like with wrestling news and everything. The negative stuff always sells better. So, you know, you’ll forgive me if I take that little clip of the biggest locker room asshole and we will run with that one.

Fine by me. That’s OK.

I mean, before we properly get chatting how are you finding life towards the end of the pandemic? How has everything affected sort of your day to day life and as a guy on the independent scene?

A funny thing is it’s like Curt Hawkins, I call him Hawkins, Brian Myers, whatever people want to call him, the stripper for one episode of Smackdown, whatever. He made a good point. Like in Wisconsin, the pandemic and COVID never really like was real, so to speak, because we shut down for like a month and a half, two months and it sucked, but I’ve been spending more time with my son.

My son was doing full home school at the end of last year and then 50 50 this year and then finally the second semester till tomorrow is his last day has been fully back in school, which is like they needed that. The kids needed that.

But I loved it, like being able to have virtual school, my son, and be around him. It’s stressful, but I mean, I love it.

There’s another thing to put on a belt. I just love being a dad. Like, it’s just it’s my favourite part of life. It really is. He’s such a good kid. And he’s fun and he’s funny. He woke me up at 6:30 this morning.

He woke me up this morning blasting, pardon my French, fucking ACDC. I was so angry at him, I’ve never I like I said, Landon, it’s 6:30. We don’t need to hear Hell’s Bells and TNT and this, that and the other thing on repeat at six-thirty a.m. I don’t care that you’re happy that the school year is over.

Just put on something smooth, put on some Anthem Lights or like something nice. You don’t need to be blasting ACDC, He goes “Dad start of the day, let’s go”. But it’s just he is just the best. I have so much fun with him as you can see how my social media, I have so much fun with him, whether it’s just pranking the hell out of him every day I try to get him every day with one thing or another. I try to get him. And it’s just fun. I love being a dad, so in a roundabout back to your question, the pandemic is all actually been not awful.

My company, AEW Wisconsin, has actually been running since last August. Like we took two months off, but then we’ve been running friendly, COVID friendly shows and social distancing and it’s been awesome. It’s really been, pandemic as much as it’s sucked. It’s also like I’ve tried to find the positives in it.

You mentioned there, you mentioned family and you mentioned liking to get a prank on your son every day. You have been the victim of a few pranks in your life.

Are we talking about this goddamn chicken thing?

I thought this was done. I thought I was done. I told JBL I did the podcast last week. I said I thought we were over this. I wrote it in the book Life is Short and So Am I available at or at I thought it was done. I really did. And then it got brought up and my Twitter, I would just get

GIFS or JIFS whatever they are called. I’m thirty-five years old. I don’t know what the hell it’s called.

I thought it was done. I would just get pictures and videos of roosters and chickens. I said, guys, this is. It was one of the worst days at work of my life they put a live rooster under the ring with me during a match while I was under there.

It was like it was the absolute worst, worst I could have. I could have died. They want to kill me.

So that’s the worst thing that’s been done to you. But what sort of pranks have you been involved in or have seen that you’re like oh that’s a bit much?

I think people at times were afraid to pick on me because of my relationship with Fit, like he is and will always be my dad, my wrestling dad. I have three dads, I have my real dad, I have Fit and I have Tommy Dreamer and I have three of the most opposite of each other dads ever. But I love it that way.

So I wasn’t I wasn’t the target a lot, and if I was, it was usually by Fit, but I was always the one, like coercing others to pull them on each other. I had influence. I was 100 percent the shit-stirrer of the locker room, 100 percent.

I’m OK with that. Again, I’m putting smiles on faces, whether it’s someone at someone else’s expense. I’m putting smiles on faces. I’m making everyone’s day better.

The thing is, we’re on these especially these overseas tours where we’re gone about 17, 20 days. You need something about seven, eight days in when we just film TV overseas and we still have a second half of the tour.

It’s one of those things and we need to we need that reset button something to motivate us, all right. Hey, we would we had these we played cards a lot, Gin [Rummy]. We had Gin tournaments.

