Best 25 NXT TakeOver Matches In History

NXT TakeOver

Well, it’s happened, NXT has changed. As of September 14th, the black and gold brand was no more with the promotion is being updated to a more colourful and vibrant version – NXT 2.0 – complete with a new-look arena.

The change has been met with reservation by some fans, but the fact we don’t know what to expect. However, one thing is for sure, the NXT of old is no more as a new and exciting era begins.

So in celebration of the black and gold generation, we take a look at the best matches NXT TakeOver had to offer. NXT TakeOvers were must-see events for any wrestling fans and often overshadowed the main roster PPV the following day. From top to bottom they featured some of the best and most exciting professional wrestling on the planet.

Let’s take a look at the best 25 NXT TakeOver matches in history.

25. The Authors Of Pain vs #DIY NXT Tag Team Title Championship Ladder Match – NXT TakeOver: Chicago

We kick off the list with this fantastically violent and beautifully brutal outing from Chicago in 2017. AOP and #DIY clashed in the main event, which capped an incredible night.

AOP were the most dominant tag team in NXT for years destroying all who stood in their way. In fact, they defeated their smaller and scrappier opponents to capture the title some months earlier. The introduction of the ladders in this match changed the dynamics between the two teams and countered AOP’s size and power advantage. This allowed #DIY to take the champions to their limit and deliver a new form of pain to the authors of it.

The action was excellent, but the story told in the ring was epic. Tension was growing in #DIY after a run of unsuccessful title challenges but they were out to show their connection was as strong as ever. This led to one of the best spots in wrestling history when Gargano sacrificed himself and took a ladder shot to the head to save a stranded Ciampa.

After several more thrilling spots that included DIY hitting a ladder-assisted Meet in the Middle, they ascended the ladder and grabbed the titles only to have the ladder removed leaving them hanging high over the middle of the ring. AOP plucked their opponents like low hanging fruit and hit a Super Collider that allowed the champs to claim their titles.

What followed this incredible outing was one of the most iconic betrayals when Ciampa turned on Gargano and set up one of the greatest rivalries in WWE.

24. Team Ripley vs Team Baszler WarGames Match – NXT TakeOver WarGames III

This was the first first-ever women’s WarGames match but it was special for a whole of other reasons too. The match was beautiful chaos, awash with weapons and an abundance of insane spots.

All eight participants were feuding with one another and after several wild brawls on NXT, William Regal shouted “WarGames!”

The action was intense from the start with all eight women playing their part to perfection. Bianca Belair, Kay Lee Ray, Io Shirai and Candice LeRae all stood out taking and inflicting some heavy damage throughout. Shirai’s death-defying moonsault from the top of the cage, LeRae’s Avalanche Poisonrana and Ray’s crazy bumps were just highlights that took place in the ring. However, what happened out of it was a major moment in the match as Dakota Kai executed a brilliant heel turn on Tegan Nox. The crowd gasped when Kai smashed her former best friend before destroying her surgically repaired knee. As the referees attempted to drag Kai away, Shayna Baszler maniacally grinned because her team now held the advantage.

The four-on-two lead saw Ripley and LeRae fight an incredible uphill battle. Ripley’s sheer power and LeRae’s indestructibility was an awesome sight as they overcame insurmountable odds. It was a star-making performance from Ripley, who scored the win by planting a handcuffed Baszler with a nasty Riptide through two chairs. It was a brutal finish to a history-making epic match.

23. Sasha Banks vs Charlotte vs Bayley vs Becky LynchNXT Women’s Championship Fatal Four Way Match – NXT TakeOver: Rival

The match that made the Four Horsewomen and cemented their integral part in changing women’s wrestling in WWE. This is an outstanding and show-stealing match that gave all four women the chance to shine and show the world what they could do.

Charlotte won the title months earlier and proved herself to be a dominant champion with successful defences against both Sasha Banks and Bayley. Becky Lynch got involved as friendships and alliances lay fractured as all looked to reach the top of the NXT mountain.

The match had a perfect dynamic with Charlotte as the confident champion, Banks, the heel challenger, Bayley the plucky babyface and Lynch, the spirited underdog. This mix of styles and attitudes made for a fast, fun and expertly put together outing. Charlotte showed her impressive athleticism and power, Banks exhibited her immense drive and determination. Bayley’s tenacity and aggressive side while Lynch proved she belonged with best.

