10 Most Lucrative WWE Merchandise Items

WWE merchandise stand at WrestleMania Axxess

For decades WWE has put on a masterclass on how to make sure live fans have a fantastic time and also, have as many opportunities to spend their hard earned cash on WWE products as possible. WWE merchandise is not only a fantastic revenue driver for the company but also an opportunity to find out just how over a talent is with the WWE Universe.

Whilst many items on this list will come as no surprise, you may be shocked to learn that t-shirts occupy only two spots on this list.

Let’s find out what else WWE fans have been spending their money on in the last calendar year.

John Cena “Signature Series” Spinner Championship Replica Title

John Cena "Signature Series" Spinner Championship Replica Title
  • Estimate Units Sold: 1,000
  • Estimated Earnings: $399,990

The spinner championship has always been a point of contention for classic WWE fans and in the this John Cena signature version, he takes it over the edge. This championship features the spinner WWE Championship, but the black leather has been replaced by bright orange, complete with ‘The Champ Is Here’ on the rear and the ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ logos beside it.

Whilst many championships are a nod to tradition, this one has truly gone full Cena even sporting camo print on the inside of the leather.

Much like his in-ring career, dividing the fanbase has paid dividends for John Cena, with this championship title clasping the number ten spot on our best sellers list and also provides a surprising entry for our number nine spot.

John Cena United States Spinner Championship Replica Title

John Cena United States Spinner Championship Replica Title
  • Estimate Units Sold: 900
  • Estimated Earnings: $404,991

Relive John Cena’s first foray into spinning titles with his unique take on the United States championship. Whilst many would expect Cena’s signature spinner WWE title to be higher up the list, many feel the US spinner is actually more aesthetically pleasing and the paying customers seem to agree.

It was in December 2004 that Cena first debuted this interesting take on the historic United States Championship. It features all things Cena, with the US flag, his original ‘Word Life’ catchphrase and plenty of bling all in a sleek circular design.

The Bloodline ‘We The Ones’ Authentic T-Shirt

The Bloodline ‘We The Ones’ Authentic T-Shirt
  • Estimate Units Sold: 27,100
  • Estimated Earnings: $406,500

The last few years have seen absolute domination by The Bloodline. This is no change for WWE mainstay top talent Roman Reigns, but this has seen his cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso step up to the main event stage on a consistent basis.

For the first time, The Uso’s join Reigns on the best sellers list, proving that when it comes to merchandise the combined effort of a faction can yield greater results than that of the individual parts.

This Bloodline shirt is the single best selling item associated with the tribal chief and has netted an impressive $406,500 across 27,100 units.

John Cena ‘Earn The Day’ Authentic T-Shirt

John Cena ‘Earn The Day’ Authentic T-Shirt

  • Estimate Units Sold: 25,000
  • Estimated Earnings: $425,000

It’s no surprise that Cena earns multiple appearances on this list.

Having followed in the footsteps of The Rock, transcending the world of professional wrestling and into films, it can sometimes be easy to forget just how dominant Cena’s run at the top was. Even Ric Flair himself heralds Cena’s run as the most successful of all time and this was supported by 20 years brightly coloured t-shirts sporting his iconic catchphrases.

The Earn The Day shirt is no different and perfectly on brand for Cena, with his cartoon representation, bright green colouring and his trademark ‘U Can’t See Me’ on the rear. It’s no surprise that this shirt made the list. Whilst it sold slightly less units than its Bloodline counterpart, Cena’s marginally higher price point has allowed him to sneak into the number seven spot, proving it’s all about the margins.

WWE Million Dollar Championship Replica Title

WWE Million Dollar Championship Replica Title

  • Estimate Units Sold: 1,600
  • Estimated Earnings: $559,984

In the words of the man himself, ‘everybody’s got a price’, and it seems in this case, fans were more than happy to cough up the cash.

This unique and timeless piece has had multiple short stints as an active championship from 1989 all the way to last year when it was retired by Cameron Grimes in NXT. The title is often used to give a push to ascending superstars, including Steve Austin as he was transitioning from the Ringmaster to his Stone Cold persona.

This replica title is so popular with fans in fact that it has elevated The Million Dollar Man to become still, the 12th best overall merchandise seller for WWE. Not bad for retiring as an in-ring competitor a whopping 29 years ago!

