What Makes The Royal Rumble Popular?

Superstars team up to elminate Omos from the Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is the second-biggest wrestling event after WrestleMania and is based on a battle royal. A battle royal consists of anywhere between 4 to 30 wrestlers in the ring at once trying to throw each other over the top rope so that they’re eliminated from the match. The last man standing wins, and sometimes there’s a special rule such as making it a steel cage match.

The Royal Rumble is a yearly January event and derives its name from the classic Battle Royal event that WWE used to hold annually at their flagship annual show, WrestleMania. In 1988, Pat Patterson came up with the idea of having 30 wrestlers participate in a battle royal instead of the usual number of participants for those types of matches, which is typically 20.

The Royal Rumble was first held at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario on January 24, 1988. The winner that year was Big John Studd who last eliminated Ted DiBiase to win the match and received a trophy as well as a check for $10,000. The likes of Andre the Giant, Randy Savage, and Hulk Hogan participated in the event which set an attendance record at the time for the Royal Rumble.

The winner of the match gets a chance to headline WrestleMania – which means having a WWE World Title shot against whoever happens to be holding that title into ‘Mania season. Here are some of the tops reasons why the WWE Royal Rumble is a popular event:

1) It’s a Battle Royal – A traditional battle royal is what started it all and has been a success for WWE. The Rumble match features 30 men fighting it out to be the last man standing after all of them have entered the ring a specific number at a time, usually every 90 seconds or 2 minutes.

2) Surprise Entrants – One of the reasons why fans love the Royal Rumble is that they never know who will be coming out next. This keeps things exciting for everybody, especially when it’s someone like AJ Styles or Samoa Joe showing up unexpectedly in the middle of the match.

3) Multiple Winners – When you compare this with other big WWE matches (like TLC), there are multiple Royal Rumble winners. In fact, it’s been a yearly event for so long that 30 different men have won the match since its inception!

4) The Battle Royal Build-Up – There are numerous rumors and news reports about who may or may not be showing up at the upcoming Royal Rumble match, which keeps everybody guessing as to who will take part in this yearly spectacular.

5) The Winner Has a Chance to Headline WrestleMania – At the end of the Royal Rumble; it’s always down to two men who are fighting for the championship match at WrestleMania. This means that whoever wins has an opportunity to be one of the main stars in WWE throughout ‘Mania season!

Can You Bet On Royal Rumble Matches?

There are so many options to bet on WWE matches these days. With the football banker bets, you can place a bet on your favorite wrestler. There are options for singles matches, tag team matches, TLC matches, and other forms of boxing. The WWE Royal Rumble rarely has low odds because it’s the first step towards WrestleMania.

And if you’re looking to bet on who will win the next Royal Rumble match? Well, there are tons of bets out there that might be perfect for you. The WWE Royal Rumble odds are usually decent because of the excitement around the event every year. And if you’re looking to bet on who will be this year’s winner? You can do that too!

With the stakes being high for the wrestlers involved, fans are usually pretty excited to watch the Royal Rumble match. As a result, you’ll usually see plenty of betting options available. If you’re interested in placing a WWE bet for other matches throughout the year, you can do that as well.

The odds are often very good because there’s so much action in these matches! Just keep an eye open for new bets as they hit the market, so you can get in on the action before it’s too late!


The Royal Rumble is a unique and innovative match that was first introduced by the WWE in 1988. Every year 30 men, usually consisting of former World Champions and mid-card wrestlers all compete to see who will be the last man standing.

Whoever eliminates everyone else has a chance to win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania in front of 100,000+ fans. The Royal Rumble is a sports entertainment phenomenon that people from all over the world look forward to every year. May your favorite wrestler win and may you make money betting on WWE!