Tony Chimel, the famous ring announcer, backstage hand, producer, everything, He would put together Gin tournaments and we had like 16 players. It was a big thing to win these tournaments, a big deal because there was like everyone from ring crew guys and referees to John Cena would play in these things. And obviously the higher calibre player you knocked out, the more glory.

There was a good amount of times where Big Show was known to throw a deck of cards out of anger or he was known to rip one card so that deck was ruined.

Big Show wasn’t a good loser at cards, but we loved playing with them just to get them wound up.

I would rather someone be a horrible loser because if someone is a horrible winner. Now you feel double awful about yourself. At least if I beat the person and they’re they’re a horrible loser. I still feel good about myself.

We spoke a little bit there about your friendship/fatherhood with Fit Finlay but one guy I see a lot on your social media that you seem to have a really strong friendship with is Ethan Page, I want to ask you a little bit about what Ethan has gone on to do recently. Obviously just two nights ago we saw him step in the ring with an icon in Sting…

He wrestled Sting on pay per view. It. I mean, come on, it’s on pay per view, he wrestled Sting! In like the biggest crowd, like, you know what I mean? Yeah, it’s crazy, I, Ethan, Julian, he has turned legitimately into one of my best friends. He has gone through a lot of things that he’s come to me about and vice versa, I’ve. It’s usually a twice a week where face time and I’m a face timer, too. I’m not a caller. I’m a FaceTimer.

During a pandemic, I miss people. I don’t get to see a lot of my friends. I want to see them. I’m a FaceTimer. Everyone yells at me because I’m a FaceTimer. I don’t care. I don’t care. It’s personal. I can now see, hey, are you just putting me on speaker and like, doing things around the House? No, I want you sitting down next to me having a chat. I’m a FaceTimer, so about twice a week I call my friend Julian, hey, time for weekly therapy and I just vent and dad stuff, wrestling stuff, life, stuff, everything.

But he has become one of my closest friends. My son loves him and my son’s never met him ever, but he knows like he knows that I love them and so he’s like a huge fan of his in life and in wrestling. I am so happy, like, truly, truly, truly happy for him. The world gets to see how good he is in the ring, how fun he is on the mic, his vlogs, even though I hate them so much because I just hate some of the I hate the body guy stuff. It just drives me nuts. But now the world is seeing more of him and that makes me happy. I like when my friends do. Well, it’s not a good thing when you can’t be happy for others. So I always try to be happy for my friends and when my friends do good things and are having fun, it makes me happy he got to wrestle Sting.

And like Derby is my son’s favourite, like number one favourite guy for Landon is Darby Allin right now. So to have Sting, who my son loves, Darby and Julian in the same match, he was just going bonkers.

Sting did a god damn Code Red, he is 62. I can’t do it at 35. He did one at 62!

Something that stands out to me there and Darby is superb. I think knowing about the people you looked up to in the past including Jeff Hardy and now your son looking up to Darby , it’s pretty cool to see that parallel.

You know what? That’s something I never thought about. Like Darby is his Jeff Hardy for me. Like, I, I don’t ever view guys that my son, like my son, loves Finn, love demon Finn loves like loves him. Then he met him and like that was the coolest thing for him. Kofi, because it’s one of my best friends, he’s always loved, but like Darby, I don’t know if I’ve ever been on a show with Darby. I don’t think so and like but he loves Derby, so to have him literally look up to Derby, like I looked up to wrestlers when I was growing up, I didn’t I guess I never really thought about it. But that’s the coolest feeling now as a dad.

He has the love of professional wrestling that I did. He just wants to watch. He wants to watch. He wants to learn, not just moves and how to do stuff and try stuff out, which he loves doing, but he wants to like learn the inner workings. He loves it.

I remember in 2019 you had an interview with that press and you had mentioned that your son was doing stuff, he was helping sell merchandise and set up the ring for your promotion. Is that still something he’s doing? Is a wrestler something he is still looking to be?