The Rock “Brahma Bull” Replica Championship Title Belt

The Rock "Brahma Bull" Replica Championship Title Belt
  • Estimate Units Sold: 1,600
  • Estimated Earnings: $559,984

This intriguing title often raises questions with fans around when it was commissioned and if it was ever planned to be used on WWE television. In an interview with championship title expert Dan van Alst, it was confirmed that WWE’s long time belt maker Joe Marshall did in fact make this belt for The Rock, with intention of it being used.

For years, this belt had remained an urban myth until WWE confirmed its existence by displaying it and it’s story WrestleMania Axxess.

In 2018 it was originally reported that the belt was lost in the mail, before The Great One himself confirmed in a Twitter exchange that the belt had been made, but they decided against using it because it was seen as copying Steve Austin’s “cool skull belt”.

If you can look past the bull centre piece, this title is perhaps most similar in shape to the modern-day circular tag belt design the WWE has used since 2010.

Despite its basic appearance, the Brahma Bull Championship is tied with iconic Million Dollar Championship, which perhaps illustrates the power of The Great One’s brand and fanbase.

WWE Championship Spinner Replica Title Belt

WWE Championship Spinner Replica Title Belt
  • Estimate Units Sold: 2,200
  • Estimated Earnings: $725,978

After defeating JBL at WrestleMania 21, it wouldn’t be long before the leader of the chain gang would look to put his on ‘spin’ on the WWE title, quite literally.

Whilst JBL tried to bring a halt to proceedings and protect the honour of the esteemed Undisputed Championship, Cena literally dropped and I quote, ‘guts’ on Bradshaw from the ceiling before celebrating with his new championship to the rapturous applause from the live crowd.

An impressive third outing for Cena on this replica championship list, the original spinner design has claimed the 3rd spot, reportedly generating and estimated $725,978 for the company.

As previously mentioned, spinner titles always divide the audience and upset the vocal minority, but the number don’t like and the numbers don’t lie and making replica title a focus is what’s best for business.

Whilst other stars such as Edge and The Miz have had their influence on the titles appearance at times, this title was the centre piece for the John Cena era and is a must have for his loyal fanbase.

Stone Cold Smoking Skull Championship Replica Title Belt

Stone Cold Smoking Skull Championship Replica Title Belt
  • Estimate Units Sold: 2,800
  • Estimated Earnings: $839,972

It’s very rare that a superstar can become bigger than the business, but no one has had a hotter few years than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

With that in mind, it’s only fitting that the Rattlesnake be awarded his own custom championship title.

Legend has it that Austin got the title made without the knowledge of the office, initially landing him in hot water for ‘going into business for himself’. However, it didn’t take long for the office to realise that this was also great business for WWE, with this championship eventually becoming the second-highest grossing championship title.

Whilst it may have been jarring for management at the time, it makes perfect sense for the Stone Cold character to turn his back on tradition and carve his own path, with his own custom championship.

It seems the fans and their wallets agree!

Alexa Bliss ‘Lilly’ Plush Doll

Alexa Bliss and Lilly
  • Estimate Units Sold: 28,000
  • Estimated Earnings: $863,712

Since 2021, Alexa Bliss has become the top merchandise seller on the active roster.

This may come as a surprise to some of our readers, but the Lilly plush doll has become such a roaring success for the company, that only one former legend was able to prevent Bliss from taking the top spot.

This proves that not only was her allegiance with The Fiend a stroke of creative genius, but also that WWE fans have a hunger for variety in their merchandising.

Lilly has sold 28,000 units at the 30 dollars each raking in around half of her total sales totalling a whopping $1.6 million dollars.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Legacy Championship Collector’s Title

Stone Cold Steve Austin Legacy Championship Collector's Title
  • Estimate Units Sold: 1,600
  • Estimated Earnings: $1,359,984

It may surprising to some to learn that the best selling replica championship for WWE is a title that didn’t even exist. Well in this case, the $1,359,984 that it’s brought in for the company is indeed the bottom line which takes this collector’s title designed to celebrate 25 years of Stone Cold to the very top of the list.

This is a must have for Austin fans, with his name etched into the leather in the exact same style it appeared on his vest. His catchphrases appear in references throughout but in a way that is subtly Stone Cold when compared to the overtly decorated John Cena championship.

The revenue this title has generated demonstrates just how over Steve Austin was, that is if his recent WrestleMania main event wasn’t enough to convince you.

In terms of layout, this piece is actually quite similar to the current WWE Championship, which has left fans wondering if this would have been the modern day equivalent of the Smoking Skull Championship, have Steve Austin had a longer run at the top in recent years.