NXT had been growing a strong women’s division for some time and this match was an incredible result.

22. Adam Cole vs Ricochet North American Championship – NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4

Adam Cole and Ricochet were on fire and so was the North American title. The championship was devised to create more opportunities to NXT’s stacked roster. Cole was the first-ever champion and set the precedent for what the title represented.

The leader of the Undisputed ERA was at his jerk-heel best berating Ricochet at the beginning of the match saying that he was nothing special. Cole countered his breath-taking acrobatics with old-school wrestling tactics. However, Ricochet continuously proved him wrong with his signature explosive offence.

The action was superb and featured one of the best jaw-dropping spots in NXT history. Ricochet attempted a springboard moonsault, which Cole countered with a superkick to his face while upside down in mid-air. An incredible moment in a fantastic match performed by two of the very best and the top of their game.

21. Finn Balor vs Adrian Neville – NXT TakeOver: Rival

This match features two of the most incredible performers to ever step in a ring and go hell for leather for the number one contender’s spot. Neville was the former champion trying his very best to get his title back, while Balor was the newcomer here to take the top spot.

The match starts at a blistering pace and does not let up throughout as both performers took each other to the limit. The breakneck speed had the audience at a fever pitch from the first bell to the last. As expected the action was fast, furious and full of jump-for-joy/shock sequences and near falls.

An excellent outing from two excellent performers in a clash that showed NXT was the most exciting wrestling show in the world.

20. The Undisputed ERA vs Roderick Strong & The Authors Of Pain vs SAnitY – NXT WarGames

This was the first WarGames match in years and it certainly lived up to the hype. The chaos that ensued was awesome and delivered insane action and mind-blowing spots.

All three teams were involved over the tag team titles but the rivalry escalated over the weeks to all-out war. There was only one way to settle the intense and bitter feud and that was WarGames.

Every participant brought different styles of violence in this amazing clash of brutality. Everyone played their part perfectly with Kyle O’Reilly, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe taking some extraordinary bumps. The action shocked, amazed and even dumbfounded those viewing this wonderful display of violence.

This match brought back the WarGames stipulation in epic fashion and created an NXT legacy.

19. Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch NXT Women’s Championship – NXT Unstoppable

The match was Becky Lynch’s coming out party as she proved that she belonged at the top level of NXT. For months Charlotte, Banks and Bayley were at the pinnacle of NXT’s women’s division. Despite being part of the Four Horsewomen, Lynch was often overshadowed by her fellow stablemates. Lynch decided that needed to change and this outing against Banks was her best performance in NXT and a glimpse into her future success.

Lynch and Banks had been allies but became enemies in their respective quest for championship gold. They clashed in the excellent Four Horsewoman Fatal Four Way that saw Banks leave with the title. Even though Lynch was on the losing side it was another standout performance the further proved she was no one to overlook.

In the run to the match, Lynch was firmly placed in the role of babyface and one that she excelled at. Banks was at her best implementing her immaculate heel work to keep Lynch down while elevating her at the same time. Lynch was on a tremendous run and put on a show-stealing performance and pushed Banks to her limit.

Lynch and Sasha put on a brilliant technical wrestling match with submissions and counter-submissions galore. That back-and-forth match between two of the best NXT had the Full Sail crowd chanting “this is awesome”, “this is wrestling” and singing Becky’s entrance song.

18. The Undisputed ERA vs Moustache Mountain NXT Tag Team Championship Match – NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4

Two incredible teams at the top of their game put on a captivating, passionate and awesome match.

After feuding for months that saw them exchange the tag team titles in excellent outings at the Royal Albert Hall and on NXT TV. With both teams holding victories over one another it was time to settle the score in Brooklyn.

The two teams had brilliant chemistry with their different wrestling styles mixing perfectly. Trent Seven and Tyler Bate brought old-school British offence that was combated by O’Reilly and Fish’s MMA and Japanese strong style infused wrestling technique.

The action was crisp and clinical complete with a story expertly told, which ran throughout their previous outings. The sequence that saw Trent Seven agonising over the decision to throw in the towel to save Tyler Bate was brilliantly executed and had the fans on the edge of their seats.

