Brock Lesnar grounds Mark Hunt

Since UFC joined the scene in the late 1990s, people have been comparing it to WWE. Besides the fact that both are combat sports of a sort and take place inside a ring, they are really completely different sports. Fans of UFC seem to be particularly rabid about ‘proving’ that UFC is better because it’s real and more violent, without seeming to realize that it’s almost impossible to compare the two. But let’s try anyways!

We’re going to look at two of the main areas where WWE and UFC differ. First though, we need to clarify what the UFC rankings are. In sports like boxing and MMA, rankings are essential to determining how fights are organized. Since professional wrestling doesn’t have the same system, we should explain how rankings work in UFC before jumping into our topic.

What are UFC Rankings?

Unlike WWE, which has elaborate plots and character development that can sometimes span years and casts fighters in the roles of villains or heroes, UFC fights are unscripted and straightforward physical contests.UFC rankings have two categories – pound-for-pound and by weight class. For those interested in placing bets on UFC fights, comparing how fighters rank across both categories is a good way to get a better picture of how they stack up against one another.

How are UFC Rankings determined?

Many sports have experts that rank teams and players based on statistics from previous seasons and comparisons of how they match up against one another. UFC has a very different system that leaves a lot of room for subjective opinion, like who puts on the best show in the Octagon or has the most compelling story.

UFC rankings are determined by a panel of media members who vote on how fighters should be ranked. Championship Title holders cannot be voted on or included in the rankings, they have their own category.

Weight classes

Weight classes are the divisions that fighters compete in and typically range from flyweight to super heavyweight. In the last 10 years, five new weight classes were introduced. This means that the fighters in each class have very little leeway and will rarely fight someone more than 10 pounds heavier or lighter than they are. In UFC weight classes are strict and fighters who don’t make weight will have to forfeit 20 percent of their winnings as a fine — the fight goes on because the UFC schedule is very tightly controlled.

WWE has a much looser standard for weight classes. TheirCruiserweight Championship was just dissolved and folded into the NXT North American title. The Cruiserweight Championship has come and gone repeatedly since the 1990s, under a variety of different names.

Let’s take a moment to compare the top fighters in the UFC rankings of 2020 and WWE.

The UFC bantamweight rankings, the UFC featherweight rankings, the UFC welterweight rankings and the UFC lightweight rankings feature some of the most popular fighters in the business. This includes Conor McGregor, who was highly ranked as a lightweight and a featherweight (145-170lbs), Khabib Nurmagomedov who fought as a lightweight (around 155lbs) and Petr Yan who fights as a bantamweight (135lbs).

By contrast, the top WWE fighters that same year — Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns — all weighed in at over 250lbs.

Unlike boxing and MMA, a few pounds weight difference has less of an impact in professional wrestling. If you can bring a folding chair or some friends into the ring with you, a few extra pounds don’t really matter. It’s easy to understand why it is so important in UFC though.


The biggest difference between WWE and UFC is — in this writer’s personal opinion — that one is a heck of a lot more fun than the other. In UFC you’re never going to get the stories, the costumes and the drama that are inherent in the WWE. Not to mention the wonderful —or should we say punderful — ring names.

There is also much more showmanship and professionalism that goes into professional wrestling than in other combat sports. This is not to downplay the raw physical talent of UFC fighters, they are amazingly skilled.

To put it in the simplest terms though, kicking someone in the face until they can’t handle being kicked in the face anymore just isn’t as impressive as watching a wrestler come flying off the top rope and slam into their opponent without doing any damage to either of them. One of those things you expect to happen, the other feels impossible to the uninitiated