Is Wrestling Real or Fake? Let’s Settle This Now

Dax Harwood powerbomb CM Punk

Ah! The age-old question – is wrestling real or fake? We’re here to squash any uncertainties, because whether wrestling is an orchestrated sport or not, there’s no denying it’s entertaining.

To think that wrestling is completely real would be naïve indeed. The dialogues are scripted, the storyline and plot twists are pre-written and the results of the fights are known to the wrestlers beforehand, they just need to play it out in the ring.

WWE, and wrestling as a whole, is all about entertainment and everything is fully scripted by professional script writers.

There are a lot of real elements to the action as well. The aerial acrobatics, the bruises and sometimes even the blood is 100% real. The wrestlers are usually very athletic and fit, but they are also highly trained and tremendous actors who need to balance safety with risky wrestling manoeuvres and trust the capabilities of their counter parts to make it all come together.

There Are Some Real Aspects To Wrestling

Hollywood actors have the comfort of not having to do risky stunts as stunt doubles put their bodies on the line instead of the actor. However, this is not the case with wrestling. All wrestlers are themselves professional stuntmen in a way. Even though wrestling is scripted, the risk of injuries is absolutely real.

The action in WWE is very genuine. WWE wrestlers battle each other in real life, but they do so according to a pre-written narrative. They unleash punches, kicks, and clotheslines while being careful not to injure anyone. The scratches and bruises you see on wrestler’s body are genuine and not made up. The blood too is often genuine. However, the way of initiating the bleeding is occasionally deceptive. Many WWE wrestlers have admitted to using blades to discreetly leak blood in WWE and most pro wrestling.

Sometimes, WWE wrestlers have sustained substantial injuries after things have gone wrong. Some of the most noteworthy injuries that have occurred during WWE matches include concussions, torn quads, torn pecs, broken teeth, nerve damage, dislocated shouters, broken knees and even a bruised kidney on one occasion. For a sport that gets a lot of criticism for being ‘fake’, the injuries sure are real. In fact, tragically, several wrestlers have died in the ring.

The case of Canadian wrestler Owen Hart is one of the more recent deaths to have occurred in pro wrestling. It happened in 1999 when an over-the-top entrance went wrong and the wrestler fell 78 feet down to the ring and passed away later in the hospital. Just because things are scripted, it does not mean everything always goes as per the script, the danger is real and that adds to the entertainment too.

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Kayfabe – What Is It?

In professional wrestling, kayfabe refers to portraying a contrived effort as authentic or legitimate.

It also means staying true to the character you’re portraying in front of the camera. Wrestlers in the WWE and other professional wrestling promotions have personas and perform accordingly. Some are scripted to be bad guys, some cheats, some backstabbers and some portrayed as good and heroic.

Wrestlers employ their theatrics as their on-screen personalities, which aids in the improvement of the plot. Wrestlers have been known to breach kayfabe and reveal their true selves in front of the audience on rare instances.

Just Because it is Scripted Does Not Mean it is Not Highly Entertaining

The fact that it is staged makes no difference. That is why people watch professional wrestling even though they know it’s not ‘real’.

They are aware that it takes great athleticism and bravery to perform and synchronise moves in real time with millions watching. In fact, some would argue that it would be easier just to fight for real than to act and perform as per the script. However, it would not have the same type of appeal or entertainment. WWE and professional wrestling is popular because it is extremely exciting. It has all of the elements, such as action, comedy, drama, emotions, and so on.

When you watch wrestlers battle intently, you develop an attachment to them and will likely take sides, support certain wrestlers or even become diehard fans.

It is not just WWE which is scripted, but most pro-wrestling franchises such as All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Ring of Honor Wrestling, etc. are all scripted.

The bottom line is pretty simple, if you’re after entertainment, you will get truckloads of it watching WWE and other pro wrestling matches. The notion that the events are prearranged makes no difference to a professional wrestling fan. We all know most movies and television series are scripted, but we love them nonetheless because they deliver entertainment.

While a Hollywood actor can do a re-take if the acting was not satisfactory, wrestlers don’t get to do re-takes, they must get it right while the world watches and that takes a lot of talent, effort, planning and skill.