17. Pete Dunne vs WALTER NXT UK Championship – NXT TakeOver: New York

The match ended a historic NXT UK champion run and started another as WALTER and Pete Dunne battled it out in front of an awe-inspired crowd.

Dunne had held the title for a whopping 685 days defeating all who stood in his way but WALTER’s arrival in NXT UK meant his days as champion were numbered.

The match was an extremely physical encounter as both warriors fought an intense war of attrition. The fight was full of thunderous chops from the challenger that wore the champion down despite him using joint manipulation to combat the Ring General’s offence.

Great things were happening across the pond in NXT UK and WALTER and Dunne showed that greatness in all its glory.

16. Johnny Gargano vs Ricochet North American Championship – NXT TakeOver: Phoenix

What went down in this match was incredible. Both wrestlers were on fire Ricochet was flying as North American Champion while Johnny Gargano was on one of the best runs any performer had in NXT history.

The athleticism and storytelling on display in this match was simply stunning. Gargano turned heel after suffering multiple disappointments in his epic feud with Tommaso Ciampa and was prepared to do whatever he deemed necessary to get ahead. And that is exactly what he did.

Gargano and Ricochet had tremendous chemistry and the flawless back-and-forth action was smooth and highly skilled. An incredible spotfest filled with thrilling sequences, insane moves and head-spinning moments.

Gargano further proved himself as one of NXT’s greatest with his first singles championship.

15. Adam Cole vs EC3 vs Lars Sullivan vs Killian Dain vs Ricochet vs The Velveteen Dream North American Championship Ladder Match – NXT TakeOver: New Orleans

Possibly one of the great multi-man ladder matches in WWE history. It was a manic and chaotic spotfest, in which all competitors shined.

The clash of styles made for an intriguing spectacle but the added factor of the ladder and the high-stakes of a new championship up for grabs adding further excitement. The action was thrilling right from the start with all wrestlers going hell for leather trying to take each other out with an array of moves and sequences that made your head spin. So great is this match it even made Lars Sullivan look good.

Each performer got their moment in the spotlight. Ricochet flew about the ring like a man possessed. Velveteen Dream dropping elbows from atop the ladder was a sight to see. Cole was the star of the show and Dain, Sullivan and EC3 all had great moments that men of their size shouldn’t be able to execute.

The ring was strewn with broken bodies and twisted metal and had the crowd chanting and cheering with delight.

14. Johnny Gargano vs Aleister Black – NXT TakeOver: WarGames II

This match had all the ingredients for a classic outing and it did not fail to deliver. It was on the featured matches on a stacked card and pitted two bitter enemies looking to dominate and rid of NXT of their opponent’s presence.

Heading into the bout there was a tonne of bad blood between the two. Black was out for revenge as it was revealed that Johnny Gargano was the mystery attacker that forced him of a championship match some months earlier. To add insult to injury Gargano’s unveiled his secret with another attack on an unsuspecting Black.

Once in the ring, the war began. Full of hard-hitting exchanges the relentless match amazed and excited the thousands in attendance. Gargano’s new cocky heel persona played a vital role as he attempted to get in the head of Black by evading his offence and mocking him as he did it. However, Black’s ruthless and blood-thirsty attacks made Gargano pay a heavy price for his wrongdoings.

It was a strike heavy encounter chock full of thrilling counters and epic near falls. The final sequence was a nail-biting and captivating series of moves that left the crowd well and truly satisfied.

13. Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa Last Man Standing – NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4

The third match of their intense and violent feud saw the added stipulation of Last Man Standing. Because of the brilliance of their previous two outings, the expectations were high for this fight. Plus the NXT Championship was on the line adding further importance to this already vital match.

The fight was full of throwbacks to their previous outings with Gargano consumed by hatred for his former best friend. It was Gargano’s rage that led to Ciampa being crowned champion when his interference backfired. Therefore his desperation to defeat Ciampa changed the dynamics of the match compared to their other wars and added a Shakespearean level of storytelling to the already uber-dramatic journey.