If he can’t sell my merch, he gets so mad he just loves to sell my merch to sell the ACW merch at our shows. He ran every year for ACW Wisconsin. We do a rumble every year, just like every promotion. We run a raffle with it. My son ran the raffle last year, so fans buy a ball and if their ball wins, they get the money, essentially illegal gambling. We don’t need to go to the feds about that. But my son ran it last year. He filled up three boards of this raffle. I said I said, oh, you filled-up the first one. He goes “No, no Dad that was the third one I finished”, I go you did three he goes “yeah, people wanted in” and I’m thinking I have my 10-year-old son at the time running a gambling ring. And he just doesn’t see it like it’s the best!

He just likes he loves helping out. He just loves helping out any way you can and he loves going to the school and just try and stuff there with his wrestling buddies. It’s just it’s he’s enthralled. He really is.

There are times I just look at him and my buddies go, that’s you like literally that’s you how you were and it’s cool and scary and completely frightening and like everything mixed into one such a mix of emotions. But he’s such a better human already than I could ever be. I love him.

Local shows that I drive to whenever they’re within driving distance, I have him come with me because he just loves he loves being on the road with me and he’s just he love he’s at that age now where I can he can be at the merch table by himself and I can wrestle. I come back to him and he just loves it, he tells me and I’m like, well, I’m in the match. I’ll look for him and he’ll give me a thumbs up or thumbs down of how I’m doing. He knows my usual, like, my house show match and I can see it I’ll look at him while I’m doing it and he’ll be able to call it to me from the merch table. So he’s just it’s the best.

You’ve got to call them live events. Come on. You know, we can’t say House Shows anymore.

I hate that term just because house shows brings such fond memories.

We talked about Ethan and you know, for me, the pinnacle of fun on screen between you guys is the Weenomenal one. I remember that night you turned into Kim Kardashian. You broke the Internet everywhere.

A fan got that picture of me at Starrcast when I did, I did the stand-up thing and that had a lot of buzz and like it, popped Scott, D’ Amore, so much and he’s like, hey, we need to do this on IMPACT. I was like, OK, and then, like, you’re going to face Ethan and I was like, even cooler. It’s like, this is awesome. And it was just it was so fun. I had to use my son’s AJ gloves. I go buddy made your AJ gloves for what, I said for IMPACT. He goes, all that’s kind of cool here you go. I was just and then that whole thing like it’s still something that weekly I get messaged about and it’s awesome. It was such a fun thing.

Do you know if AJ [Styles] ever saw the segment? Did he reach out to you or the former Club guys at all?

He hasn’t reached out to me, but I know. I know he saw it. So I think Karl told me that he saw it and got a laugh out of it. So it was just I mean, obviously, all that stuff is just so fun and it’s awesome

We talk about these memorable moments, you know, even in WWE, you’ve been Vince’s illegitimate son, going in DX as a mascot…

Yup as a mascot you’ve got to say as a mascot, I don’t have that Hall of Fame ring brother me and Tori are the ones that were left out you know.

Is there a specific moment that stands out to you and you think that’s never going to be been topped for me and on the flip side, is there something during your time in wrestling that you wish you hadn’t done.

The most the worst thing, I guess, that when they had me dressed as a cow, that was really like the down point, a real negative moment for me, and I was really pissed off at it and I knew why. And I got it. It was what it was, I got paid to be on television, but that part that that was like the one moment where I was like, someone’s screwing with me here. I don’t. But whatever. Again, two months before that, I put on the best pay per view of that whole year in the WeeLC Match.

So I can’t be too pissed off about it. I mean, obviously, WeeLC. I’ll never top that ever in my life.

Nothing I do in life will ever top WeeLC. It was the greatest match of my life easily.

But all those moments, like I look at I think it was the 15th anniversary of RAW. I opened the show. I had three segments during the show. And the closing shot was me with Steve Austin pouring beer on Vince McMahon like it doesn’t get. But that same show I posed with Hulk Hogan like I it doesn’t get better than that. And so I look at that like, again, I’m supposed to be here for only six months. They told me this could be a six-month schtick and i got two weeks under 10 years and so many memorable things.

