Who Will Win The Men’s Royal Rumble Match In 2021?

Randy Orton Edge Royal Rumble

There aren’t many bigger WWE pay-per-views of the year than the Royal Rumble.

The 30-man match sets the tone for the calendar year in WWE and immediately begins to raise the anticipation ahead of the year’s biggest event, WrestleMania.

Sure, WWE matches are easier to predict than the MMA and UFC odds (check out BetAmerica website to know how they stand). Still, despite their already-known scripted nature, it’s always entertaining to guess who will win the Royal Rumble.

The Royal Rumble in 2021 could be one of the toughest to predict in recent years, as there are a number of different superstars that could potentially win the match. But, do the odds for the upcoming match point to a clear winner, and what are the chances of the favourite moving forward?


Big E

The clear favourite in the betting markets at present is Big E. For many months now, fans have been told on social media that the former Intercontinental Champion is set to receive a monster push.

However, to this point, there have been no real indications that it is set to happen. Instead, he is sticking with the same comedy persona that worked so well during the record-breaking tag team title reign of The New Day.

It was clear for all to see that Big E was the standout star from the tag team throughout their run, and a future world title opportunity looks to be assured. However, the odds would suggest that his opportunity will come after winning the Rumble in January.

It would seem like a no-brainer, as just having Big E in the same ring as Roman Reigns at ‘Mania would instantly increase his star quality, like it already has with Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre and Jey Uso this year. Big E looks to be the one to beat, and it could make for compelling viewing to see him oppose the Head of the Table.



Another common name at the top of the betting is the man that made a shocking return during the 2020 match.

Edge’s return was the biggest shock that we have seen in WWE for many years, as nobody could have foreseen the Rated R Superstar coming back from career-ending neck surgery nine years after being forced into early retirement.

However, fans were quickly assured that his return wasn’t a one-and-done case, as he quickly engaged in one of the strongest rivalries of the year against Randy Orton. Edge claimed the win in a hard-hitting matchup at ‘Mania, before Orton gained revenge in the self-titled ‘Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’.

Edge picked up an injury in that re-match at Backlash, which has meant that it has been six months since we last saw the eleven-time world champion. His return is likely close, and a potential world title match at Mania in 2021 could steal the show.


Drew McIntyre

Surprisingly, the current WWE Champion is also among the favourites to win the Royal Rumble match in 2021. McIntyre won the Rumble in 2020 and went on to beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at the biggest show of the year. He lost the title to Orton before successfully regaining the gold on the Raw before Survivor Series.

It could be argued that no bigger star has been born in WWE this calendar year, with McIntyre clearly being the biggest face in the company at present.

However, The Miz still holds the Money in the Bank briefcase, and that means that there are always question marks surrounding how much longer his reign could continue.

We saw an early glimpse at a potential long-running feud between McIntyre and Roman Reigns at Survivor Series, as the superstars produced a classic.

There would be very few complaints if fans are given that same match at Mania, and that could happen if McIntyre wins the Rumble in January.