The betrayals, pain, and brutality all led up to this point as their epic tale reached its crescendo of violence. Ciampa masterfully exploited Gargano’s hatred for him using the offence inflicted upon him as his weapon. The more Gargano attempted to damage his opponent the more mistakes he made.

Ciampa and Gargano once again put each other through hell. The level of barbarity exhibited was exceptional and a sealed their trilogy with aplomb.


12. Adrian Neville vs Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze vs Tyson Kid Fatal Four Way NXT Championship – NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4 Way

A match so good they named the show after it. This bout was proof that big things were happening in NXT and encapsulated everything that was brand was doing. The match was bursting with high-octane action, death-defying manoeuvres, breathtaking near falls and an absolute joy to watch. Everyone involved was firing on all cylinders and pulled of sequences that were simply astounding.

The dynamics of the match were great. Four of the best wrestlers in the world, all vying for the title, facing off in the ring at the same time. The resulting fight as you may have guessed was phenomenal. The four athletes worked their hearts out and triumphed in producing one of the finest fatal four-way matches in NXT and possibly WWE history.

Neville was at this frantic best firing lighting fast strikes combined with high-flying offence that had the fans in attendance with mouths agape. Zayn was the constant underdog trying in vain to score the win with his incredible offence. Kidd had rejuvenated his career in NXT and exhibited his in-ring prowess in all its greatness and Tyler Breeze the cocky and flashy opportunistic heel added further highlights to this already highlight reel of a match.

11. Adrian Neville vs Sami Zayn NXT Championship – NXT TakeOver: R Evolution

The support for Sami Zayn in this match was off the charts, which gave this match an atmosphere like no other. Zayn had come up short multiple times in his quest for the title and at NXT’s third takeover event he got his final opportunity. Exasperated at his previous failures Zayn declared that if he didn’t the title this time around he would leave NXT. Although Neville was a babyface champion in the lead up to he began to display win-at-all-costs tendencies, which added further heat to this already white-hot outing.

As expected the action was magnificent with big moves, extraordinary feats of athleticism and tantalising near falls. The punishment dished out and received by both competitors was astounding as they put everything on the line for victory. As the match went on Zayn’s fandom increased. He continued to give his all not allowing Neville to take advantage no matter what he did. The champion’s frustration grew and the heel tendencies he had displayed in the lead up to the match began to appear.

Zayn’s passion and heart wouldn’t allow him to waiver from the goal at hand and after an immense showing of guts and determination, the dream was realised in a climactic finish with one of the best outcomes in NXT history.

10. Bayley vs Sasha Banks NXT Women’s Championship Iron Woman Match – NXT TakeOver: Respect

The highly-anticipated rematch between Bayley and Banks had the crowd buzzing long before the first bell. The match was the culmination of months of excellently told storyline and rivalry. After wowing the wrestling world in Brooklyn, Banks looked to regain the title in a 30-minute Iron Woman Match.

In order to do that Banks levelled up her bad girl routine to full-on evil. Her villainy was unmatched as she destroyed the champion to get that vital first fall. However, not content with just hurting Bayley she targetted the Hugger’s superfan Izzy in one of the best heel moves ever.

Bayley was at her tenacious best and persevered against everything that The Boss threw at her including getting launched into the entranceway LED boards. The final stretch of the bout was a tremendous piece of wrestling drama and the perfect way to end their NXT feud.

The match saw the end of an era as Banks along with Charlotte and Becky Lynch would not return to NXT leaving Bayley to continue the stellar work they all did to put women’s wrestling back on the map in WWE.

9. #DIY vs The Revival Best Two Out Of Three Falls NXT Tag Team Championship Match – NXT TakeOver: Toronto

At one point NXT boasted the best tag team division on the planet and this match is the undeniable proof of that. The was a rematch from the excellent clash at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II but the stakes were higher with the best two out of three falls stipulation attached.

The Revival were awesome old-school heels who exploited their opponents by cutting the ring in half and that is exactly what they did here. They cut Gargano out of the match, targeting Ciampa and not allowing him anywhere near his partner. This allowed Gargano to get the hot tag until the champions singled him out leaving Ciampa to watch his partner suffer.

This type of action and storytelling allowed the match to build throughout asking the fans to spur on the ever-determined #DIY. A fabulous mixture of old and new school wrestling this is a rollercoaster of a match of highs and lows and everything in between.

