Drew McIntyre – Plans Change, Destinations Don’t

Drew McIntyre

“Nothing ever goes to plan but we always get to the destination.”

There may never be a more fitting quote, to sum up, Drew McIntyre’s journey to the WWE Championship, as the first-ever British WWE Champion utters those words during WWE 24: Drew McIntyre – The Chosen One, which is now available to watch on the WWE Network.

‘The Chosen One’ is a title that may not be appropriate, though. Even to an outsider, after watching this one-hour special, it’s evident that the perfect cocktail of natural ability, and the hard work, determination, and drive to hone that ability got him there. Even if the Ayr-born Superstar had to take the path less travelled.

If it went to plan, it wouldn’t match the last ten years of Drew McIntyre’s journey. The WWE Champion proclaims that statement in a Zoom call with his family back in Scotland moments after winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania in an empty Performance Center.

Drew McIntyre – The Road Less Travelled

That journey, it has to be said, may just be the world’s longest rollercoaster, and we start at the end to kick off WWE 24. Tampa, Florida, April 5th. Drew McIntyre stares at the Raymond James Stadium from airport and says, “You can’t keep dwelling on what could have been.” That is the very mentality that got the Scottish Psychopath to this point, and maybe the entire reason for his success.

If McIntyre was the type to dwell, though, no-one could blame him. From speaking about his mother’s struggles cerebellar ataxia, which saw her being advised to abort Drew before he was born or risk her own life, to saving for one year to get on a train for 12 hours just to get in the ring to train for the first time, McIntyre endured a lifetime of hurdles before even making it to WWE. Add to that the pressures of being named The Chosen One by Vince McMahon, being thrust into the limelight before being ready, going through a divorce and finding out his mother was terminally ill, and it says everything about McIntyre that he’s now holding the most coveted prize in professional wrestling.

The Scotsman opens up candidly about his struggles with alcohol as a coping mechanism to “numb” his emotions, not being as present as he should in his relationship, losing his beloved mother, being released from WWE and suffering from a broken neck in his very own Chronicle. However, on the flip side of that, making wrestling a thing in Scotland, then becoming the first ever Scottish wrestler to win the WWE Champion may just go some way to balancing out that heartbreak.

An incredibly personal peek behind the curtain sees Drew McIntyre’s dad speak about his son’s WrestleMania moment being the proudest moment of his life, while his wife Kaitlyn narrates Drew’s personal rollercoaster along the way. Meanwhile, Nikki Cross, Killian Dain, Wolfgang, Noam Dar, Ricochet, Sheamus, Jinder Mahal and many others make cameo appearances to open up about the man himself, and we hear about how McIntyre was meant to wrestle Undertaker at WrestleMania 26, then meant to win the MITB briefcase – but instead ended up being in 3 Man Band and struggling an identity crisis – both inside the ring and out.

“I wouldn’t have trusted myself” to be number one guy, Drew honestly says. However, over a decade later, I think anyone would be hard-pushed to find a safer pair of hands to carry the WWE Championship amidst a global pandemic in hindsight.

“This is my WrestleMania moment”

We’re also privy to the scenes which saw McIntyre pulled mid-trip from a visit to Scotland to promote WrestleMania onto the first flight back to the States, for fear that the main-eventer wouldn’t be allowed back in the country. As well as the haunting images of McIntyre preparing to win the WWE Championship at a pre-taped, fan-less WrestleMania. The ever-honest McIntyre says he was angry, and felt sorry for himself, before understanding that he was being “selfish” and learned to appreciate that he was privileged enough to give the world an escape during the most difficult time in his generation.

“This is bigger than my moment in an arena full of people screaming.”

McIntyre’s WrestleMania moment may not have been in front of 90,000 people at Raymond James Stadium, but he did get to relive it twice. “It was my WrestleMania moment,” McIntyre says on unconventionally breaking the fourth wall to thank the fans through the lens of a camera. A moment the WWE Champion watched at home, on the couch, with his cats as he gets handed the WWE Championship by his wife to officially crown him champion while the Show of Shows beams live into millions of homes around the globe.

As fellow Scot Noam Dar states, Drew McIntyre’s journey IS a fairytale. However, as detailed in this one-hour rollercoaster ride, it’s most definitely an unconventional one – which emphasises the point that Drew McIntyre may be The Chosen One, but only because he made sure it was impossible for the world not to choose him.

WWE 24: Drew McIntyre – The Chosen One is available to watch now on the WWE Network.