Interview With . . . Alex Gracia

Alex Gracia

Arguably the greatest thing about AEW Dark is that it gives a multitude of wrestlers a platform to wrestle for one of the biggest wrestling companies on the planet – in All Elite Wrestling – and provides the opportunity to be seen by a whole new audience. Of course, those talents need to take that chance – and one who most definitely has done just that is ‘The Pink Dream’ Alex Gracia! Texas-born Gracia brightened up our screens when she took on Penelope Ford and Ivelisse in recent weeks, and The Pink Dream sat down with Inside The Ropes’ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy to chat about her AEW experience and much, much more!

Hi, Alex! First things first, for anyone not familiar with you – and they should be – who is Alex Gracia, and what is the Pink Dream?

I’m just a girl who’s always had big dreams. I’ve always been so motivated to do my best no matter what, and no matter what the circumstances. As a little girl, I was THE biggest tomboy but, as a grew up, I started to gain more interest in the girly-girl things like my hair, makeup, fashion, etc – but I was still a tomboy at heart.

The Pink Dream is a look into the soul of Alex Gracia. Everyone’s dreams are different but, for me, The Pink Dream is mine and represents beauty and strength while having the confidence to live as your true and authentic self.

And you started wrestling in 2018. Were you a wrestling fan growing up? If so, who were – or who are – your inspirations?

Growing up, I was not as big of a fan as other family members. I can’t say wrestling it was something I religiously watched, but I can say that – every time I did – it made an impact on me.

My dad’s family grew up watching Lucha Libre and I have always been drawn to that style, so Rey Mysterio is definitely my inspiration as far as how I want to connect with people. Every time you watch him, you are never disappointed.

You recently appeared on AEW Dark, wrestling Penelope Ford. Can you tell me a little bit about how that came about, and what the experience was like?

When I got called to be an extra, it was my second time doing extra work for AEW – the first time being in Corpus Christi before the pandemic, and I wasn’t able to wrestle – so when I had the chance this second time around, I was beyond thrilled and anxious at the same time. They told me I was going to wrestle Penelope and, for me, that was a full circle moment because I had wrestled Penelope within the first few months of my career at an EVOLVE tryout in Louisiana, WrestleMania Weekend, then I got to wrestle her again but under way different circumstances.

Might we see more of Alex Gracia in AEW going forward?

Since my first showing, I have been back and I want to go back and back even more!

Of course, it was reported last year that you’d had a WWE tryout. What was that experience like?

The WWE tryouts are nothing short of physically and mentally demanding. They really test you to see what you’ve got so, even though it’s difficult, it’s what you prepared for and what you’ve worked for – so having that challenge versus yourself is fun because you feel the growth within yourself once you complete the whole thing.

One promotion you’re also involved with is Zelo Pro! What makes Zelo Pro so special?

Zelo is ran by amazing people and, to me, that’s what makes it such a special place. They have a vision and they run with it until it happens. I had two previous times I was suppose to be there for a booking but, due to weather conditions the first time and the pandemic the second, they unfortunately fell through – but as soon as they were able to they still were consistent with bringing me in and having me wrestle Laynie Luck for the Zelo Pro Women’s Championship and I’m so glad they did because I will always remember that match with Laynie.

I recently interviewed someone who will be appearing in Zelo Pro very soon in Shaul Guerrero! What are your thoughts on Shaul wrestling for Zelo Pro?

I think she will be great! Zelo Pro treats everyone like family, so I believe that she will feel right at home.

Despite only wrestling for a couple of years, you’ve been in the ring with a lot of big names! You’ve wrestled the likes of Thunder Rosa, Kylie Rae, Su Yung, Jordynne Grace, Raquel Gonzalez, Scarlett Bordeaux and the late Hana Kimura. My favourite thing I hear from a lot of wrestlers is, “You never stop learning.” Who did you learn the most from working with, and what was the lesson you learned?

Ahh! That is such a hard question to answer because I learn something from these amazing people every time – but since I work with her inside and outside of the ring, I would have to say Thunder Rosa. I not only learn wrestling from her, but also a lot of life lessons. She’s always told me that if I work my butt off and work for every opportunity then I am untouchable.

Something no-one can take away from you is your work ethic and confidence in your skills and ability.

You’ve shared the ring with a lot of talented people – but who is Alex Gracia’s dream opponent?

My dream opponent changes a lot because there are so many great women wrestlers out there that it’s now easier for me to say my dream opponent is now based off of what would be a great moment.

Right now, my dream opponent is Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship.

Finally, we mentioned that you’ve only been wrestling for two years – but you’re taking the world by storm! Where does Alex Gracia want to be five or ten years into her career?

First of all, that’s super super sweet of you to say so thank you. I would say that five to ten years from now, I would love to be signed with a company and be a positive influence for little girls. One of my big dreams in life is having a little girls brand with clothing, bedding, hair tools, etc – so if I was somewhat close to that happening, then I would be one happy girl!

Thank you so much to Alex Gracia for taking the time to chat with Inside The Ropes. You can follow Alex on Twitter here, Instagram here, and pick up some merch via BigCartel here and via Pro Wrestling Tees here.