Widely regarded as one of the best tag team matches in WWE history and that is a point that cannot be argued.

8. Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa Chicago Street Fight – NXT TakeOver: Chicago II

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa’s intense and bitter rivalry will go down in history as one the best because of matches like this. The two former tag team partners were in the midst of a gripping feud and had clashed in an epic encounter in New Orleans some months before. However, the passionate battle had done little to settle their differences and they would find themselves heading to Chicago for a street fight.

The match was a brutal outing with both intense performers putting mind, body and spirit on the line. The arena became a warzone as they fought wherever the violence took them. The moments this match created will live forever in the memory of all who watched it. The image of Ciampa standing over a battered Gargano and removing and then spitting on his wedding ring before throwing it into the crowd was fantastic.

The tenacious warriors inflicted wince-inducing pain onto each other with Gargano having to become the thing he hated to do so. The violent and at times uncomfortable brawl ended with an emphatic closing series that involved handcuffs, exposed wooden ring boards and a nasty DDT.

This was the second of their trio of brutal battles each one getting more violent and crazier than the last.

7. Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole Best Two Out Of Three Falls NXT Championship Match – NXT TakeOver: New York

With the NXT Championship vacated due to Tommaso Ciampa’s neck surgery Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano fought tooth and nail to become the next champion. To make sure that a definitive champion would be crowned it was decided that they would meet in a Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match.

This was a true battle of athleticism, endurance and determination, which featured some expectation work from both phenomenal performers. The masterful wrestling combined with title stakes attached had the crowd on fire who ate up everything that took in and around the ring.

Cole and Gargano have great chemistry and it was exhibited ten-fold in this match. Both performers put their heart and soul into this title bout and the result was an all-time NXT classic.

Everything about this match just fell into place. From technical prowess on show in the first fall to the quick-fire offence of the second all complimented with an enthralling third and final fall, which ended with one of the best visuals in NXT history.

6. Finn Balor vs Kyle O’Reilly NXT Championship – NXT TakeOver 31

A match not for the weak of heart as both wrestlers mercilessly beat the hell out of each other in a brutally physical and enthralling battle. It was a furious and grinding affair that at times resembled a straight-up shoot fight. Every bit of offence had extra force behind it as proven by the wounds and welts across the bodies of Balor and O’Reilly.

Balor returned to NXT with re-found intensity and purpose and it was certainly presented in all its magnificence during this title bout. O’Reilly was always portrayed as an MMA influenced fighter but never on this level and with ferocity. The clash of fighting styles and unshakable attitudes made for an astounding and at times uncomfortable watch.

Despite one of the most hard-hitting matches in recent memory, the match was also an incredible highly technical contest. Both men tested their will and aggression against one another in an impressive array of wince-inducing submission holds and glorious mat-based wrestling.

This match will go down in history as the greatest to take place in the CWC-era of NXT.

5. Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa Unsanctioned Match – NXT TakeOver: New York

The match that started the best feud in NXT history and arguably their best outing against each other. It was a simple and effective story. Once partners of a much-loved tag team now bitter enemies. One was the superstar babyface everyone wanted to see triumph, while the other was the despicable heel who turned on his best friend.

The turn happened months before after they failed to regain the tag team title. During that match Ciampa was injured and had to take time away, this built a groundswell of anticipation for the match, so when the bout finally came the fans were more than ready to witness the grudge of the decade.

It was way more than a match, it was a spectacle that produced Greek Tragedy levels of storytelling. The immense passion and determination combined with sheer pain and anguish of Gargano’s tale of woe is tremendous to witness. Ciampa basks in each and every vile action he completes making him one of the greatest wrestling villains in NXT.

A tremendous epic of a match that possesses one of the best psychological wars in wrestling history. Truly incredible.

4. Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne NXT UK Championship – NXT TakeOver: Chicago

The two Britwres stalwarts showed the worldwide audience just how good they were and they did it with style. Not many people were familiar with Dunne and Bate, but the two lads from Birmingham made sure everyone in attendance and watching at home would never forget them.

No stranger to one another, Dunne and Bate trained together, came through ranks together and fought each other multiple times along the way. However, this was easily their biggest outing and they came prepared and did not fail to amaze.