That’s always kind of like I look back. I’ve never been I never watch my stuff back. Still to this day, I just don’t if it comes up on a PPV, I skip it. But just it’s I think back and lately it’s finally hit me like, man, that was really fun. Like that was really, really cool what you did. And I did a lot of fun things. And I was always like, hey, what do we have? Oh, why don’t we have Hornswoggle do it? One hundred percent we need GM. Here’s Hornswoggle. We need a DX Mascot, We need a son. But I was way OK stepping up to the plate. Every guest host I worked with, every guest host every week. It’s just it’s awesome.

What did you think of R-Truth’s recent WWE 24/7 Championship run which saw your name featured weekly on WWE TV and PPVs once again?

That’s a crazy thing. Like even something like that. Like they didn’t have to write that into the thing. And then it was every week, literally every week. And it’s one of those things that I don’t ever think of legacy stuff, but it’s pretty awesome.

Is there someone being on the Indies for ACW or AEW IMPACT WWE is there someone that stands out to you that you’ve worked with and you’ve gone when it comes to the entertainment stuff when it comes to the comedy stuff, this guy this gal just gets it more than anyone else?

So I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon, but Orange Cassidy, but I had the match with him it’s on YouTube for Beyond Wrestling.

I didn’t get the shtick when he was explaining it to me and then he was telling me more about it. And I was like, oh, OK. And then we had the match, like the first thing out of the gate. I was like. Holy shit, this is the greatest thing ever.

He is like, I love him, and I feel like with him, there’s it’s so black and white with him, like if you’re a fan or not no middle ground. And that’s unfortunate. But I love him so much. I get such a kick out of him. Everything he does, literally everything he does is just entertaining to me.

It’s funny to me and people want to tear it apart. It gives away the business or I don’t care, you know giving away the business is when beyond the mat came out the business has been given away for years. I don’t care.

I always laugh at stuff like that because a lot of the same names that sit there and they go, this is destroying the business are more than happy to appear on Dark Side of the Ring or Beyond the Mat.

But that’s the thing. It’s just it’s unfortunate, but it’s also not everyone likes vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream it’s wrestling is legitimately like the Baskin Robbins of entertainment.

It really is like you’re going to find something you really, really like and some things you’re going to really, really hate and be disgusted with. But that’s what makes wrestling awesome.

That’s why I can watch it with my buddies and with my son and with students of mine because there’s always going to be something somebody likes and they’re not too keen on. You know, it’s awesome.

I think it’s now that the crowds are back, I think it’s just can you imagine, like, him and Jericho stuff with 5000 people unreal. It would have been the craziest thing ever.

How does running a show for your promotion ACW Wisconsin differ from appearing on a show be it an independent show, AEW, WWE or IMPACT? Do you find it easier or is it much more stressful than you thought it would be?

Running shows is the most stressful thing I do. It is just top to bottom, the most stressful thing, but it’s also the most rewarding thing when it goes really, really well. We did Water City Wrestling Con this last April.

We had The Boogeyman, Tenille Dashwood, Brian Myers, Matt Cardona, ICP, Kevin Nash, all on the docket.

Everything was going great. ICP cancels on us the morning of the show, now there’s this we had a fan, we had fans, we had fan issues here, but it was just it was the coolest day of my life, like coming out of pandemic or not out of pandemic, but We’re at the top of the hill of pandemic.

It was still the most the most fun day I’ve had in a long, long time. I love running ACW Wisconsin and I think I like it the most because Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is not known as the hotbed of wrestling.

We have unreal talent that are just cultivating here and just killing it and making a name for themselves here and then moving to the Midwest more and more and. Bringing something to Oshkosh that isn’t the same shitty local band played every weekend at a different bar and this is a city that I hold so close to my heart. I represent so much and talk about so much. I love this city and to be able to give back to the city that gave me such an awesome life is a really, really good feeling.

