How Will Royal Rumble Odds Differ the Event’s Results?

Drew McIntyre

At the Royal Rumble, 30 men and 30 women battle it out in their respective division every January to see who will be the number one contender for the World Championship at WrestleMania.

One of the fun elements in watching this unique spectacle is trying to guess who will be a surprise entrant, which superstar drew what number, and most importantly, who is
going to win. The WWE likes to keep fans guessing in the lead-up and during the event, surprising fans in attendance and at home with every entry. AJ Styles’ introduction to
the WWE Universe came at the Royal Rumble in 2016 and is just one example of the company debuting a wrestler at the marquee event. On the other hand, this event kicks off the road to WrestleMania and has been met with criticism in the past. Daniel Bryan was a non-participant in the 2014 edition of the event but went on to main event WrestleMania that year in one of the greatest underdog stories in WWE.

The Royal Rumble, much like WWE’s writing at times, is unique as the possibilities are truly endless. With several options and paths the company can venture towards, nothing is a guarantee and everything is on the table at this event. In the past, the Royal Rumble has focused mainly on superstars who have already been established as main eventers to win. Triple H, Batista and John Cena are a few examples of previous winners that already had clout inside the business. WWE has
involved women in the past, but for decades the event featured predominantly male participants. There was a culture change in the company that involved the women’s
division having their own event to headline WrestleMania, so there isn’t as much data to go on in terms of previous winners. Still, the WWE likes to showcase their best or up-and-coming talent, which is why Asuka (2018) and Charlotte Flair (2020) are two previous winners.

The WWE has seen a wide range of winners in the past. While some of the most popular wrestlers in the company are betting favorites, don’t be surprised if WWE throws a curveball at its audience.

Odds have not yet been released for the event, but Betway Sports has the event listed in their Specials categories. Once odds are posted, it will be interesting to see how the
WWE sways from the bookmakers. Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Big E are potential Royal Rumble winners. There is also talk of The Rock returning to WWE in the
near future. Could he be the next Royal Rumble winner? Brock Lesnar has been off television for a while but is always a popular betting selection in any match he is in. Again, it seems that Lesnar is nearing his return to WWE, which could sway odds. The Rock is starting to wind down the filming of Black Adam, so that could lead to a possible feud with Roman Reigns as there have been rumors of him squaring off against Reigns at WrestleMania.

If WWE is looking to make history, it would mark the first time two wrestlers of Samoan descent would main event WrestleMania. Reigns is the current WWE Champion and
has been linked to a feud with The Rock in the past. Big E has always been a fan-favorite among the WWE Universe but is still awaiting a push to singles stardom.

Over in the women’s division, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks will always be safe and popular picks to win the Royal Rumble. However, there have been reports
that Rhea Ripley could win the Royal Rumble this year. Even Ronda Rousey, a wrestler that left television is linked to a potential win as well. Ripley is the current Raw Women’s Champion, so it is a possibility she could drop the title and regain it at WrestleMania.

Lynch is reportedly set to return to WWE very soon, so it will be interesting to see if she will compete in the Rumble this year. Rousey is also expecting the birth of her first child
in the summer. Charlotte Flair has done it all in the division, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see her win once again. Sasha Banks has never won the Royal Rumble, so she could be the WWE’s option this January. Once odds are officially released, WWE’s outlook will become clearer.

Who is your pick to win the Royal Rumble this year?