The crowd were fully invested in the match reached deafening cheer of support for Bate who played the part of the young underdog perfectly while Dunne as the sadistic finger-snapping heel was simply excellent.

The match was a fantastic battle of new wave British wrestling. One that has its feet firmly planted in the legacy of the snake pit in Warrington while implementing and mixing styles from all over the world. The result was a fascinating display of strength, athleticism and beautiful wrestling.

3. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn – NXT TakeOver: Dallas

A truly special match from two special performers on an incredible night in Dallas, Texas. Nakamura arrived in NXT with much fanfare and an immaculate reputation from his days in NJPW.

Nakamura’s hard-hitting style and offence combined with his enigmatic charisma and aura made the King of Strong Style one of NXT’s hottest imports and the atmosphere surrounding his first match was electric. Sami Zayn had created his own stellar reputation during his three-plus years in NXT with countless fabulous performances, providing this match with a real big fight feel.

The dynamics of the match were superb with Nakamura as the hostile newcomer, while Zayn was the gatekeeper of NXT showing the debutant what he must overcome to thrive in the promotion. The action was Japanese strong style from start to finish. Both wrestlers continuously slammed forearms and heavy strikes into each other throughout.

The excitement and hype of Nakamura’s arrival gave way to emotion as Zayn bode farewell to NXT with the performance of epic proportions. The match was the best NXT debut of all time and the perfect swan song for Sami Zayn who most certainly saved his best for last.

2. Johnny Gargano vs Andrade NXT Championship – NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia

Easily Andrade’s greatest NXT/WWE outing as he and Gargano fought it out in front of a ravenous crowd in this all-time classic encounter. Andrade had established himself as NXT’s top heel under the guidance of his manager, Zelina Vega. His momentum saw him dethrone Drew McIntyre as the NXT Champion some months earlier and would face NXT’s top babyface Johnny “TakeOver” in his first title defence.

Gargano’s journey to the title match was a treacherous one. After Ciampa turned on him and drove him through a platform with a brutal Air Riad Crash, his fight to rebuild his confidence and succeed without Ciampa drove him. The title shot was everything Gargano lived for and to receive it was a tremendous achievement considering what he had been through but was only half the battle.

These factors brought forth a passion and emotion from the performer and had the crowd invested, which made for a thrilling occasion. The stupendous in-ring action was off the charts as Andrade used all of his heel tactics to stop and slow the fiery challenger. But Gargano’s splendid combinations forced Vega to interfere. This brought out Candice LeRae to level the playing field to a thunderous ovation. The match came to its breathtaking conclusion 30 minutes of wrestling glory.

The storyline attached and emotional aspects of the match made it an outstanding adventure while the chemistry between Andrade and Gargano made it a wrestling masterpiece.

1. Sasha Banks vs Bayley NXT Women’s Championship – NXT TakeOver Brooklyn

Not only is this match the best in NXT TakeOver history, but it was also a watershed moment in women’s wrestling. 2015 ushered in a new wave of standup and take notice of women’s matches in WWE. This instant classic was the catalyst for implementing that change.

Everything was perfect leading up to the match. Sasha Banks was the over-confident heel champion and Bayley was the plucky underdog who always failed to win the big match. Banks constantly reminded Bayley of her shortcomings until she snapped and uncharacteristically attacked the Boss. Her newfound edge showed that she did possess the ability to succeed.

The crowd buzzed as the champion and challenger stood face-to-face in the ring. The bell rang and Bayley’s built up fire and ferocity exploded with a flurry of fists to an unsuspecting Banks. The Boss took control of the fight with a vicious targetted attack on Bayley’s already injured wrist.

The injured challenger fought valiantly against the champion’s ruthless offence that included an intense sequence in which Bayley was locked in the Banks Statement. In order to inflict further damage Banks mercilessly stomped on Bayley’s hand causing the audience to feverishly will her to on.

The support of the crowd urged Bayley on who used every ounce of her strength and spirit to overcome the odds and finally reach the top of the NXT mountain. The result, performances and performers were met with rapturous applause.

It was an epic and enthralling battle with intense and captivating action throughout. The storytelling displayed was moving, potent and wrestling drama at its absolute finest.