Tyson Fury Is In Limbo, WWE Should Offer Him A Contract

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is a man that needs constant stimulation in his life: without it, we tend to see a poorer version of the boxer emerge.

You only need to look back at his turbulent years between 2016 and 2018 to get a better understanding of how important it is that he stays active, with the media documenting the extent of Fury’s declining physical and mental health in the absence of structure.

Rather concerningly, it’s now been over three months since the Englishman last fought, and for all his prospective opponents being mentioned in 2022, the urgency to make these fights a reality seems to be missing.

There’s chatter on the bookmakers’ markets, however. For instance, the latest outright betting odds have priced a fight between Fury and fellow Englishman Dillian Whyte, with Fury staked at odds of 2/11 to retain his WBC belt. Tellingly, we still don’t have a confirmed date for that fight. March has, of course, been bandied about as a possible time but with the end of January fast approaching and still no official confirmation, you do get the feeling that the boxing world is somewhat in a state of limbo and unable to make these blockbuster fights happen for whatever reason.

With this being the case, the WWE should strike whilst the iron is hot and tie Fury down to a contract whilst heavyweight boxing gets its house in order. After all, it was as recently as early January when Fury announced that he would definitely enjoy a second coming in the WWE, which could be interpreted as a come-and-get-me to Vince McMahon. In addition to that, we know they both enjoy a very good relationship with both parties naturally aware of how beneficial collaboration in the future would be.

At least, it could be a short-term deal that will hopefully inspire the powers that be of global boxing to reassess their current priorities. In other words, they simply cannot afford to carry on kicking the can down the road after Fury proved what a natural he was in the wrestling world by beating Braun Strowman in 2019. Indeed, with the groundwork in place to extend Fury’s time in the WWE, you just get the sense that now is the time for the WWE to take a bold stance by snatching the heavyweight champion from the world of boxing.

At the moment, avid wrestling fans are preparing for the Royal Rumble and there are rumours galore as to potential surprise appearances. WWE is a ludicrous empire with a devoted fandom, the likes of which would embrace Fury with open arms. Though a somewhat unfamiliar territory, it’s evident that Fury and pastures new in the wrestling world are a match made in heaven when you consider how passionate Fury is about the WWE, having watched it all his life. The international wrestling community and its millions of fans would also love the chance to see Fury going toe to toe with the meanest men in the industry as he battles to become WWE champion, a goal that he has not hidden from anyone when asked.

When all is said and done, the boxing world’s loss could be the WWE’s gain if the current state of limbo carries on and Fury continues to get restless. The 33-year-old will want to see some action soon so don’t take your eyes off what could potentially be one of the most incredible coups the WWE has ever pulled off.