The Bloodline: Five Most Memorable Moments

Bloodline Survivor Series 2022

The Bloodline is WWE’s premier faction and the best storyline of the past two decades. Not since Austin-McMahon has WWE offered episodic storytelling for such a long time that has gripped audiences and elevated all the talent they come into contact with.

The latest chapter saw a shocking betrayal at SummerSlam as Jimmy Uso cost his brother, Jey the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. That would seem to suggest Jimmy has realigned himself with The Bloodline casting Jey as the sole outsider from the family.

For over two years, ‘The Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns has sat atop The Bloodline and the group has ruled the roost on SmackDown since they officially formed in July 2021. However, the Bloodline storyline dates back even further to August 2020. Reigns returned at SummerSlam on August 23, 2020, then lifted the Universal Title at Payback on August 30. He subsequently feuded with his cousin, Jey. After vanquishing his younger cousin in major matches at Clash of Champions and Hell in a Cell, he forced him to fall in line. Jimmy followed suit (eventually) after he returned from injury on the May 27, 2021 SmackDown.

The Bloodline has headlined numerous television and Premium Live Events and is the hottest act in all of wrestling. This feature looks back at the five most memorable moments featuring The Bloodline over the past couple of years.

#5 Solo Sikoa Joins The Bloodline – September 3, 2022

Solo Sikoa

When The Bloodline officially formed in the summer of 2021, it counted Roman Reigns and his cousins, The Usos as members. ‘The Wise Man’ Paul Heyman served as the group’s “Special Counsel.”

From April 2022, Sami Zayn began to ingratiate himself with The Bloodline and over time was welcomed as a fully-fledged member. However, in September of that year, the faction’s numbers grew once more.

The Uso’s younger brother, Solo Sikoa debuted on the main roster in the closing moments of Clash at the Castle, from Cardiff, Wales.

With Drew McIntyre seemingly set to lift the World crown from Reigns, Sikoa interjected himself, leaving the Scot prone to the decisive Spear.

Sikoa had made an instant impact and has proved himself to be integral to The Bloodline story ever since.

#4 Sami Zayn Proves Himself To The Bloodline – November 26, 2022

Bloodline Sami Zayn WarGames

Sami Zayn sought to ally himself with The Bloodline after WrestleMania 38. Initially met with indifference by the group, he eventually managed to ingratiate himself with the faction.

However, cracks began to appear over the fall, with Zayn’s loyalty to The Bloodline questioned after a series of miscues and misunderstandings. Zayn’s longtime ally/rival, Kevin Owens tried to persuade Zayn to turn on The Bloodline before they turned on him.

Heading into Survivor Series and the WarGames main event, Zayn was set to compete with his Bloodline associates opposite Owens’s team. Jey Uso, who was the lone member of The Bloodline to not be convinced by Zayn pushed Roman Reigns to expel him from the group.

Zayn was given a ultimatum. He must choose. Owens or The Bloodline. Zayn made his choice in emphatic fashion. He prevented Owens from pinning Reigns and after a brief stare down nailed his former buddy with a low blow, followed by a Helluva Kick.

That enabled Jey to pin Owens after a splash. Zayn’s actions were enough to convince Jey that Sami was fully committed to The Bloodline and the pair shared an emotional embrace ending a long-time episodic story thread between them. An unforgettable moment.

#3 Jey Uso Pins Roman Reigns – July 1, 2023

Jey Uso pins Roman Reigns at WWE Money In The Bank

It was billed as “Civil War” between The Bloodline factions, The Usos and Roman Reigns, and Solo Sikoa. After finally having enough of their condescending cousin, Roman Reigns, the Usos set to put him and their younger brother in their place.

The headliner of Money in the Bank was a superbly heated contest as both teams smashed each other with everything they had as the raucous London crowd roared its approval.

After half an hour of top-class action, The Usos smashed Reigns with a flurry of Superkicks. Jey then hit a Splash from the top rope and pinned ‘The Tribal Chief.’

That marked the first time Reigns had been pinned in almost four years, since he lost to Baron Corbin at TLC in December 2019.

A truly momentous moment to cap an excellent match and a key moment in the epic Bloodline saga.

#2 Sami Zayn Turns On The Bloodline – January 28, 2023

Sami Zayn Royal Rumble 2023

The Sami Zayn/Bloodline saga came to a head at the 2023 Royal Rumble event. After surviving ‘The Trial of Sami Zayn’ on the go-home RAW episode on January 23, Zayn was given one last opportunity to prove himself.

Zayn was tasked with ensuring Roman Reigns retained the gold versus Kevin Owens in the ‘Rumble headliner for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title.

The ‘honorary Uce’ stood by and allowed Reigns to defeat ‘The Prizefighter.’ However, in an electric moment, after Reigns and the Usos continued to beat Owens down post-match, Zayn stepped into a thunderous response.

An incredulous Reigns berated Zayn and instructed him to nail Owens with a chair himself. In a classic moment, Zayn instead turned the chair on Reigns and left him laying.

Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa took out Zayn but in a surprising twist, Jey who had been at odds with Zayn throughout most of 2022 was conflicted and refused to join in the assault.

This set up the brilliant Reigns/Zayn title match at Elimination Chamber in Montreal. World-class storytelling at its finest and a moment that will be remembered fondly for decades to come.

#1 Jey Uso Quits The Bloodline – June 16, 2023

Jey Uso Quits The Bloodline

At Night of Champions on May 27, 2023, The Usos attempted to assist their ‘Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns, and their younger brother, Solo Sikoa win the Tag Team Title from Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

However, their interference went wrong and the pair accidentally nailed Sikoa with Superkicks. An apoplectic Reigns screamed at the cousins which led to Jimmy hitting him with a Superkick. He nailed him with a second as Zayn took advantage and took the win.

Jey was horrified at his brother’s actions and over the next several weeks tried to play peacemaker between the family. However, Reigns’s browbeating pushed Jey too far and in an intense segment where Reigns had attempted to turn Jey against Jimmy, Jey finally snapped.

Jey told Jimmy that he was “out” of The Bloodline and that he was too. He then smashed Reigns with a Superkick signifying the break-up of the group and expertly setting up the “Civil War” clash at Money in the Bank.

A truly momentous occurrence that is the most memorable Bloodline moment to date.

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