Well, I’ve two last questions for you and whenever I sit down to chat with someone for the first time, I want the interview to be a little different and have a new twist with some questions that I know they wouldn’t have been asked.

That’s what I love, one that hasn’t been asked before.

I literally it’s always the three questions. How did you get in? What did you think of your stuff with Vince’s son? How were HHH and Shawn Michaels, WeeLC, was really cool. Those are the four things that I just have literally ingrained in my head. Yeah, man, awesome. Anderson, really cool. Best thing ever.

I want to ask you a little bit about your involvement with Leprechaun Origins, how did you find the filming of that and what you thought the finished product. And looking back on it, I think it’s seven years now since it came out so seven years sort on what do you think of that whole experience and that opportunity seven years later?

So I think about it this way. When you go it’s the Fourth of July, you guys don’t celebrate the Fourth of July.

But in America, you go to this fireworks store and you decide you’re going to spend all of it on one big one, not a bunch of bottle rockets or this that other thing you’re going to spend your money on one big firework. It’s this huge monster thing, just a monster it’s supposed to do all the flames and smoke and whistles, you light it. And nothing happens. Unfortunately, that was like the final reception of Leprechaun Origins, because we put so much into it, had so much like love from me and Z the director and all this, and just nothing was done with it.

If you go into it with the mindset of a horror movie, it’s OK. But if you go into the mindset of like it’s going to be one of the Leprechaun movies it’s not at all and. It just was like I say, we put so much love into it and our mindset going into it, his especially was so different from the studios final project product. It’s just it was very unfortunate of how it turned out and then how they promoted it or lack thereof promoted it.

To make it even worse, they had to promote Scooby-Doo goes to WrestleMania instead.

Every week we get a “Hey, here’s upcoming stuff” at TV we would get that. And like Scooby-Doo goes to WrestleMania was in my packet.

It didn’t make it home, it went right into the trash at the arena because I was so pissed off at how they treated that because it was that and they did it for The Muppet Movie too, that I was in like they didn’t promote it. This is a major Disney film, like, Ok.

As someone who has seen both Leprechaun Origins and Scooby-Doo goes to WrestleMania and let me tell you, Leprechaun Origins is by far the better film.

God damn Scooby-Doo must really suck then.

To end the interview I want to ask you about a very serious topic, something you have said on social media with some serious backlash and I want to give you the opportunity to defend this statement… talk to me about Toy Story 2.

It fucking sucks. It fucking sucks. Stop. No you’re not. You cannot defend this. 1 then 3 then 4 and then 2, that is the correct order.

Toy Story 1 is the best, one of the top five movies of all time to me!

Toy Story 3 real good. They should have ended up 3. Toy Story 4 fuck Forky!!! He sucks. He sucks. No one likes him. He’s a shitty character. Got I’m swearing a lot because you got me fired up. This is your fault.

Toy Story 4 sucks because of Forky and also too much Woody, what the hell? Why is Bo Peep shiny? Why does she have like a ninja suit? This sucks. The sheep, they’re shiny, too. Doesn’t make a goddamn lick of sense. It sucks.

But Toy Story two. First off, the miner guy, the fat guy, Jesse’s partner. See we cant even remember his name that’s how bad it is.

He sucks. He’s not the main character like he’s not the main villain. He shouldn’t… Stinky Pete that’s his name the Prospector he’s not a villain.

It’s just I get Al from Al’s Toy Barn was supposed to be the villain, but just I liked the part that I liked in that movie was when they’re on the little typewriter thing, trying to figure out the name of the store. The only part of the movie I liked, Toy Story 2 sucks and if you think it’s not the worst, as I say on my Twitch, re-evaluate your life. You need to watch all of them again. It’s one, three, four, two. No different.

Dylan ‘Hornswoggle’ Postl would discuss a wide range of topics during his interview with Inside the Ropes that you can read in full on, including the one moment in his wrestling career that he regrets.
Thank you to Dylan for taking the time out to speak with us, you can follow his journey in wrestling on his Twitter and support him via his store or his official Twitch channel.